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4 Singapore HR Software Platforms

singapore hr software

An all-in-one HR software platform can increase productivity at work. By centralizing employee information and streamlining processes for managers and employees alike, such as payroll submission and IRAS filing.

Before searching for HR software, it’s essential to fully comprehend your team’s needs. An inconvenient system will only frustrate and reduce employee engagement. Carbonate’s solutions include an intuitive user interface (UI) for effortless integration within any business of any industry and size – ideal solutions that meet employee satisfaction goals!


QuickHR is an employee-centric cloud HR system designed to serve an entire company’s employee database, process leave and claims, generate reports and allow employees to view their payslips as well as manage personal information and applications. Fully compatible with any operating system and offering customizable features – its dashboard provides a clear snapshot of what can be expected from various modules.

Its full suite HR solution features a user-friendly interface and self-service features for employees to manage their own information, with key employment terms, personal details and educational certificates conveniently listed within its employee database. Timesheets and multiple clock-in devices also make its application even easier to manage employees.

The QuickHR mobile app gives you access to and updates on employee details anytime, anywhere. Compatible with smartphones or tablets and backed up on Amazon Web Services for security, it also has data privacy measures as per PDPA/GDPR compliance and can even be used to view/sign documents – you’ll even be notified when they’re ready for processing! Use editing, annotating and adding text tools along with highlight/whiteout features before adding an eSignature to allow others sign the document too!


Keka HR Management Software System offers businesses and organizations an array of features designed to manage employee data, payroll, attendance, performance evaluation and engagement in a streamlined fashion while improving organizational efficiency and employee engagement. Furthermore, this cloud-based solution offers analytics for business decision-making purposes and supports analytics-driven decision making processes.

This system allows users to mark their attendance using biometric devices, web or mobile apps, or integration with time-tracking tools. It automates payroll-related tasks while ensuring accuracy and compliance – its self-service portal gives employees access to personal data such as pay stubs and tax documents as well as submit leave requests and view leave balances.

Recruitment and onboarding modules of this system enable recruiters to post job openings, manage candidate profiles, schedule interviews, generate offer letters, create training programs, track them over time and generate offer letters. Furthermore, performance reviews/appraisals help managers to assess performance as well as identify areas for improvement.

Requisition workflow feature of this system streamlines the process of creating new vacancies within larger departments, while its HR customization feature enables HRs to tailor approval workflows and attendance policies accordingly. Leave management allows employees to apply for leaves, comp offs and work from home options while its GPS/IoT tracking capability keeps an eye on mileage expenses and ensures employees remain within office boundaries.


Omni is an all-in-one software solution for automating various people processes for businesses of all sizes. With features for payroll, timesheets, reporting, talent management and remote employee work from anywhere – including their home! – the cloud-based platform enables employees to work from any location including home. Furthermore, employees have self-service options with mobile self-service capabilities available and managers can monitor performance remotely on any device – available as standard system packages tailored specifically for less than 200 employees, double standard packages up to 999 employees or full featured packages containing features specifically tailored for employees over 1000 employees respectively.

User-friendly design makes the software simple to navigate and use, reducing HR administrative tasks so you can focus on strategic projects instead. Furthermore, it complies with regulations set forth by both Ministry of Manpower and Inland Revenue Authority.

This software offers an end-to-end payroll solution, enabling companies to efficiently manage employees in Southeast Asia. With localized support and competitive pricing, this is a popular choice among small and mid-sized enterprises as it monitors regional legislative changes while regularly updating the software.

Simplifying employee hiring processes worldwide. Offering user-friendly interface and functions including an applicant tracking system and performance appraisal tools; as well as attendance and leave management modules; it can also assist organizations with keeping an eye on employee visa statuses and compensation records.


BambooHR is an intuitive human resource management solution that supports businesses with payroll, compliance and employee self-service needs. Perfect for both small to mid-sized companies, BambooHR features training tracking, learning & development modules and performance management systems – features utilized by over 23,500 organizations worldwide since 2008. Competitors to BambooHR include Justworks, Gusto, Rippling and Papaya Global among many others; additionally the platform is multilingual and supports US federal & state payroll taxes with customer support provided via both email and telephone numbers.

Bamboo HR is easy to use and provides users with access to an assortment of reports. They can create personalized reports by selecting filter and group fields they wish to display on the report and customizing how it appears on paper or via excel, pdf, or CSV export. Furthermore, alerts can be set for important dates like license renewals and birthdays for instant notification of important occurrences.

BambooHR offers an intuitive user interface, organized into tabs for ease of navigation. Each tab provides personal data, benefits elections and company details – along with leave requests management and an Employee Handbook section. Furthermore, BambooHR comes equipped with an internal calendar feature to organize schedules and manage time off requests – as well as offering an onboarding process for new hires.

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