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Best HR Recruiting Software

best hr recruiting software

Recruiting software assists companies in their hiring processes. It can assist in the identification, acceptance, screening, and reference checking processes as well as automating tasks to streamline recruitment.

ClearCompany is an HR management software suite that addresses every aspect of talent acquisition. Features such as application tracking, candidate screening and interview scheduling make ClearCompany stand out. Furthermore, its visual pipeline interface and mobile capability add convenience for its use.

Paycor Recruiting

Paycor provides a full suite of human capital management (HCM) solutions, such as employee payroll, HRIS, talent management and workforce analytics. Operating for more than 30 years and working with over 29,000 small and medium businesses worldwide, its platform aims to save HR leaders time while providing powerful analytics for making informed decisions.

Software designed to streamline application tracking can also provide candidates with an easier process for applying. Candidates can complete online applications that can then be integrated into company websites. Its applicant tracking system has been tailored specifically for HR departments’ unique requirements, while being customizable so as to match logo and color scheme of businesses. In addition, customizable workflows aiding hiring/onboarding new employees are also offered by this solution.

Although this software offers an impressive suite of tools, there are some limitations. Users have reported training as being inadequate while module integration issues continue to be an issue for some. Furthermore, inefficient support and a resource-hungry platform remain issues as well.

Paycor provides an expansive suite of features designed to make it an attractive option for many companies. It features tools for recruitment and onboarding – such as its mobile app allowing employees to track their schedules – reporting, analytics and workforce forecasting tools help managers to quickly identify key performance indicators as well as competitive benchmarks and projected workforce trends.


Arcoro offers an integrated HR management solution designed for industries with stringent compliance regulations, with features including applicant tracking, core HR functions, onboarding, payroll processing and benefits administration, ACA reporting as well as online training modules. Furthermore, there is also employee performance and succession planning functionality.

Arcoro career pages enable job applicants to apply for jobs, while administrators can track them from application through hire with its customizable workflow system. Arcoro also enhances candidate experience with features like branded email templates, automatic notifications and interview scheduling – all designed to meet OFCCP, EEOC and USCIS regulations while its customizable dashboard offers real-time reporting on demographics, transactions, compensation rates and more.

Administrators can create company-specific workflows to streamline onboarding for new hires or compensation increases. The system enables managers to easily configure review or evaluation forms with rating scales, weighted sections and customized content allowing a more personalized review process. In addition, administrators can assess employee job satisfaction using customized surveys while collecting and analyzing data to foster improved relationships and worker retention.

Managers can leverage performance management tools to assist employees with developing their skills and preparing for promotion, setting individual performance goals and benchmarking them against their peers through a 9-box visual talent matrix. Furthermore, managers can utilize learning management platforms as centralization points for training and certification purposes.

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit offers both an applicant tracking system and candidate relationship management tool in one convenient package, and does its job admirably. By automating recruitment processes and freeing HR managers up to focus on more pressing matters, this solution automates recruitment processes while offering seamless communication platforms between HR representatives and candidates to foster better engagement and boost effectiveness of recruitment efforts. Furthermore, its central database makes the entire recruiting process from source sourcing through hiring easier than ever.

Zoho Recruit enables HR managers to easily create customized workflows and notifications, making the software suitable for use by staffing agencies as well as internal HR teams, with various pricing plans that fit different budgets. Plus, its accessibility makes the software accessible from all major platforms with internet connections – perfect for staffing agencies!

The software’s automated resume parser makes the screening and sourcing process fast and simple, quickly scanning through hundreds of resumes in minutes and automatically extracting relevant information. Furthermore, its use eliminates the need for separate background screening software and resume management systems making candidate progress monitoring easier than ever before.

Zoho Recruit’s support services include toll-free phone support, live chat support and remote assistance. According to customer reviews on various websites, their support team is prompt and helpful; users have noted the product as user-friendly with little training required – garnering high positive/negative review ratios across various review platforms.


JazzHR is an application that assists HR personnel in finding and recruiting top talents for their business. The system offers efficient organizing tools to make the recruitment process simpler and faster, and allows users to customize their recruitment workflow according to company specific needs. JazzHR includes tools for background checks, interview candidates, career pages that add professionalism to job ads as well as posting them quickly across multiple job boards simultaneously.

JazzHR offers an effective applicant tracking system that keeps track of every action taken on candidate profiles, such as phone screens, interviews and reference checks. Furthermore, its intuitive compliance reporting features help businesses adhere to legal stipulations – while remaining user friendly enough for personalized use within teams.

This software was specifically created to work seamlessly on both desktops and mobile devices, making it accessible for HR professionals when on the move. It is an excellent solution for companies that seek to streamline their hiring process while saving both time and money; its streamlined user interface is easily navigated even for novice recruiters, while integration with third-party tools and applications is straightforward.

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