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Best HR Software For Midsize Companies

best hr software for midsize companies

ClickUp automates HR processes using powerful automation tools and an adaptable platform. It enables collaboration among apps into one collaborative workspace and boasts over 1,000 customizable features.

Namely is claimed to save its clients an average of 11 hours each week by keeping payroll, employee records and compliance tasks organized in one convenient platform. Furthermore, its advanced permissions engine ensures no one gains unauthorised access.

Sage Business Cloud

Sage Business Cloud stands out from in-house SAP applications by being easily customizable, flexible and scalable – ideal for small businesses. Customer support is available both online and over the phone; training courses and resources are also offered as part of its 30-day free trial with users being free to cancel anytime during that period.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting allows you to optimize your accounts and bookings, improving cash flow. With an intuitive user interface and import customers from other applications, linking multiple banks and credit cards as well as tracking reports that allow for insight into business performance, it offers you everything needed for seamless accounting operations.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a cloud-based software solution accessible from any device, providing support in several languages and accommodating various currencies. Unfortunately, however, Sage does not include time tracking features to track billable hours; furthermore it cannot automatically send payment reminders for late payers but does provide invoice statements as proof.

Sage solutions go beyond accounting tools when it comes to employee management. Their employee portal enables employees to track their work and request leave, with managers being able to approve requests remotely using any device. It also enables managers to provide feedback on employee performance and create anonymous surveys.


GoCo HR management software streamlines and automates HR processes without changing existing policies, procedures, or providers. It features onboarding, PTO administration, payroll processing, benefits administration as well as document storage/e-signature workflows/self service capabilities and customizable reports – everything needed for successful employee lifecycle management!

GoCo offers an intuitive user-experience, making the software user-friendly and reducing training times significantly. Users also appreciate GoCo’s stringent security standards that ensure sensitive data remains protected, along with seamless integrations into major payroll providers.

As well as offering powerful reporting capabilities that allow you to customize and visualize information as required, it also lets you easily track employee attendance and vacation time.

GoCo stands out from its competition by enabling users to customize HR processes and automate them, which is especially advantageous for businesses that prioritize customized workflows and processes. Furthermore, GoCo enables integrations with other apps so your team stays connected; for instance, use it to automatically sync up HR system with employee time tracking applications or submit leave requests via other apps.

Zoho People

Zoho People is part of Zoho Software Suite and provides an intuitive user interface and wide array of HR management features, from employee self-service and document management, time tracking and collaboration among employees and managers, feeds that show announcements, projects and shift schedules, as well as phone support and email assistance. There are different pricing plans available with Zoho People which cover employee self-service, document management and time tracking tools. Although Zoho People does not include built-in payroll tools it also features tools designed to promote collaboration such as employee self-service self-service for employee self-service for employees and managers as well as collaboration tools between employees and managers such as feeds that show announcements projects or shift schedules; phone support as well as email and phone support for managing employees are offered by Zoho support via phone and email support are provided by Zoho support via phone and email support is also offered by Zoho software suite.

Zoho People provides businesses with tools for recruiting, onboarding and offboarding processes, performance evaluation, compliance monitoring and advanced reporting. It helps streamline HR processes for small businesses while supporting mobile apps as well as being integrated with other business applications.

Users who reviewed Zoho People praised its ease of use, especially for those familiar with Zoho products. Users appreciated how customizable dashboards allowed for quick tracking of key data points at a glance. Lastly, users found Zoho People easy to integrate into other business solutions.

Zoho People is an ideal solution for small businesses looking to optimize their recruitment, onboarding and training processes. Thanks to its integration with other business systems, companies can keep their processes streamlined and efficiently organized while finding top talent quickly.


Namely is an all-in-one HR platform offering an array of features designed to streamline and simplify HR operations. These features include full human resource information system (HRIS), payroll administration, performance review management and benefits administration as well as newsfeeds, company directories and employee profiles with its open API allowing custom integrations.

Namely is an all-in-one HR software solution designed to assist midsized companies manage and engage their workforces effectively. Featuring an intuitive user interface, a built-in newsfeed, employee recognition tools and mobile-first access for employees on any device – Namely’s advanced analytics help companies understand their people data so they can make informed decisions while remaining compliant with regulations as they evolve.

Utilizing their powerful self-service portal, employees have access to view and update their own personal data as well as pay stubs and benefit information as well as request vacation and sick time. In addition, their automated onboarding software streamlines paperwork while cutting the number of manual steps needed when hiring new employees.

Namely is a cloud-based HR solution offering many useful features for companies seeking an all-in-one HRIS. Its payroll, tax filing and government compliance features make it ideal for smaller teams while its onboarding, reporting and analytics features may work better with midsized enterprises; larger enterprises may find suitable alternatives elsewhere.

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