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Citibank HR Policies

citibank hr policies

Citibank was among the more accommodating firms during the Covid-19 pandemic, but now they are taking steps towards stricter office-attendance rules, according to Bloomberg.

Citi HR’s goal is to foster company culture and foster an environment in which employees look forward to coming each day – an endeavor they have accomplished well, earning them a C rating on Comparably.


Commencing next year, Citi is offering employees the opportunity to take a 12-week sabbatical from work beginning next year, paid at 25% of base salary during that time away from their desks. Employees who have been with the bank for five years or longer qualify; each can take the sabbatical twice.

Bank employees will also enjoy new perks, including a mobile app to track their daily commute and car mileage. This tool will assist with managing commuting costs – which has an effectful way of improving retention and productivity rates.

Citi has made several adjustments to its internal policies in addition to offering new benefits, according to Bloomberg reports. Citi is asking its managers to take compliance with its office-attendance policy into account during performance reviews, tracking employee entry swipes at the front door to monitor compliance with company rules and safeguard its reputation, monitoring anti-financial crime and fraud policies as well as diversity and inclusion efforts; offering health and wellness programs for its employees as a key focus area of service delivery for them all.


Citibank offers flexible work opportunities. There are full-time and part-time positions available in fields including accounting & finance, customer service, mortgage & real estate consulting and more. All applicants are encouraged to apply regardless of age, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, national origin disability status or veteran status as Citibank is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on these factors.

Greenhouse research indicates that employees prioritize flexibility as an employee benefit, and has made changes in order to keep its staff happy and productive. One such change involves rolling out a program allowing staffers to take 12-week sabbaticals without losing pay while still receiving full salary payment – giving employees time off while still receiving pay in order to recharge and refresh for a more focused performance at work.

The bank has also taken steps to bring back employees who left during the pandemic, with CEO Jane Fraser pressing for more consistent employee work-from-home policies and tracking staffers’ building entry data in certain locations to make sure they meet return-to-office requirements – something some employees have complained of being unfairly penalized by this move. Furthermore, bonuses and performance reviews of workers currently being investigated have been suspended until such investigations conclude, which can take months.

Work-Life Balance

Citibank employees can expect their hard work to have a significant and positive impact on the company, with efforts being recognized and rewarded accordingly. Citibank offers a diverse culture, flexible work arrangements, safety measures to ensure a safe workplace, work-life balance options like working from home, maternity leave and vacation time to its employees – as well as safety for its workplace staff.

Citibank’s maternity policy offers women flexibility in taking their leave. They may use all 180 days or stagger their leave over three-month increments. Furthermore, its Work From Home (WFH) policy permits pregnant employees to work from home during the third trimester and one year postpartum.

Citibank allows employees to take up to ten weeks of unpaid job-protected family and medical leave for caring for children, and provides equal employment opportunities without regard to race, sex/gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin religion age disability genetic information marital military ancestry socioeconomic status genetic information genetic information marital military status marital military status ancestry socioeconomic status or age. They also support gender neutral restrooms.

Employee Engagement

Citibank is one of the world’s premier financial services firms with a global workforce. Citibank employs innovative employee engagement strategies such as flexible work options, childcare subsidies and parental leave programs; wellness initiatives; learning & development activities and diversity and inclusion initiatives; community service projects and mentoring activities for employees to participate in; as well as an online platform which facilitates communication, idea sharing and collaborative project work among employees.

Citibank has an established record of innovation, and is dedicated to creating an engaging work experience for its employees. Citibank provides opportunities for learning new things while building working relationships across cultures. Furthermore, travel opportunities give employees an additional window into global cultures.

Citibank India has made recruiting women its focus, boasting 33% women representation at mid-senior and senior level positions and providing both maternity and paternity leaves for female employees.

The company is working towards creating a healthier work-life balance by giving its employees access to additional vacation days that can be bought. This should increase productivity while encouraging them to be more creative. In addition, they will implement a policy allowing up to 12 weeks off for whatever reasons.

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