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Cornerstone HR Software Review

cornerstone hr software

Cornerstone is a comprehensive HR software, relied upon by thousands of organizations around the world.

Recruitment, onboarding, talent management, performance and goals monitoring, learning management systems (LMSs), social collaboration tools and analytics. In addition, it facilitates alignment processes such as skills management and compensation.

Lemon Learning’s digital adoption platform accelerates daily use of cornerstone HR software by providing contextual guides directly within its tools.

Employee Self-Service

Cornerstone Talent Management System is a cloud-based talent management solution consisting of five modules that cover recruiting, learning and performance management. Used by over 42 million people globally across 192 industries. Cornerstone can help streamline processes while automating many tasks; track compliance data as well as performance metrics for reporting; improve recruitment efforts by improving efficiency; track and report on compliance data as well as performance metrics – an ideal option for companies wanting to increase efficiency while improving recruitment efforts.

Subscription-based software from BambooHR features applicant tracking systems, employee self-service portals and workflow management – along with desktop and mobile device usage capabilities and integration with other apps for an enhanced user experience. Businesses use it to oversee employees from hire to retire while customizable versions exist for managers and recruiters specifically.

Organizations looking for a flexible and cost-effective HR system. Workforce information management platform combines all employees’ workforce information into one system for smarter decision making; additionally it aggregates data from different sources like payroll systems, time and attendance systems and legacy systems into one convenient location.

While software like this may be popular, there are still important considerations before making your final purchase decision. You should read reviews, compare features and prices before making an informed decision.

Employee Engagement

Cornerstone HR software provides organizations with tools for employee communications, learning and development, performance management and more – everything they need to cultivate an engaged workforce. Offering seamless communication tools such as seamless chatter and self-service options this platform promotes productivity and growth within companies while its robust reporting system facilitates more informed decision-making and strategic insights.

Cornerstone HR offers core HR functions like talent management, human capital management and payroll in one streamlined database, making administrative processes simpler while engaging employees through self-service. Furthermore, Cornerstone offers training courses which can easily be assigned to employees on demand and performance management tools to streamline employee evaluation and development while workforce analytics help companies make informed hiring decisions and enhance employee retention.

Cornerstone OnDemand platform provides businesses with an all-in-one talent management solution, from training, recruitment, and human capital management (HCM). With its comprehensive library of e-learning content and robust learning management system – which encourage employee engagement and professional growth. Furthermore, an employee self-service tool and flexible applicant tracking system help organizations streamline workflows; in addition, integrations with PeopleSpheres allow seamless connectivity to third party business applications.

Performance Management

With Cornerstone Performance Management, you can align people and strategy to deliver improved business results. Furthermore, this intuitive application makes it simple for employees to connect to their goals of the organization while being empowered for achieving success.

Integration with existing HR tools provides an overall view of talent from hiring to retirement, with its user-friendly interface designed to automate recruitment processes, streamline learning and employee development programs and generate compliance reports. Furthermore, succession tools ensure your staff can meet business demands effectively.

Cornerstone provides various performance management features, including goal tracking and multi-source feedback. Recurring reviews can even be scheduled to meet organizational needs. Furthermore, Cornerstone offers a social recognition solution which enables organizations to recognize employees for their achievements – creating an atmosphere of recognition while increasing employee retention rates.

This system is ideal for conducting standard reviews such as 90-day, mid-year and annual performance review processes, but you can also use it to track real-time performance with off-cycle reviews and observations. Furthermore, integration can take place with other performance management modules like competencies and development plans.


Integrated features allow HR personnel to efficiently manage all phases of HR life cycle in one system, from onboarding and recruitment management through training management, employee lifecycle management, employee lifecycle tracking and payroll processing. This enables HR personnel to focus on other priorities while simultaneously reducing administrative costs; furthermore it ensures an organizational structure which reflects company goals and objectives while offering embedded analytics for learning, workforce planning, succession planning and recruitment.

Cornerstone HR Software has become the go-to solution for thousands of businesses around the globe, helping organizations create an engaged workforce. Employees gain more control of their work and lives with self-service functions while employers use paperless onboarding processes to automate processes, reduce paperwork, save time and increase efficiency. Employees can access their own information via a web portal and submit service requests through ticketing systems while tracking performance, receiving feedback and recognition and developing new skills and knowledge.

Cornerstone Human Capital provides an all-in-one human capital management solution that empowers individuals to realize their full potential by combining talent management, learning and workforce management into one comprehensive package. Their flexible and scalable platform meets the business needs of large and growing organizations alike while tailoring its solutions specifically for individual organizations using preferred tools and processes – some notable clients include DB Breweries, Affiliates Management Company, Virgin Media and Pinkberry as clients of this service.

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