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Ericsson HR Policies and Practices

ericsson hr policies

Ericsson values integrity as an integral value, performance metric and training requirement for its leaders. Additionally, Ericsson promotes diversity and inclusion while being committed to tapping all talent pools for its future business needs.

Facilitation payments – unofficial payments made to public officials to expedite or secure government actions – are prohibited and it supports international efforts against money laundering.


Ericsson recognizes the global nature of its workforce and must offer benefits that appeal to workers worldwide. Ericsson offers several benefits that attract employees, such as medical, dental and vision insurance policies; 401(k) plans; life and income protection as well as vacation days to employees worldwide.

At our company, employees can take advantage of an employee assistance program, health savings accounts and gym discounts; in addition to receiving maternity/paternity leave and enjoying flexible working arrangements. Furthermore, Black Girls Code partners have helped increase representation within STEM fields through employee outreach initiatives.

Due to Sony and Ericsson’s merger, an equitable benefits package was provided for staff across both companies by eliminating differences in previous packages. These benefits include private medical, dental and vision coverage as well as 401(k) plans with matching funds as well as E-Health wellness programs geared toward physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing.

Ericsson employees are highly satisfied with their workplace culture. A survey of 464 Ericsson employees found they were generally satisfied with the quality of coworkers, rated their working environment B+, enjoyed meetings and looked forward to interactions with colleagues – scoring higher than industry averages on Comparably’s rankings.

Work/Life Balance

Work/life balance is an essential aspect of employee well-being that contributes to higher job performance. Employees with an effective balance between work and life tend to be happier, healthier and more engaged at work – which ultimately translates to increased productivity and a larger bottom line for businesses.

The company provides employees with various benefits to assist them in meeting their work/life balance objectives, such as flexible working hours, generous holiday allowance and childcare vouchers. Furthermore, health and wellness initiatives can be found within its employee handbook, accessible from both laptops and smartphones.

Ericsson’s global head of employee experience and talent management, Priyanka Anand, believes a work/life balance is critical to successful workplace. She stresses the importance of giving employees tools that allow them to have lives outside work as well as take breaks when needed.

The company should support the right of workers to join trade unions or external representative organizations; this may depend on local laws. Furthermore, workers should have access to education and training opportunities; fair wages; safe working conditions and no form of modern day slavery such as forced, bonded or compulsory labor should exist within its ranks.

Learning & Development

Ericsson provides its employees with various learning opportunities designed to promote professional development. These include instructor-led technical and soft-skill courses, virtual e-learning platforms, self-paced study plans and career coaching. Employees may also take advantage of Ericsson Academy, offering various courses and certification programs.

Ericsson HR strategy places great emphasis on employee engagement and retention. Their global learning and development organization, People@Ericsson, works to identify promising talent as well as build pipelines of candidates for open roles within the company. Their leaders also actively encourage new ideas and innovation from employees.

Ericsson stands out among similar-sized companies by offering attractive benefits and compensation packages that compare favorably. Ericsson boasts an Employee Net Promoter Score of 86 and their employees rank their compensation among the top 30% of comparable companies.

Ericsson provides employees with a dedicated communication channel for reporting compliance concerns through web or phone, with all reports processed according to its Allegation Management Process. Ericsson also provides an anonymous hotline that operates around-the-clock allowing employees and external stakeholders to anonymously report, accessible via telephone or web.

Performance Management

Ericsson places employees at the core of its employee experience, creating an environment in which they can reach their full potential and add long-term value to the Company. Their values emphasize empathy, humanness, cooperation and collaboration and moving quickly with courage when carrying out orders. Ericsson promotes critical skills like design thinking, business strategy and power leadership to enable employees to thrive in hybrid workplace environments.

Ericson offers its employees many opportunities to expand their skills and advance their careers in areas like 5G, IoT, AI and sales and commercial. Furthermore, RISE UP, its virtual leadership development platform designed specifically for employees’ development of power skills provides employees with an invaluable learning opportunity regarding business strategy, storytelling and negotiation.

Employees should report any actions they believe violate Company policies or that may create conflicts of interest, in good faith. Report these concerns directly to their manager or in accordance with locally established procedures. Any employee raising compliance concerns should not face retaliation for doing so.

HR is responsible for recruiting, training and employing employees within an organization. As this is a multi-step process that must meet changing technological advances as well as evolving business requirements, HR must keep abreast of technological innovations to keep up with ever-evolving business requirements and needs.

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