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Ericsson HR Policies

ericsson hr policies

Ericsson HR Policies provide employees with a comprehensive benefits package, including healthcare, paid time off (PTO), retirement plans and other valuable perks. On average its benefits and PTO package typically represents an approximate cash value of between $1000 to $1500 each month.

Ericsson supports freedom of association and collective bargaining through representatives. Additionally, they prohibit facilitation payments – unofficial payments meant to speed up or secure government actions – which facilitate fast track or expedite government actions.

1. Employee Relations Policy

Ericsson employees generally enjoy complete freedom to perform their jobs without interference or restrictions from management, though certain things such as offering or accepting money, loans, gift vouchers, work for private use or unethical benefits or vacations cannot be offered or accepted as they could lead to conflicts of interests and threaten business operations of Ericsson.

Ericsson’s employee relations policy is focused on creating the optimal people experience. Our goal is to attract and retain a diverse workforce while offering them an engaging work experience, using data-driven insight through global People analytics and workforce planning. In 2021 alone, this included supporting flexibility and wellbeing initiatives, addressing COVID-19 issues, as well as engaging employees on future of work issues.

The People Strategy is led by a global function and supported by subject matter experts and business leaders across our organization. Its main objective is to develop world-leading capabilities linked to strategic priorities that drive business growth; including broad and deep upskilling programs as well as an emphasis on inclusivity and fairness.

2. Performance Management Policy

Human Resource Management encompasses the practice of recruiting, training, and employing employees to optimize business efficiency. It involves evaluating performance, creating job descriptions and setting career advancement policies; managing employee relations; employee safety; legal compliance requirements and financial controls as well as financial control policies are also part of this responsibility.

Ericsson’s Performance Management Policy involves the assessment and feedback for an employee’s contribution, along with setting clear and measurable goals and monitoring progress against those goals. This policy helps ensure employees are on track towards meeting their career goals with support from their manager.

Employees should uphold confidentiality when handling confidential and proprietary information that belongs to Ericsson or third parties, such as computer programs, technical documentation or inventions that belong to either party. Unauthorized access, use or disclosure could cause irreparable damage to Ericsson and/or its customers; employees should only access or disclose this data when authorized to do so or when in accordance with applicable laws and instructions.

Comparably’s ratings indicate that Ericsson employees rank Borje Ekholm highly for leadership and office culture. Employees also seem satisfied with compensation and benefits provided at Ericsson.

3. Training & Development Policy

Ericsson employees are encouraged to build upon their skills and advance in their careers. Ericsson offers a robust learning program which provides opportunities to hone leadership, technical, emotional intelligence and business acumen competencies.

Training programs offered by the company encompass virtual and on-site courses, self-directed learning modules, and skills-development opportunities in communication, teamwork and project management. Employees also have the chance to participate in global projects while networking with colleagues.

Ericsson offers more than just training programs; their comprehensive development policy encourages employees to learn from one another and prohibits any retaliation against those reporting violations or participating in investigations of reported violations. Furthermore, there is an established code of conduct promoting ethical standards, safe working conditions and environmental management issues as well as applying to contractors and vendors who provide services to Ericsson; it is crucial for all employees comply with this code of conduct.

4. Employee Engagement Policy

Employee engagement refers to the emotional and mental connection an employee feels towards their work. Engaged employees believe their job is valuable, have strong purpose motivation and tend to remain with the same company longer while being more productive than before.

One way to encourage employee engagement is to listen carefully to employee feedback and address any issues causing problems. Managers should conduct this activity regularly so as to spot and remedy potential issues before they become serious. Furthermore, providing opportunities for employees to connect on an intimate level such as hosting game nights or potluck dinners are effective strategies for employee engagement.

Companies should ensure their employees can freely join trade unions or similar external worker representation organizations and negotiate freely with management. Furthermore, it’s also crucial that they protect employees from unfair or abusive treatment – such as discrimination, harassment or threats of any sort – in the workplace.

5. Compensation & Benefits Policy

Ericsson is committed to offering its employees an experience that empowers them to reach their full potential, which creates long-term value for the Company. We do this through encouraging flexibility, wellbeing and belonging in hybrid workplaces; supporting flexible working during pandemic season while improving employee support through COVID-19; as well as adapting compensation policies for more flexible future of work scenarios.

The Policy stipulates that all employees should be treated fairly, with respect and dignity. Furthermore, the Company will not discharge or discriminate against an employee or applicant simply for asking to discuss compensation with other colleagues – this only applies if discussing compensation is part of an essential job function or necessary in furtherance of an investigation proceeding hearing or action.

Ericsson has made an unwavering commitment to building an inclusive and diverse workforce through setting a public diversity target. In 2021 this meant furthering gender balance through its ALTitude program as well as using diversity insights to foster inclusion across its business operations.

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