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Free HR Software For Nonprofits

Nonprofits need assistance managing employee records, recruiting processes, payroll procedures and more. Automated programs can streamline these processes while freeing up human resources staff for other duties.

PartnerHR is an online HR software solution tailored specifically for nonprofit organizations. Its member database enables employees, volunteers and recruiters to store resumes, certificates and contact info securely.


HRIS is a digital tool designed to assist nonprofits in managing employees and volunteers more efficiently while saving time. Managers can utilize it to efficiently organize team data, conduct background checks, automate payroll/benefit processes, deliver training programs and facilitate recruitment/screen applicants / employee self-service.

Selecting an HR Information and Repository System (HRIS) system for your nonprofit requires careful thought. In selecting an HRIS solution that meets all of these criteria, make sure it has an experienced support team and easy user-interface features. In order to avoid overspending on products that don’t meet your needs, research available products in the market as well as gain suggestions from peers, online discussion groups or software review websites.

Zoho People, BreezyHR and APS Payroll are some excellent free HR software options available to nonprofits that provide various services and features like self-service portals, document storage and attendance tracking. Furthermore, these platforms are user-friendly and cost-efficient allowing more funds to go toward world changing initiatives while streamlining HR processes and improving employee retention.


Nonprofits face an exhaustive task list: they must hire employees and volunteers, create training programs and manage payroll on a limited budget – all this while operating efficiently with limited human resources departments. While HR teams can quickly become overworked and stressed out due to these responsibilities, software solutions exist that automate and streamline processes to save them time and effort – some even for free!

Breezy HR offers a free applicant tracking system designed to assist nonprofits in hiring new employees and managing job applicants. The tool streamlines recruitment with its Kanban-style dashboard that tracks candidates through interviews and hire decisions, and its e-signatures and document storage feature can come in handy when volunteers must submit background checks for volunteer roles.

TimeTrex and OrangeHRM both provide free or discounted versions of their HR management systems that can assist nonprofits with various employee-related tasks, including performance reviews and PTO tracking, as well as managing training to-dos. Both tools feature employee profile databases for performance reviews and PTO tracking as well as searchable databases used to organize training to-dos.


Automate the HR process with automated programs. This software simplifies many HR processes for nonprofits, saving both time and resources when it comes to generating reports or maintaining employee records, tracking employee performance or development tracking and providing training programs integrated with third-party learning management systems (TMS) so employees can maintain certifications; additionally it features single sign on authentication as well as mobile applications for users.

Nonprofits and charities differ in organizational structure from for-profit businesses; nonetheless, they must still manage employee records, recruit volunteers, organize payroll, collaborate on fundraising events or project management with teams, manage employee records and recruit employees into volunteering roles. Organizations dedicated to humanitarian causes must find an HR software suite designed for nonprofits that will allow them to put people ahead of paperwork, streamlining HR processes while keeping administrative costs to a minimum. When selecting one of these applications for free use by nonprofits, ensure it offers modules to manage employee data management, recruiting/onboarding processes, employee self-service capabilities and more – with user-friendly and intuitive design to avoid employee resistance to use it.

Time and Attendance

Nonprofits and charities face many of the same human resources issues that for-profit businesses do, with employees needing to process payroll, recruit new volunteers, administer employee benefits, track performance and manage time and attendance effectively – tasks which often become too complex to handle manually, often leading to HR staff burnout. There are various software solutions that can streamline these processes for nonprofits and charities and make their use simpler for employees.

BambooHR is an all-in-one HR management solution featuring talent searching and automated workflows, intuitive tools that simplify workforce management tasks and empower employees to be more strategic, reports and analytics for improved decision-making, as well as access reports with 250MB storage for free plans of up to five users; although some restrictions apply.

Zoho People offers nonprofits an all-in-one HR management platform, featuring self-service portal, reporting capabilities, document repository services, analytics capabilities and attendance/time tracking features that have all been highly praised by users.

Performance Management

If your nonprofit requires basic HR solutions such as payroll and time tracking functionalities, consider free tools such as TimeTrex and OrangeHRM. However, for comprehensive performance management capabilities and central document repository needs, consider paying for more advanced tools such as ADP Workforce.

Nonprofit organizations can save money with software designed to streamline and automate HR processes, freeing them up to allocate more funds toward mission-driven programs. Such tools help manage employee data, streamline recruitment and onboarding processes, automate payroll management services and monitor performance monitoring.

BambooHR is an accessible HR solution designed to assist nonprofits with all of their people management needs, from applicant tracking systems and talent suites to time tracking tools, payroll processing services and benefit administration services. Their HR platform features applicant tracking systems, talent suites and time tracking solutions such as time tracking and payroll processing services – as well as reports that provide actionable intelligence empowering managers and executives to make optimal use of resources available. BambooHR’s member database enables volunteers and employees to store resumes and certificates while nonprofits can create training checklists.

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