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Free HR Software For Small Business

free hr software for small business

Free HR software can be an excellent way to manage time tracking and employee scheduling needs, though it should be noted that it may lack advanced features and may not get updated as frequently.

Some of the top-rated free HR software options for small businesses include ADP, Gusto, Namely and TriNet Zenefits. These solutions offer comprehensive HR management tools such as employee record keeping, recruitment assistance, performance reviews and payroll assistance as well as reporting.


BambooHR is a people management system designed to assist businesses in managing employees and business operations more effectively. BambooHR’s applicant tracking system makes it simple for recruiters and hiring managers to find resumes quickly, while employees can view their own schedule and time off requests on mobile apps provided by BambooHR. BambooHR provides several reporting options including payroll reports and workforce trends – ideal for small and mid-sized enterprises; users with up to five user licenses are free of charge to use its features.

BambooHR provides employees with a convenient mobile app for tracking their hours, while managers can manage, edit and approve as necessary. The software automatically calculates overtime and provides a Payroll Hours Report that displays general, PTO and overtime hours per pay period. Employees can add vacation days or other absences; in addition, BambooHR displays an events list featuring staff birthdays and work anniversaries.

BambooHR offers many additional features, such as custom reports and email alerts, to simplify HR processes while simultaneously growing businesses. Their customer support team is available Monday-Sunday from 10 a.m.-7 p.m. ET by phone or email; for extra convenience their Advantage plan even offers telephone support in addition to email. BambooHR makes an excellent option for people-driven companies looking to streamline HR procedures while expanding their operations.


Utilise this comprehensive tool to expedite employee onboarding, performance reviews and employee self-service. In addition to offering tools for employee communication, document storage and leave management, as well as integrated CRM features that help manage customer relationships more efficiently.

This software’s free version provides basic HR functions, such as tracking attendance and managing employees’ performance, with a user-friendly interface and mobile access for convenience. Ideal for startups and small businesses on limited budgets looking for online HR management software solutions.

Bitrix24 is not only an invaluable collaboration tool; it is also an outstanding project management system with features such as Gantt charts and Kanban boards that help users stay organized and increase productivity. Furthermore, this platform allows tasks to be assigned across employees as well as high-level filtering and sorting capabilities for records.

This free software offers an intuitive user interface and comprehensive tools for various business processes, ranging from employee recordkeeping to performance evaluations. Furthermore, this tool helps automate many tasks which saves both time and money for your company. Furthermore, its many integrations make streamlining workflow easier, making this an excellent solution for companies requiring scalable solutions.


Zoho HR software is an affordable HR system designed for small businesses. The free version provides tools for employee onboarding, data management, time tracking and approval processes; its premium tier includes payroll management, performance tracking and talent acquisition – making this solution suitable for companies that need flexible software with minimal integrations.

Freshteam is another popular HR solution, offering various features to manage employee data and communication. Available both free and paid plans for smaller businesses – the latter costing as little as $35 per month – it features user-friendly hubs that cover operations, communications and HR as well as skills. Furthermore, Freshteam also provides its own domain and chat support.

Zoho People offers various modules that can be added as your business expands. Free accounts provide up to five users and 250MB of storage; more extensive plans allow for unlimited users and additional space. Its forthcoming version 5.0 promises improved user experiences while seamlessly integrating payroll solutions; additionally automating tasks and producing reports are just added bonuses!

Zoho offers various marketing features, such as autoresponders, customer segmentation and marketing attributions. Furthermore, there is an online help center and personalized product training classes.


7shifts is an employee management solution tailored specifically for restaurants. With time tracking, schedule creation and employee self-service tools. 7shifts offers an intuitive user interface which enables employees to submit shift change and time off requests using its free mobile app; managers can keep notes about team member activities using its powerful analytics feature; it integrates with third-party apps as well as restaurant POS systems – even offering free plans such as Homebase that can accommodate businesses with up to 30 employees located at one location; with additional features available with paid plans (“Entree” and “Works”.

The platform’s auto-scheduler takes into account recurrent activities, sales trends, and other metrics to create efficient schedules. Additionally, its predictive sales peaks feature can assist in controlling labor costs without over-scheduling or violating labor laws; furthermore its manager logbook feature documents important details about each shift for added context.

7shifts is designed for both desktop computers and smartphones, offering employees free mobile apps that enable them to check their schedules, make changes or requests for time off using any device, shift pooling services and tip tracking as add-ons. However, 7shifts has received criticism due to glitches on some devices.

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