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Garmin Fenix 3 HR Software Review

fenix 3 hr software

The Fenix 3 HR offers most of the same capabilities found in other Garmin fitness tracking smartwatches with optical heart rate sensors, including basic daily activity tracking and workout uploads to Garmin Connect.

Garmin Express makes it easy to stay up-to-date on software updates for your watch, keeping up-to-date with bug fixes and upgrades as important.


Garmin fenix 3 HR comes loaded with features, and offers access to its Connect IQ app environment, which enables users to download additional tracking options, watch faces and widgets. When connected with a compatible smartphone it also delivers smart notifications like emails, texts messages calendar alerts and news headlines directly.

The Fenix Watch comes equipped with ABC (altimeter, barometer and compass) sensors to keep an eye on elevation and weather conditions. I find myself using this feature quite frequently here in Colorado where there’s always constant climbing/descending!

Other fitness tracking features include a VO2 max estimator that uses your training data to calculate an estimate of your maximum aerobic capacity, alarm settings for wakeup times at specific times of day and tracking sleep patterns.

The Fenix offers special sport modes to track and monitor your performance for golfing, skiing and paddle sports such as rowing and stand up paddling. It tracks speed, distance and more for these activities. In addition, audio lap alerts for swimming and running as well as an improved “Last Swim/Bike/Run View” are now included with it – it also boasts music control capability with Bluetooth headphones!

Smart Notifications

Garmin’s Fenix 3 smart fitness watch is one of its more advanced fitness trackers. When connected via Bluetooth with your phone, it displays call, text and email notifications as well as having a VO2 max estimator among other features.

It also features an advanced navigation function with the capability of tracking your route and displaying markers along the way, with an ‘TracBack’ feature to assist in returning back to where you started from. In addition, there’s also a sleep monitor and step counter available to track resting heart rate and daily activity tracking respectively.

Other fitness features include a VO2 max estimator that utilizes data from your running watch to calculate how much oxygen is consumed per minute while exercising and changes over time. Furthermore, training functions provide feedback on form such as cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time metrics that give an understanding of how your running style affects efficiency.

Make the fenix 3 hr truly your own by downloading apps, widgets and watch faces from the Connect IQ store. There are hundreds of choices to suit every taste; we even offer Face It so you can use any image from your phone as an individual watch face!

Garmin Connect IQ

Garmin Connect software connects the Fenix 3 HR with compatible mobile devices for seamless notifications such as emails, texts and calendar alerts. Furthermore, accessing Garmin’s Connect IQ app environment enables more specialized tracking options and watch faces to be added for an enhanced experience.

Golf enthusiasts can now download an extra feature that shows distances to the front, back and center of a green on their fenix 3 HR’s display – this can come in especially handy when trying to remember exact yardages for individual holes on courses.

The Fenix 3 HR also makes tracking your progress in various fitness classes very straightforward, providing invaluable assistance for marathoners or anyone wanting to maintain a steady fitness level without becoming overburdened with stress.

If you need something more advanced for multisport tracking, take a look at Garmin’s flagship model the Epix. With all of the features found on its smaller devices such as the Fenix 3 HR plus additional ones such as barometric pressure and Elevate optical heart rate sensors found only on running/fitness watches such as Garmin Forerunner but now made available on all its do-it-all fenix line of devices, this device offers advanced multisport capabilities at a more reasonable price point.

Battery Life

The Fenix 3 HR GPS sports/smartwatch is an all-inclusive GPS sports/smartwatch that offers full functionality, from tracking daily quantified life metrics (steps, calories burned, stairs climbed etc) to logging and following routes on hiking trips. Housed in an industry leading Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coated stainless steel case and featuring scratch resistant sapphire lens technology; additionally it includes built in compass; always running barometric altimeter; can display elevation without getting GPS satellite fix – perfect for Colorado residents obsessed with knowing their height!

Garmin offers a long battery life in GPS training mode – up to 20 hours on one charge. Should you require extended usage, Garmin also has a “smart recording” feature which only records signals when they enter GPS mode for maximum battery conservation.

Another excellent feature of the Fenix 3 is its connectivity to other Garmin devices and software. For instance, you can automatically send GPS data from it to smartphone apps as well as computers running Garmin Connect software. Furthermore, MyFitnessPal can sync automatically so calories logged there will transfer back onto its tracker for tracking activity/sports tracking purposes; making it an all-inclusive sports/activity tracker solution.

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