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Greenhouse HR Software

greenhouse hr software

Greenhouse Hr Software is an applicant tracking system (ATS) designed to combine recruiting and onboarding features, making the solution easy to use and customizable – as well as offering mobile functionality.

Greenhouse stands out from other applicant tracking systems by not parsing resumes; hiring managers will see exactly as submitted by you.


Greenhouse provides your team with a robust set of recruiting and onboarding features to find, screen, interview and hire candidates quickly and efficiently. It also makes the onboarding experience seamless by providing new hires with resources to learn about their roles, the company culture and team members as quickly as possible. Plus it boasts an intuitive and simple user interface!

Utilizing its robust candidate sourcing capabilities, Talent Source allows you to post jobs across various platforms and track the impact of your campaigns. Furthermore, the platform lets you create a hiring plan before beginning and specify pipeline stages, milestones, who is involved and when each stage occurs – including being able to configure inclusion nudges during sourcing stage.

Greenhouse allows you to customize candidate emails, while its interview self-scheduling feature makes interview scheduling simple for candidates. Furthermore, its report builder makes creating customized reports on key hiring metrics simple; but unfortunately this system does not offer free trials.

Greenhouse is an ideal option for small businesses that wish to streamline their recruiting process, offering out-of-the-box features and workflows, compatibility with HR systems, and competitive prices compared to other applicant tracking systems (ATSs). However, its cost may not make sense for organizations that do not regularly hire new workers.


Greenhouse is an effective recruiting tool that enables you to locate candidates with the appropriate technical skills, job experience and personality traits. Its hiring process takes into account diversity while helping reduce unconscious bias. Interviewers are reminded of the goals of assessment so their evaluations focus on empirical qualifications instead of personal preferences; Greenhouse allows you to require interviewers explain their ratings while creating an opportunity for dialogue ensuring transparency and fairness in candidate selection.

Greenhouse Software features several components, such as a candidate portal and mobile application that can be tailored to match the unique culture and values of your organization. Greenhouse also boasts an onboarding module with customizable offer letters and automated email follow-ups, in addition to tools for conducting video interviews, assessing soft skills assessment tests, and screening candidates with personality tests.

Greenhouse does not publicly list pricing information, but has three product tiers to meet the needs of companies of various sizes. Pricing depends on the number of employees within your organization; you can request a demo to see if Greenhouse meets them all. It may cost more than other top applicant tracking systems; however, its comprehensive functionality and support make up for any additional expense.


Greenhouse is a full-service recruitment software platform designed to aid companies with the recruiting and onboarding process. It offers an intuitive user experience for recruiters and hiring managers to collaborate and manage candidate pipelines; plus tools to customize workflows and automate processes for recruiting teams. Furthermore, its onboarding modules ensure new hires seamlessly integrate into company culture.

Diversity hiring is taken seriously with features designed to eliminate unconscious bias. For instance, the platform prompts interviewers with reminders at key moments during the hiring process in order to keep them focused on evaluating candidates based on technical skill and experience rather than personal preferences. Users can also require interview panels explain their ratings of specific candidates as compared with another.

Greenhouse also stands out by enabling hiring managers to view resumes exactly as submitted, an advantage over competing ATS systems that parse resumes – something which can often cause errors if your resume has an unconventional format or unusual template – leading to qualified candidates being missed out on opportunities.

Greenhouse does have some drawbacks that might be seen as drawbacks, such as its learning curve and limited reporting and analytics functionality. However, these issues usually do not present themselves as deal breakers; overall Greenhouse remains an effective recruitment solution for small to midsized businesses and larger enterprises alike.


Due to the current talent shortage, companies must focus on recruiting top candidates. Greenhouse can make hiring processes faster, more efficient, and streamlined with its range of integrations for popular software applications – helping recruiters and hiring managers streamline workflows while sharing documents and data, which reduce redundancies while making tracking candidate details simpler.

Greenhouse HR solution integrates seamlessly with any application – even those not specifically built for HR – including HRIS systems. One particularly useful integration allows job requisitions approved in your HRIS to automatically transfer into Greenhouse when approved, as well as updating jobs if the requisition closes or changes status within HRIS.

Greenhouse stands out with its employee onboarding tool, which ensures new hires become productive quickly. The platform provides checklists and best practices that ensure every new employee meets all necessary paperwork requirements before starting work. Furthermore, managers can assign specific tasks directly or send emails directly to new hires – another feature which makes Greenhouse an indispensable business solution.

Greenhouse HR solutions can easily integrate with other solutions like e-signature and expense management applications, while its reporting tool lets you customize your dashboard and track key metrics such as offer conversion rates and recruiting efficiency. Furthermore, pre-built reports are provided; but you may also create your own reports as necessary.

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