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How Factorial HR Software Can Improve Your Business

factorial hr software

Factorial is an all-in-one HR software solution designed to streamline and simplify HR processes in any company. It enables business admins and employees to track working hours, securely store documents digitally and sign them digitally, automate payroll processing procedures and automate payroll procedures all from within one platform.

Businesses of all kinds use it worldwide to manage org charts, time tracking, PTO policies and performance reviews – it has helped manage thousands of organizations globally!

Online Employee Profiles

Employee profiles are an effective way for organizations to keep an eye on their workforce, helping managers and HR staff quickly locate information, enhance communication and foster collaboration. Unfortunately, not all employees will feel comfortable sharing their profile publicly on the company website; to address these concerns and encourage people to share information more openly it may help to start a competition between departments to see who can complete their profiles first or offer incentives such as paid days off or team lunches as ways of getting them done faster.

To update an employee’s profile, click on the edit button located in the upper right corner. This allows you to add and/or remove skills from their list and change their progress level, change employment type (full time/part time), compensation details and location updates as necessary.

Factorial is a cloud-based HR software solution that empowers users to automate and optimize their HR processes. The intuitive design makes managing time tracking, talent management, document management and business insights simple for its users. Furthermore, its free trial makes this platform ideal for small businesses while its customer support can be reached both via phone or email.

Internal Communication

Internal communication functions of companies are responsible for sharing and disseminating information to employees while simultaneously being open to criticism and feedback from them. This may take the form of employee polls or links to an internal discussion forum. Providing employees with a channel for difficult discussions will ultimately improve quality of work and productivity of your organization.

Engaging employees requires encouraging them to share ideas and suggestions for improvements to the company, whether that means employee surveys or dedicating a Slack channel for new projects. Furthermore, encouraging employees to express any issues by scheduling an informal interview between supervisor and HR director may help keep employees actively involved with your organization.

Factorial is a comprehensive human resources management solution established in 2016 in Barcelona, Spain that serves as a one-stop shop for all HR processes. They assist businesses with automating the hiring and onboarding processes, tracking employee attendance and leave requests management, recording performance reviews, organizing documents and more. Their product is suitable for small to mid-sized companies and offers both a 14-day free trial period as well as customized enterprise pricing plans with phone support provided across key markets such as Spain, France and LATAM.

Leave Requests

Digital workforce management tools enable employees to submit leave requests more easily and directly to their supervisors, who can then quickly approve or deny it through ConnectCarolina without lengthy processes or paperwork. They are also informed if any supporting documentation needs to be uploaded by employees to ConnectCarolina.

Employees submitting leave requests can enter various details such as reason code, date, start and end times and more into their leave request form. They can also add notes and attach files that support their request as well as select what kind of leave they would like – partial or full leave is possible.

Once a manager approves a leave request, both employee and supervisor will receive notifications about it. Managers can easily make adjustments before authorizing it for leave approval.

Factorial takes an innovative approach to HR tech by providing one tool that can be utilized across an organization, thus cutting costs and eliminating siloes that arise when multiple tools are used individually. This solution is particularly advantageous for companies already employing multiple solutions like Greenhouse, Slack or Google Calendar.


HR software makes report creation and management an integral component of its services, enabling employees to track performance trends while giving managers information they need for informed decision-making about their workforce. In addition, these tools enable HR administrators to develop employee training programs which increase productivity while complying with labor laws and regulations.

HR software can also help manage payroll, benefits and time tracking more efficiently – saving both time and money with fewer manual processes to complete. Furthermore, this platform can enhance employee engagement and retention by offering convenient ways to share documents, calendars and schedules amongst employees.

Before selecting an HR solution, it’s essential to carefully consider your specific business needs. There may be numerous considerations such as budget, industry and integration requirements which could impact your choice. Comparing features is only half the battle; customer reviews and case studies provide additional valuable insight.

Factorial HR was founded by Jordi Romero, Bernat Farrero and Pau Ramon in 2016 as an all-in-one human resources management solution for small businesses. Intended to automate and digitalise HR processes within companies, Factorial provides one stop shopping for time tracking, payroll management, employee onboarding, document management, performance evaluation and much more. Factorial is currently used by thousands of businesses around the globe that utilize it in order to be more productive and efficient while its comprehensive feature set makes it a top choice among SMBs looking to elevate their HR departments.

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