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How to Choose the Best HR Analytics Software

best hr analytics software

Boosting HR performance at your company begins with selecting an HR analytics software tool. These robust solutions offer powerful tracking and problem identification, helping employees stay engaged while keeping management up-to-date.

Some platforms provide additional functionality, including process optimization, workforce planning and predictive analytics; others feature machine learning/artificial intelligence models for business intelligence.


As the workplace changes rapidly, companies are scrambling to understand how their people work and why. This has given rise to an influx of startups offering technology solutions for human resources departments – one such Canadian startup being Visier, which recently raised $125 million including a Series E funding round valuing it at over $1 billion.

Visier is a cloud-based platform offering top-tier features and tools for HR analytics. With predictive capabilities that help businesses optimize their people strategy to increase productivity and profitability while decreasing talent shortage risk and retention issues. Utilizing machine learning technology, Visier utilizes its dashboards to visually display user data while its machine learning features can identify trends within that data. Visier supports multiple languages for easy usage as well as offering unparalleled customer satisfaction rates.

Visier offers more than workforce analytics software – its people management platform Betterworks allows businesses to streamline job post syndication, candidate screening, applicant tracking and hiring automation as well as rapidly identify and prioritize talent needs.

Core to its success is its ability to connect, ingest and visualize data from multiple systems – such as HCM or learning platforms – while offering powerful search features across any dimension. Furthermore, its predictive insights help organizations make informed decisions.


ChartHop is an all-in-one human resources management solution featuring an interactive organizational chart, headcount planning tools and more. Designed to streamline HR operations by centralizing data access across teams and providing tools that empower employees and managers alike to increase engagement and performance; ChartHop even enables HR teams to conduct workforce modeling and scenario analyses!

Integrations include with various ATSs, HR tech stacks, productivity tools and communication channels enable this tool to meet the needs of companies of all sizes, including small ones. There is a free version suitable for up to 150 people; paid plans start from $8 per month.

This software is easy to use and doesn’t require technical expertise; its main feature is an org chart that makes understanding company structure simple. Plus, its user-friendly interface makes customizing and updating simple. Finally, its tracking and reporting features prove extremely valuable as well.

ChartHop offers much more than an organizational chart: it offers performance management tools like 1:1 reviews scheduling, 360-degree feedback, OKRs and goal tracking. Furthermore, ChartHop’s compensation analytics allow organizations to better understand how different salary structures impact their bottom lines; real-time reports allow better decision-making by organizations.


Deel is an all-in-one HR platform tailored specifically for companies with global teams. The software streamlines processes while ensuring compliance, as well as offering free versions for companies up to 200 employees and offering robust integrations that allow it to seamlessly work with accounting and talent management tools as well as automate tasks and synchronize data for time savings and money savings.

As such, Deel is ideal for small businesses and startups alike, with an intuitive user interface offering clear views of employee data. Furthermore, its role-based access structure enables companies to assign responsibilities and set permissions for different users while its mobile app gives employees and managers access to their information whenever it’s convenient for them.

This PEO service stands out from others with many unique and impressive features that set them apart from competitors. Their primary offering is global payroll solution that allows employers to hire and pay contractors, local employees and international workers globally – perfect for companies expanding their workforce globally.

Utilizing Payable’s simplified process, you can pay team members with just one click, manage expenses and time off requests in one place and take care of other benefits like time off requests quickly and cost-effectively compared to traditional PEOs which often levy additional payroll fees.


SPSS software program boasts many features designed to aid researchers in analyzing and comprehending data. Scholars as well as business professionals use it for decision making and solving complex problems with ease, thanks to its flexible yet customizable user interface which makes it accessible for users of all skill levels and allows them to easily create charts that highlight trends or patterns within data, identify new opportunities or mitigate risk.

IBM SPSS Modeler software also provides various statistical processes that are beneficial for data analytics and predictive modeling, with customers such as fashion brand Elie Tahari having utilized this tool with impressive accuracy to predict customer orders four months in advance – helping optimize production while guaranteeing products remain available to its customer base.

SPSS can import various data files and use different techniques for data management to clean and organize them, generate descriptive statistics about them, as well as find correlations among variables to help researchers better comprehend their relationships.

SPSS also boasts the advantage of keeping output separate from actual data files, providing more reliable results than general programs which often combine all results into one worksheet and overwrite it by mistake.

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