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How to Download H&R Block Tax Software

how to download hr block software

H&R Block provides downloadable tax software. Their desktop version makes tax preparation possible from any location, even without an Internet connection; plus it includes free federal e-files.

If you are switching computers, transferring HR Block software and data will need to be automated using Zinstall WinWin.


If you’re switching computers, Zinstall WinWin offers an effortless way of migrating H&R Block software and data. Simply run both versions of WinWin on both computers, and it will transfer everything automatically. No complicated configurations or installing different versions are necessary – everything will transfer without requiring manual intervention!

H&R Block’s downloadable products enable you to prepare your return anytime, without an internet connection, anywhere – plus they come equipped with free efile and priority care support. Should you require help, H&R Block offers an in-software help center featuring step-by-step guidance for over 350 credits and deductions as well as expert advice from 12,000 offices and online communities nationwide.

When it’s time to install your downloadable product, open your purchase confirmation email and click the download link. When your program has downloaded successfully, follow its prompts for installation or burn the file directly onto a CD or flash drive for installation later. Macintosh users can also take advantage of H&R Block At Home Update Center by accessing their latest federal update directly.


H&R Block software may be difficult to install over dial-up connections. Therefore, it is advised to download it onto a computer with high-speed Internet and save it onto its desktop before inserting a CD or flash drive and following installation instructions.

As part of the installation process, you will be asked to enter your personal and tax return data as well as create a password and username. Once complete, installation will be complete and you can start using the program; any problems can be reported directly to H&R Block via phone call, email or local brick-and-mortar location.

Installing HR Block tax cut software on multiple machines is possible, provided the files are named differently to prevent interference between programs and keep each from interfering with one another. If in doubt whether this is allowed under your software license agreement or use an automatic program transfer tool such as Zinstall WinWin to transfer software, data, reports and settings from one machine to the next.


H&R Block software products are designed for desktop installation and can be used without an internet connection. If you are experiencing difficulty downloading files or updating, try pushing both Windows key and letter Q simultaneously, or use your computer’s search feature on its finder sidebar, to locate files with HRB as their filename extension and double click them to initiate installation.

Once the software has been installed, its activation must be activated using your Activation Code – this 10-character number sent with your purchase confirmation email – in order to activate it and prepare up to five federal e-files free of charge; with Premium or Business Software editions it gives access to unlimited returns as well as priority care support.

If you’re moving computers, Zinstall WinWin can help transfer all your files and programs, including H&R Block software, safely and reliably to the new computer. This program automatically copies over all files and programs – including H&R Block – onto the new machine without requiring any configurations for running smoothly on XP, Vista, Windows 7, or even Windows 11.


H&R Block software comes in many editions for users’ convenience. Downloadable programs allow them to prepare returns without an internet connection; CD installation programs provide portable solutions that enable return preparation regardless of computer location; both types are Mac-compatible. Furthermore, H&R Block’s software offers convenient updates; just open it up and select “Update” from Tools menu to get access to latest federal and state programs updates.

H&R Block’s premium tax software provides step-by-step guidance for 350 credits and deductions, and comes equipped with an extensive online support center. In-person assistance is also available via one of their 12,000 locations worldwide.

This software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, working on both AMD and Intel processors. The navigation system of the software utilizes multiple monitors for quick record entry with accurate records quickly and correctly entered each time. Furthermore, bureaucracy is broken down into sections (to avoid entry mistakes) with helpful summaries at the end of each section allowing customers to make and save lists of expenses and income.

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