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How to Use a Coupon Code For H&R Block Tax Software

coupon code for hr block tax software

H&R Block provides its customers with various ways to reduce tax filing fees. Customers can file either online or at one of its nearly 9,000 offices; customers also enjoy unlimited support from an expert tax accountant.

To use an H&R Block coupon code, enter it in the field labeled “Have a Promo Code?” on the order summary page. Additionally, H&R Block’s social media accounts often offer promotions and specials.

Save up to 35% on your tax filing fees

H&R Block provides comprehensive tax filing services, from online self-filing software and in-person help, to refund transfer services that allow users to pay with expected refunds or through installment plans starting at $39. Its programs and online software are user-friendly, providing clear guidance with accuracy guarantees against IRS software errors. H&R Block’s refund transfer service lets users pay using expected refunds or an installment plan starting from $39.

H&R Block’s Free Online version offers users a simple way to file both federal and state returns at no cost, similar to TurboTax’s free option; however, H&R Block provides additional forms and features, including unemployment income and deductions for interest on student loans and investment accounts. H&R Block can also handle more types of income and deductions than many competitors.

Beginning at $55 for Basic returns, their paid versions offer unlimited live help from an expert via chat or video, more forms than many competitors, and assistance in declaring additional sources of income like investments, charitable donations and retirement savings. Their Deluxe option goes further by reviewing your return in greater depth than its competitors and can handle more complex situations like real estate taxes – with self-employed versions starting from $145 federal and $37 state.

Get a free consultation with an H&R Block tax expert

H&R Block is an American tax filing service offering both online and in-person options for those needing to file taxes. Their downloadable software is user-friendly, providing step-by-step guidance when filling out forms, finding deductions and credits, submitting your return, as well as offering comprehensive support like searchable knowledge bases with articles on various topics and access to tax pros for fees starting at $85 plus state filing fees if needed.

Reviewers of the company’s downloadable software have given it high marks for ease of use. With an interview-style navigation that takes away guesswork from filling forms and makes importing information from last year’s return easy, as well as helpful tips and explanations on tricky topics – it also avoids industry terminology whenever possible.

H&R Block provides an individualized experience through their extensive network of offices nationwide. Their knowledgeable tax professionals offer assistance with every aspect of tax filing and resolution as well as potential audit issues from the IRS.

H&R Block online services range from free basic filers’ versions and an upgraded Deluxe plan, both designed to help maximize home and investment deductions, to self-employed tiers designed to assist freelancers and gig workers like Uber drivers. Each online package also comes equipped with virtual human assistance via screen-sharing service called Online Assist; additionally, H&R Block also offers Tax Identity Shield protection and Worry-Free Audit Support as supplemental services.

Save money on your tax preparation with a H&R Block promo code

H&R Block offers comprehensive online and in-person tax filing solutions, unlike TurboTax and TaxAct, with video tutorials and an FAQ database for anyone owing or anticipating tax refunds or expecting one. Their tax specialists also can answer any queries you might have quickly, making H&R an excellent option for anyone hoping to reduce costs and get every credit or deduction they are eligible for.

The company provides an innovative feature that allows customers to start their return online and complete it in person without incurring additional charges. This service is especially beneficial if you prefer not to do it alone or have questions which cannot be answered by their software, making this available to small business owners as well as expats.

Signing up for MyBlock, a free app designed to manage all of your tax-related accounts in one convenient place and save even more on taxes, allows you to do just that. Filing, using H&R Block promo codes and tracking refunds – these all become part of MyBlock! Plus you get access to a personalized savings plan showing just how much money can be saved every year!

File your taxes online or in person

H&R Block’s tax filing software packages, known as H&R Block at Home and H&R Block Online, include free versions, Deluxe do-it-yourself programs that cost $59 and Premium software that costs $85. These offerings compete favorably against top tax software programs like TurboTax, Jackson Hewitt and TaxAct.

H&R Block’s software and online versions provide an intuitive user interface with step-by-step guidance through every part of the tax preparation process. Import prior year returns and W-2s for faster processing; find deductions or credits you may not even know you qualify for;

H&R Block’s free version is intended for people with simpler tax filing situations and includes features like student loan interest deductions and unemployment income. Additionally, this version can handle self-employment tax deductions as well as the Earned Income Tax Credit; unfortunately it does not currently support 1099-MISC forms used by freelancers and gig workers.

H&R Block’s online programs provide Online Assist, which gives you on-demand access to a certified professional or an enrolled agent via chat or video, depending on the online program you select – cost varies between programs from $40 for Basic up to $145 plus $37 per state return filed for Self-Employed returns. Both versions also provide several features to manage your tax file such as PDF uploads and transfer of files between devices; mobile apps provide handy functionality like managing previous years’ returns or managing an Emerald Card debit card account while scheduling in-person appointments with tax professionals.

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