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HR and Payroll Software For SMEs

hr and payroll software uk

This UK-based software provider specializes in payroll services, HR management and perks administration for SMEs such as WH Smith and Estee Lauder. Their custom HR software features analytics to help run payroll more efficiently and accurately.

These systems automate processes like employee data management and time tracking. Additionally, these solutions include features to assist employers with compliance to employment law regulations.


Companies using cloud-based HR and payroll software are able to gain real-time data without incurring installation and maintenance expenses, with access to reporting, analytics, payroll metrics for employee performance analysis and tax liability determination. They can also manage Provident Fund (PF) contributions timely deposits into employees bank accounts while managing statutory deduction calculations to make informed judgements regarding legal obligations and tax compliance obligations.

Some providers provide integrated HR and payroll systems that can be utilized across devices – including mobile phones. Employees can utilize these systems to self-service their information, making it simple for them to access or update personal details or submit leave requests. In addition, these integrated systems automatically calculate tax deductions for them before submitting them directly to authorities – saving business owners both time and risk by automating this process.

These solutions come in different languages and can streamline a range of HR processes like attendance management, business travel expense management, shift scheduling and claims and refunds. Furthermore, many of these solutions are user-friendly with simple implementation processes; many also come equipped with free demos for testing purposes.


UK businesses are realising the significance of mobile payroll software is becoming ever more significant. Salaried employees have increasingly been joined by freelance workers and gig workers who may work remotely; to keep pace, payroll systems must be flexible enough for employees to use. Look out for features that allow employees to quickly change banks or add dependents without too much difficulty – intuitive systems that new hires can quickly grasp are essential as well.

Mobile payroll systems can save time and money by automating HR and payroll tasks, keeping you compliant with legal regulations while increasing productivity. They also give employees better visibility into their pay and performance.

Mobile applications that enable teams to keep track of time and attendance records may also prove invaluable in terms of reducing absenteeism, improving employee engagement and productivity – while at the same time keeping staff satisfied by offering timely payments and outlining performance appraisals.

Pento is an alternative solution that makes payroll management simpler for small and midsized UK businesses, automating payroll with full visibility for customers across their systems. Offering services such as statutory reporting and pension submission, Pento can integrate seamlessly with BambooHR for greater transparency for its customers.


With more employees now working remotely, businesses are turning to HR and payroll software systems to automate and streamline their operations, and ensure accurate payments to employees while adhering to employment laws and regulations. Some systems even store historical data for future reference.

AI has quickly become a standard feature of software applications, including HR and payroll systems. Some HR software systems utilize machine learning to predict future time and attendance statistics or to automatically roster shift patterns – saving HR teams hours of work while helping them make informed decisions regarding salary packages for their staff members.

Professional HR software solutions UK often feature a payroll module to allow HR managers to process employee transactions and ensure all deductions have been taken prior to sending payments out; such as tax deductions, student loan repayments and national insurance contributions.

Cloud-based HR and payroll software systems have quickly become a staple in the UK, offering flexible, scalable, cost-effective solutions for companies of all sizes. Furthermore, these systems can be accessed from any device with internet access – an especially helpful feature for smaller firms who lack expensive in-house servers and IT infrastructure.


HR and payroll software solutions automate processes like employee data management, time and attendance tracking, payroll processing, benefits administration and more – saving companies both time and money while cutting errors significantly. In addition, quality HR/payroll software will also help businesses meet compliance regulations more easily.

No matter if you run payroll in-house or outsource it, an all-in-one solution like ELMO can help streamline both HR and payroll processes. It integrates HR functions and native payroll in one user-friendly platform for employees and contractors to use easily; its customer support is top notch with 24/7 availability; additionally its automatic alert system ensures GDPR compliance at all times – saving hundreds in penalty fees over time.

Some of the best HR and payroll software is cloud-based, enabling employees to log on from any device from any location. Many programs also feature self-service portals allowing employees to update their own information – such as address or next-of-kin details – directly. This enables employees to make more informed career decisions. Furthermore, such software provides an overview of all data collected by its system, eliminating staff from needing to save spreadsheets or email files separately.

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