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H&R Block 2016 Software Review

hr block 2016 software

H&R Block provides digital tax filing solutions online and via software applications, with services including free online filing and having a tax expert review returns before submission.

This free software includes 47 forms – more than many other programs – as well as supporting various tax scenarios, such as self-employment and cryptocurrency transactions.

Online filing

H&R Block software’s online filing feature enables you to file your return from any computer with an internet connection, saving both money and time over traditional in-person filing. Furthermore, its built-in expertise provides maximum refund for your situation while performing error checks and tax validation to ensure compliance with IRS regulations. However, please remember that this software only accepts returns filed for current year e-file submission; prior-year returns do not support e-filings with them being rejected by them.

The software from this company comes in various packages with differing price tags to meet individual client needs. The Basic version is suitable for straightforward tax situations while the Deluxe one provides IRS schedules A, C, D and E plus unlimited phone tax help. Finally, Premium versions target homeowners, investors, self-employed filers and rental property owners.

As well as offering online filing service, the company also boasts more than 12,000 retail offices staffed with professional tax preparers. Products offered by this service provider include tax preparation and electronic filing; payroll; small business consulting and personal finance advice. With its high quality services and software used by millions of taxpayers each year, this firm is widely respected within its field.

H&R Block’s tax filing software stands out in an otherwise competitive tax filing marketplace thanks to its convenience and ability to offer personalized advice. Its security features, such as password protection and encryption, ensure that their clients can entrust some of their most sensitive financial data with them while taking steps at every stage to protect it.

Tax refunds

H&R Block is the only tax preparation service provider offering DIY customers an opportunity to have their returns reviewed remotely by a tax professional prior to filing them with the IRS – this service, known as Second Look, can be obtained for a fee. H&R Block also offers free online tools designed to assist taxpayers who receive IRS notices.

The software is updated annually to accommodate changes to tax codes, and allows users to complete their returns from any device such as smartphones or tablets. Furthermore, its variety of features makes it an excellent choice for taxpayers such as W-2 photo capture, importing returns from other providers, and expert support available anytime of day.

H&R Block provides more than online resources; they also offer phone and in-person assistance at over 12,000 offices around the country, and those filing with an H&R Block tax professional can expect either maximum refund guarantee or their money back.

Refund Rewind, H&R Block’s new feature that expedites customer returns faster by filing for prior years, allows them to file faster for returns due. Available both online and in-store tax preparation services, however this service doesn’t allow customers to electronically file with the IRS; rather you must print and mail your return. H&R Block also offers various refund options including their Emerald Advance line of credit or direct deposit refund options.

Customer service

H&R Block provides its clients with an array of customer service offerings. These options include our Peace of Mind extended service plan, the Emerald Card, EAs, RAs and Tax Identity Shield services. In addition, it also provides prepaid cards and small business finance solutions through its network of franchises across the U.S. If you use H&R Block’s services you agree only to arbitrate claims in your individual capacity and waive all right to participate in class action arbitration, private attorney general arbitration or any consolidated proceedings of any kind or nature unless specifically allowed otherwise by H&R Block itself.

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