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H&R Block 2023 Software Review

hr block 2023 software

H&R Block 2023 Software Review

H&R Block provides both online and downloadable tax preparation software. Their deluxe program stands out as one of the top offerings in its category with its intuitive user interface that’s free from industry jargon, breaking complex topics down into easily understood explanations.

This service boasts an impressive array of features, such as W-2 photo capture and expense import from Uber drivers. Furthermore, its self-employed edition stands out.


H&R Block provides a range of services, from online filing software and advice sessions in-person, to various tiers tailored for different income tax scenarios. Pricing is comparable with other online services but its customer support options set it apart from its rivals.

This company’s online filing software is simple to use and features helpful technology, including W-2 forms importation and Uber expense data importation for freelancers, integration with CoinTracker to automatically import cryptocurrency transactions, and multi-device access for its users’ account.

H&R Block has long been considered an industry leader when it comes to tax preparation, yet they’ve experienced their fair share of issues. A hack attack occurred in 2019 which exposed customer information. Security measures include multi-factor authentication and web-browsing encryption – yet these haven’t always provided enough protection. In 2023 however, H&R Block made significant upgrades in terms of security: it added support for Covid-19 stimulus payments as well as expanding 1099-K forms to include gig workers.


H&R Block is one of the leading online tax preparation services, boasting one of the easiest-to-use software programs. Their software also includes many features not offered by competitors – for instance, their question-and-answer navigation style makes filling out taxes simpler while offering helpful explanations about complex topics such as cryptocurrency investments. Lastly, this service also enables filing returns using mobile devices.

Basic, Deluxe and Premium versions of our software are each equipped with unique features; with Deluxe and Premium providing more robust support. They enable itemized deductions and credits; rent property filing; self-employment income reporting and audit support – plus offer maximum refund guarantees!

H&R Block employs multiple security measures to safeguard its customers’ personal information. They employ data encryption, multiple layers of authentication to log into their system and work with outside experts on risk assessments and audits.

H&R Block may take steps to safeguard its users’ information; however, hacking attempts against it remain possible despite these measures. Like other tax prep companies, it serves as an attractive target for hackers looking for access to personal data; nonetheless, H&R Block strives to keep user privacy protected as best it can.

Customer service

H&R Block provides multiple customer support options, from online help and telephone assistance to live chat and face-to-face visits at any of its 12,000 offices worldwide. Their service also features an accuracy guarantee as well as free audit support; its software also helps users navigate audit processes and prepare for IRS investigations.

H&R Block can be an attractive target for hackers looking for personal information, yet their service uses industry-standard encryption and multi-factor authentication to protect its customers’ financial data. Furthermore, their sensible workflows make tax filing straightforward for all filers: users can import W-2s by snapping photos of them or Uber driver expense claims while their Premium Online version also supports self-employment costs and Schedule C expenses.

H&R Block’s 2023 service features several key improvements, including providing clear guidance on complex tax topics (including crypto) and an engaging visual interface that makes the tax preparation experience less daunting. Their new tax preparation system is among the easiest and most user-friendly we have encountered while including in-depth explanations to break down complex tax jargon. Their online and phone support are also exceptional.

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