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H&R Block Software 2023 Review

hr block software 2023

H&R Block 2023 makes tax filing simpler with its user-friendly workflows and more cost-effective help options, while safeguarding information through data encryption and multi-factor authentication.

H&R Block provides both an advanced free online version and affordable in-person assistance at its offices, with both programs providing accuracy guarantees and limited free audit support.

Easy to use

H&R Block’s 2023 tax filing software is user-friendly. Featuring a simple questionnaire-style interface that’s straightforward, this tax filing solution eliminates errors by bypassing complex forms. Plus it comes equipped with helpful screens and extra information that may answer any queries that arise along the way. TurboTax’s question-and-answer navigation style makes it an excellent option for newcomers who may feel intimidated by TurboTax’s more complex interface. H&R Block’s free version of their software enables you to file a basic federal return, while their premium tier supports unemployment income and child tax credits as well as rental property expenses and Health Savings Accounts. Furthermore, their Online Assist service offers virtual handholding at an affordable cost.

H&R Block’s software can be downloaded or used online and comes equipped with both an accuracy guarantee and free audit support, with online users having access to over 12,000 locations to receive face-to-face assistance from H&R staff.

Although not as user-friendly as TurboTax, H&R Block provides a well-polished interface and strong support features, making it one of the top contenders in its market. Their four tiers of service cover most scenarios while lacking maximum refund guarantees such as TurboTax has. Furthermore, one unique aspect is being able to import crypto transaction data directly from CoinTracker into their program.

Transparent pricing

H&R Block is an established tax preparation service with user-friendly technology and transparent pricing plans, offering on-demand assistance and offering secure solutions to protect personal information. H&R Block’s transparent prices and on-demand assistance make them an attractive option for anyone needing help filing their taxes – or anyone concerned about protecting it.

The company’s new upfront pricing model will give millions of assisted clients a clearer idea of their pricing before beginning filing. Previously, prices for assisted services were determined based on which forms needed to be filled out and how long it would take. Consumers weren’t typically aware of their final bill until months later after beginning working on it.

H&R Block has introduced several innovations aimed at making its DIY filing experience more transparent for consumers, such as easier access to a base price when filing their returns online. This change allows consumers to compare prices and select one best suited for them; with thousands of potential forms, schedules, and calculations reduced to approximately 25 items for easy navigation; these changes should make filing simple or complex returns much less complex for all.

Free audit support

H&R Block provides several tax filing plans, from free online filing for simple returns to mobile app tax filing and in-person assistance at its retail locations. Their services are competitively priced compared to other tax prep companies but additional services like Worry-Free Audit Support could increase costs further.

Maximum Refund Guarantee offers refunds if users qualify for larger refunds due to errors on its part, along with 100% accuracy guarantee and audit assistance if the IRS issues notice. Its other services include Second Look review, Tax Identity Shield protection and Worry-Free Audit Support.

Utilizing H&R Block software is simple and quick; if you require assistance there are various means available to you from an H&R Block tax professional. One way is through their live chat feature which enables users to converse directly with an expert via computer while other means include phone call or email contact.

H&R Block’s tax preparation service is one of the nation’s most beloved services, and they guarantee their customers will be completely satisfied. These guarantees include up-front transparent pricing, an open process and complimentary audit assistance services.


H&R Block provides tax preparation services at competitive prices, offering their Free Online product for basic income tax situations while the Deluxe and Premium Tiers provide more robust functionality. Filers can get assistance from any of H&R Block’s 12,000 offices as well. Industry standard encryption and multifactor authentication safeguard user data; although H&R Block was compromised in 2019, its offerings still compete favorably against similar providers; TurboTax or TaxSlayer might provide better value.

However, its comprehensive product suite could be daunting to new customers. Furthermore, its price is higher than competitors and may provide too many software features for certain users.

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