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H&R Block Tax Software – 20% Off With This Coupon Code

walmart hr block tax software

Now that tax season has arrived, many retailers are offering discounted H&R Block software products at steeply reduced prices – using this coupon code will get you 20% off!

H&R Block’s virtual preparation service, Tax Pro Go, is now available in Walmart stores for $99 through February 28. It matches clients with an experienced tax specialist based on their situation and state.

H&R Block 2021 Deluxe + State Tax

H&R Block 2021 Deluxe + State Tax offers step-by-step guidance to ensure you obtain a maximum refund guaranteed. It provides homeowners and investors with guidance for claiming mortgage interest deductions and real estate tax, while also showing them how to claim credits or deductions related to stocks, retirement contributions, investment income, charitable donations and more.

H&R Block’s new online service not only streamlines the import of previous returns and PDF uploads, but it also allows for easier PDF transfers and refund transfers directly onto prepaid Emerald Card debit cards (fees may apply). H&R Block continues its efforts in being one of the most user-friendly options available today.

H&R Block’s online tax products differ significantly from TurboTax in that they feature paid plans ranging from free up to $110 that offer tax tools tailored specifically for freelancers and small business owners. Their base-level plan offers software designed to maximize home and investment deductions while its more advanced self-employed version adds support for freelancers and small business owners.

H&R packages all provide access to virtual assistance chat, phone or email technical support and video tutorials, with more expensive packages also offering access to additional human help through Online Assist sessions or physical locations (10,000 in total). In addition, H&R’s recent revamp of its income hub now incorporates self-employment gains and cryptocurrency investment gains as core features rather than add-ons.

H&R Block 2022 Deluxe + State Tax

H&R Block 2023 Deluxe + State Tax is an online tax prep program with an intuitive user experience and exceptional support features, but didn’t quite top our list as best overall tax software. However, its free plan offers wide coverage while its Premium tier provides excellent value to investors and gig workers.

H&R Block’s online programs provide step-by-step guidance for more than 3,650 credits and deductions, an expansive help center with over 13,000 articles, as well as representation in case of an audit. Their intuitive navigation style guides filers directly to forms with straightforward questions void of industry jargon – making H&R one of the easiest tax software services we have tested.

H&R Block’s free Online and Basic downloads only support simple federal returns, while their Deluxe tier offers additional functionality such as investments, real estate taxes, home mortgage interest deductions, charitable giving deductions and self-employed business expense reporting – in addition to unemployment income and filing for children’s educational credits. Finally, its Premium tier supports stock sales and purchases as well as rental property income/expense reporting as well as Health Savings Account contributions among other features.

H&R’s Premium tier is the only version to include phone and email support from H&R’s trained tax pros; Basic and Free versions do not provide such resources. Furthermore, retail locations of H&R offer paid support packages such as Online Assist and Worry-Free Audit Support packages.

H&R Block 2022 Premium + State Tax

H&R Block 2022 Premium + State Tax software is the go-to choice for filers who require assistance with itemizing deductions and claiming straight credits. In addition, this program features mileage deduction calculators and asset depreciation estimates so small business owners and real estate investors can file taxes without hiring an accountant. H&R Block’s secure encrypted platform protects data against hackers or any potential threats to protect against identity theft or data loss.

H&R Block’s software utilizes thoughtful workflows to guide users through the filing process. It asks a series of questions to assess your situation, then suggests one of their products that best matches you. In addition, previous year information can be auto-populated for time savings. H&R Block offers paid software options starting at $85 with maximum refund guarantees.

H&R Block also provides expert tax preparation through its 12,000 physical offices, offering fee-based service that offers audit representation and unlimited tax advice via live chat and video – as well as providing access to its premium version with Worry-Free Audit Support and tax identity protection features.

H&R Block 2022 Deluxe online software is tailored specifically for homeowners, investors and those with retirement income. It features an interest deduction calculator as well as the ability to claim health savings account contributions and charitable donations – in addition to supporting all stock sales transactions.

H&R Block 2022 Basic + State Tax

H&R Block’s filing software is one of the easier options available, though not as smooth as TurboTax. With sensible workflows and an interactive questionnaire-style navigation to guide users through filling out forms, H&R Block provides straightforward but unambiguous answers that also explain unfamiliar terms via “Read More” bubbles or hover features. Furthermore, physical locations exist where H&R Block offers support if people prefer.

H&R Block’s paid plans range from $50 to $110 for federal filing and include software designed to maximize tax deductions. H&R Block Premium Online is best for stock market investors while their Self-Employed Tier provides good value to freelancers and small business owners. Both packages provide extensive guidance on over 3,650 credits and deductions while Premium also supports rental property ownership as well as cryptocurrency investments.

H&R Block recently entered into an exclusive partnership with Walmart to offer its services in all their stores nationwide. Through this arrangement, Walmart customers will benefit from competitively priced H&R Block products at competitively discounted prices, free in-person audit representation and unlimited tax advice via live chat. Furthermore, through H&R Block’s virtual prep service clients are connected with licensed tax professionals and its technology helps identify an accurate refund estimate while auto completing up to 80 fields on customers returns automatically; eliminating fees for missed forms while offering electronic return submission.

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