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H&R Block Tax Software Review

hr block tax software 2015

H&R Block is one of four tax filing services that lead the industry. Their user-friendly software typically ranks highest, followed closely by TurboTax and TaxSlayer.

H&R Block has agreed to comply with a federal court order mandating them to make their websites and tax filing utility accessible for individuals with disabilities, meeting Level AA success criteria of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0.

What is H&R Block Tax Software?

H&R Block is an American tax preparation company offering online and software-based tax filing products to meet individual tax filing needs. Their software features both free and paid tiers with additional human help available at an additional fee; H&R Block competes against TurboTax, TaxAct and TaxSlayer on this market for American tax filing software solutions.

The company’s software is user-friendly and intuitive, offering a wide selection of forms. Additionally, helpful tools like calculators, news, and articles make the filing process smooth and trouble free; step-by-step filing guides guide users through each stage and answer any queries clearly; additionally you can import tax forms directly from your computer saving time!

The software comes in several packages: Basic, Deluxe, Premium and Self-Employed. Each one offers different features based on the complexity of your taxes – for instance, Premium and Self-Employed versions can support business income/expenses while CoinTracker integration provides automatic transfer of crypto transaction data into returns.

The software is compatible with most mobile devices and includes an app to access your return from anywhere. Additionally, it supports multiple tax forms and currencies and automatically translates documents to English for you. Furthermore, its compatibility with Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets makes transferring information from one system to another much simpler.

How Does H&R Block Tax Software Work?

H&R Block provides various options for people filing their taxes. Their online software tools enable users to prepare returns and file electronically, while its brick-and-mortar offices offer in-person filing services. Furthermore, this company provides numerous free tools – such as its tax calculator to estimate refunds or track them if filing online – on its website for anyone visiting its site.

H&R Block provides three levels of paid software and filing services to assist those needing additional help with their taxes. The Free Online version enables users to file basic personal income returns while Deluxe opens up itemized deductions and claims such as earned income tax credit and additional child tax credit. Finally, Premium adds functionality such as supporting rental properties, investment income, extra services such as Worry-Free Audit Support for an additional cost.

H&R Block provides an unwavering money-back guarantee with every product they sell that guarantees to reimburse any penalties the IRS assesses due to errors made in its software. In addition, the company offers accuracy guarantees and maximum refund guarantees online as well as desktop versions offering free in-person assistance should an audit occur – an added level of support which could prove worth investing extra dollars for.

What is the Price of H&R Block Tax Software?

H&R Block tax software prices depend on which service tier is selected. Their free version, available both in stores and online, is suitable for students with student loan interest deductions or W-2 filers with simple returns; while their Deluxe edition features include second look reviews for those filing complex returns as well as support for Health Savings Accounts and investments; plus unlimited expert help is also available for an additional fee.

H&R Block differs from TurboTax in that they don’t actively try to upsell customers throughout their return filing experience, instead offering multiple tiers of service with expertise tailored specifically to different tax situations, which ensure all taxes are filed correctly.

H&R Block’s comprehensive expertise, along with their array of support services, make them one of the top choices for individuals and self-employed filers alike. Their premium versions feature guarantees to maximize a refund by helping claim all applicable deductions and credits; additionally, there is an extensive help center with thousands of searchable articles; in-office visits can also be scheduled with H&R Block experts or they may call H&R Block offices directly for assistance if desired.

The program can import digital copies of W-2s and 1099s to save time and reduce errors. Furthermore, there’s also a mobile app so users can access their tax documents and data wherever they may be.

What is the Rating of H&R Block Tax Software?

H&R Block has long been known for their expertise in tax filing online. While their services may be slightly more costly than its rivals, they offer phone and chat support, intuitive user interfaces, guarantees of accuracy and maximum refunds as well as store locations to facilitate filing taxes locally.

H&R Block Tax Software comes in two flavors – Free File and Deluxe programs. The former is ideal for students and W-2 employees with straightforward tax situations, providing all the essential features such as standard deduction, unemployment income, student loan interest deductions and Earned Income Tax Credit calculations. Alternatively, Deluxe version provides more advanced features, including advice for homeowners and investors as well as the capability to import data from previous years as well as Worry-Free Audit Support and Identity Shield services.

H&R Block’s Premium version of their tax software is tailored specifically for small business owners, freelancers and self-employed workers. It comes equipped with more advanced features, such as deducting home office expenses and filing cryptocurrency tax returns; an IRS refund tracker; tax calculator; as well as an app called MyBlock which allows users to schedule meetings with tax pros and upload documents.

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