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H&R Block Tax Software Vs TurboTax

hr block tax software vs turbotax

H&R Block, TaxAct and TurboTax all take their own distinctive approaches to filing taxes, with features like satisfaction guarantees and in-person support available through each product.

H&R Block has earned a great deal of praise for their user-friendly software and live support at thousands of locations nationwide. Furthermore, their Worry-Free Audit Support can connect you with an enrolled agent.

Free version

H&R Block provides easy tax filing software. Their free version offers an impressive set of features, such as federal and state filing plus refund bonus; searchable knowledge base; online community; searchable knowledge base and refund bonuses. H&R Block may be suitable for filers who have simple returns, though may not provide optimal solutions when filing complex returns.

H&R Block’s interview-style system expedites tax filing while using minimal tax jargon and offering positive reinforcement throughout, helping reduce stress. H&R Block is an expansive company and its customers’ personal data may become vulnerable; however, H&R Block takes various security measures to safeguard customer data.

H&R Block provides various paid tiers that offer additional support, from Deluxe (which allows basic filing) to Premium (support for rental properties and self-employment income) with refund guarantees if any errors cause penalties or interest from the IRS to accrue, and even providing free Worry-Free Audit Support program with certain limitations and conditions attached.

Tax professional support

Tax software programs that simplify filing can make the filing process simpler by asking a series of questions and filling forms automatically, providing guidance, guidance to file taxes correctly and even expert support to answer questions you might have about their operation. But with so many programs to choose from, selecting one may prove challenging.

While H&R Block and TurboTax both provide tax professional support for users, H&R Block stands out by providing more support options than its competitor TurboTax. Their free package allows you to import W-2 forms and other documents, access a tax expert as well as file state returns – while H&R Block’s paid packages offer unlimited video, phone and chat support with an experienced tax pro.

Both companies provide mobile apps that make filing your tax return convenient, in addition to desktop versions you can download or purchase on CD. Both services also provide various tiers depending on the complexity of your return; TurboTax’s basic tier is free with one free state e-filing included; higher tiers such as Live Full Service cost more but provide extra benefits such as maximum refund guarantee and guaranteed accuracy.

Audit support

H&R Block’s tax filing software comes equipped with numerous support options, from free audit support to deduction maximizer and cryptocurrency support tools. Furthermore, they have an excellent mobile app that enables you to import data from various sources as well as perform various tasks, including tracking your refund status. Lastly, their apps also include features that enable multiple filing returns simultaneously.

H&R Block’s interview-style software guides users through the filing process with clear questions and minimal tax jargon, providing encouragement throughout. H&R Block also offers support to individuals with complex tax situations such as those self-employed or having investment income.

H&R Block’s premium tier provides additional tax assistance and price preview, while its free version meets basic needs like donation deductions and mortgage interest. Their Deluxe tier ($55) provides advanced features like help with home office expenses and depreciation; their Self-Employed tier ($110) adds full support for freelancers and contractors.

H&R Block and TurboTax both offer guarantees, such as maximum refunds and error correction. Each provider offers special features that may make one better suited to you; TurboTax’s Max Refund Guarantee can refund fees paid if the IRS rejects your return due to an error on TurboTax’s part.

Mobile app

H&R Block tax software platform features an interview-style format and searchable knowledge base, with embedded links offering tips and explainers throughout the process. Live chat support provides live assistance if you encounter any difficulties during this step of your return filing, while forms and tax credits support various forms and credits can be uploaded into an online account securely before being submitted directly to IRS for approval if applicable – the app is available both iOS and Android devices.

The free version of TurboTax enables users to file a basic federal return. However, this version doesn’t permit itemizing deductions or filing schedules 2 and 3, but is easy to use and includes a price preview as you proceed. TurboTax and H&R Block offer similar experiences at the top end of the market but differ in features and prices; cryptocurrency traders and landlords may prefer TurboTax; for those without extra functionality TaxSlayer may offer better value.

H&R Block’s tax software offers a comprehensive selection of filing options and features, and there are multiple versions to meet any type of tax situation. In addition to online services, the company also operates stores where you can drop off your taxes with expert assistance available on site.

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