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HR Case Management Software

hr case management software

HR case management software makes it easy for HR teams to efficiently address employee-related issues, while providing employees with support via self-service portal. You can even prioritize and assign cases easily.

Solution can assist with decreasing repetitive questions by providing FAQs and HR knowledge bases that your employees can quickly access, as well as creating procedures to handle specific types of complaints, which allows your team to focus on issues requiring more in-depth investigations.

Dovetail Software

Dovetail Software Corporation provides an HR case management system. This software enables organizations to track all HR issues that arise and improve service delivery processes while increasing employee satisfaction. Features of Dovetail’s HR Service Delivery solution include an inbuilt CRM database, automated workflow process, audit trail and advanced reporting functionality – making implementation and upgrades quick and painless, so organizations can reap its benefits right away.

Dovetail has developed a consumer-grade Employee Portal that facilitates two-way communication between HR and employees with features like FAQs, videos and infographics for real time engagement. Using this employee communications platform can reduce calls into HR by up to 50% freeing up time for more strategic activities while simultaneously increasing productivity.

Survey tool recently introduced by HR Services has already proven useful in improving employee experiences of HR Services by making feedback easier to provide. This has increased responsiveness of business while giving employees a sense that their issues are being heard and addressed.

Dovetail was named to the 2022 Gartner HR Tech Collection, which focuses on technology vendors providing solutions to effectively engage employees and manage workforces. This collection includes over 850 vendors that specialize in benefits, compensation, engagement, EORs/PEOs/PEO services/learning & development/talent acquisition.


ServiceNow boasts an array of features that make it an excellent solution for businesses of all sizes. Its enterprise-wide platform and low-code developer tools enable users to quickly develop complex workflow applications in minutes; its global ecosystem and extensive integration tools allow users to eliminate data silos for an integrated workflow; in addition, there is also a set of security tools and APIs provided to protect sensitive information.

Organizations using its unified platform can quickly realize an agile, cost-efficient, and resilient IT infrastructure. Its multiservice management includes software, hardware and network operations as well as monitoring performance for insight to ensure they are meeting business objectives as well as improving employee experiences for seamless experiences for improved productivity and employee experience.

ServiceNow can automate many tasks and processes, which reduces employee workload. In addition, ServiceNow enables managers to plan ahead for the needs of their team members by forecasting skills needed and resources required. In addition, it enables training plans and analyze results from these programs.

ServiceNow’s Utah release focuses on simplifying experiences and purposeful automation, and includes an ESG Management app which enables companies to credibly report against GRI 2021 standards.

Infor HCM

Infor HCM is a human resource management suite featuring comprehensive capabilities and an intuitive user interface, designed to promote employee engagement while providing one source for data that drives business goals and talent objectives. The software helps organizations meet compliance standards while protecting confidential information; flexible deployment options including software-as-a-service (SaaS) are available; this model helps accelerate implementation while decreasing IT costs while improving agility; it is also highly customizable.

Infor’s HCM suite boasts many features that enable budgeting, employee safety, onboarding, goal development, performance tracking and learning management for any employee in any location. It also includes talent science for greater insight. Both cloud and on-premise deployment options are supported while desktop and mobile device support is offered simultaneously. Infor people solutions may also be integrated to increase flexibility and simplify workflows further.

HR leaders using this software can make decisions based on scientific data that lead to improved workforce agility and higher return on investment, along with reduced costs from streamlining processes, automating manual tasks, and relieving administrative burdens.

infor’s HCM suite can help users gain predictive insight into their employees, identify top candidates for jobs and increase employee satisfaction – leading to better recruitment and retention efforts and ultimately leading to greater productivity and overall success for businesses of any size, from small startups to multinational enterprises.


Employee Relations Case Management software (also referred to as HR Case Manager or Labor Relations Management Software) is an indispensable digital tool that assists companies with overseeing, tracking and investigating employee relations cases. It streamlines employee grievance tracking while simultaneously decreasing risks for employment litigation; costs can also be cut significantly and overall employee experience improved significantly with this tool.

A central database for employee communication, documentation, and files allows HR professionals to quickly find information they need in an employment situation such as misconduct. Furthermore, sensitive data is protected with only those having proper permissions having access. This helps mitigate potential employment lawsuits due to employees claiming they weren’t adequately informed of workplace policies.

Streamlined processes not only save HR staff time and money, but they also boost employee morale by making life simpler for workers. This may range from managing schedules, PTO requests and FMLA accommodations themselves, as well as communicating directly with HR about FMLA accommodation requests and communicating about HR matters more directly. Furthermore, systems provide analytics and reporting, helping HR take an active role in engaging their employees more fully while increasing productivity.

Cloud-based systems allow organizations with dispersed workforces or those working from home during pandemics to access it from anywhere, while maintaining flexibility to support future growth. Our solution meets that need perfectly! It is accessible 24/7/365 via any web browser. It is ideal for organizations that rely on remote workers during pandemics as it provides instantaneous access from any location. Similarly, custom configuration can meet specific organizational needs while keeping future growth potential open and available.

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