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HR File Management Software

hr file management software

The top HR file management software provides centralized storage and quick communication to help keep important documents on track, while protecting confidential data during transit and storage.

PandaDoc boasts an array of features that make it an excellent solution for HR departments, such as templates and automatic approval workflows. Furthermore, this tool offers electronic signatures and cloud storage services.


eFileCabinet is an intelligent organization and workflow tool with an array of features designed to automate everyday tasks and provide snapshots of ongoing workflows for greater control and visibility. Additionally, this software integrates with other business apps as well as providing security and compliance tools – its most notable capability being its replacement of Windows’ file system with database storage – greatly increasing security and availability while restricting file-by-file access thereby protecting sensitive information from being altered unknowingly by intruders. Ideal for companies wanting to increase operational efficiency while adding customer value in addition to adding operational efficiency themselves!

This software is user-friendly and intuitively designed, making it suitable for people without prior technical experience. It includes OCR technology for accurate data extraction and improved search capability; additionally it enables folder templates that streamline document uploads as well as multiple forms of user authentication such as passwords, voice prints and facial recognition.

eFileCabinet can be deployed both cloud or on-premise and offers flexible pricing packages with different levels of storage. Additionally, its open API capabilities make it compatible with almost any business application; pre-made integrations include DocuSign, Salesforce and Quickbooks integrations are provided as well. In addition, live training for new employees, webinars and an extensive support library is also provided by this solution.


DynaFile is an HR file management software designed to assist HR departments in going paperless. The program simplifies processes through scanning automation tools, online file storage, cloud collaboration and a compliance toolkit, with its robust version control system keeping track of document changes.

The system allows users to easily create barcode cover sheets that can be divided up into document type sections or embedded directly onto forms, then when these are scanned, the software recognizes their barcodes and files them into appropriate folders and locations in an online filing cabinet. When users need a document quickly, they can simply use its metadata (indexing properties of document) for quick retrieval.

Scanning to Cloud software is widely utilized by some of the largest organizations such as Hyatt, Comcast, McDonald’s and Fidelity National Title. Beyond document storage and management capabilities, it also can automate onboarding processes and manage electronic signatures. DynaFile provides medium and large organizations with a comprehensive solution that enables them to efficiently go paperless within their entire department quickly. DynaFile provides unique scanning automation tools that quickly convert backfiles, while its powerful management features make it simple to organize information, retrieve documents instantly, and restrict access. DynaFile has also partnered with leading names in electronic employee onboarding (like iCIMS ) so completed onboarding forms can automatically publish into DynaFile database.


PandaDoc is a document management software solution that simplifies the creation, sending, tracking, and eSignature of documents across teams and departments. It makes an ideal tool for sales and marketing teams to quickly generate proposals, contracts, quotes and invoices while HR departments use it to streamline onboarding procedures. PandaDoc automates tasks while improving team collaboration while streamlining tasks as well.

The platform offers users templates to help jump-start document creation. These include business contracts, sales proposals and quotes – not to mention its content library that enables users to store frequently used material that can easily be inserted into documents and templates with minimal time spent retyping or replacing content inserted directly. In addition, its drag-and-drop and electronic signature features work together seamlessly, making creating professional documents quick and effortless.

Real-time tracking gives you visibility when documents have been reviewed and signed, helping sales teams and HR departments manage large volumes of paperwork efficiently.

PandaDoc offers many key features, including document management, eSignature integration and automatic email reminders to keep you organized and decrease the chances of missing important deadlines. Plus its integrations with CRM systems, CMS platforms and accounting apps make importing data from other platforms simple.

Zoho Docs

Zoho Documents is a cloud-based software solution that centralizes files and enables collaborative editing. Users can upload all types of files – even large ones – from any location. Furthermore, collaboration and device syncing is easy using this versatile platform that runs on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux computers, Android phones and iOS phones as well. With an intuitive streamlined user experience and robust feature set making Zoho Documents ideal for small businesses and remote teams alike.

This platform enables users to share documents in real-time with multiple individuals or groups in real-time, facilitating effective teamwork and project collaboration. Furthermore, file version control records all changes made to documents; an in-built chat feature enables direct communications among team members without leaving the application; and an integrated chat function.

Zoho Docs provides a range of text formatting tools that make creating and customizing documents simple, including paragraph editing tools which allow users to set indents, adjust line spacing and insert borders. In addition, Zoho Docs includes an extensive library of symbols and equations which makes creating technical or scientific documents effortless.

Zoho Docs stands out by supporting an extensive variety of file formats. Additionally, its desktop sync feature allows you to work offline while automatically synchronizing them when online – perfect for users who travel frequently or must create documents across locations.

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