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HR Lawyers Can Help You Comply With Employment Law

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Advice from an employment lawyer is vital in order to make sure that HR policies are up-to-date and compliant with UK employment law, minimizing risks of legal challenges. They may also help your organisation reduce any legal implications.

Macfarlanes LLP excels at handling sensitive litigation cases and business-critical litigation matters, in addition to large corporate transactions and workforce restructure projects.

Employment law specialists

Attracting expert employment lawyers is one of the best ways to protect your business against legal challenges that may arise in its operations. These specialists possess extensive knowledge in all areas of employment law ranging from drafting policies and contracts through to conducting investigations and managing complex disputes.

Lewis Silkin has earned praise for its impressive strength-in-depth across a full spectrum of contentious and non-contentious employment matters, from tribunal cases relating to discrimination, disability and unfair dismissal claims through to internal workplace investigations and worker status matters. Partner Caroline Noblet in particular has established herself as an authority on worker status issues.

BDB Pitmans specialises in life sciences, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors and reports an increasing demand for advice on global projects. BDB Pitmans stands out for its experience advising clients on cross-border transfers of staff as well as employment issues that arise during corporate transactions.

Dentons stands out as a top player in its field and is frequently called upon by financial institutions for complex restructurings and cross-border TUPE transfers. Dentons’ team also handles data protection, gender pay gap reporting and psychological safeguarding initiatives – with Practice Head Purvis Ghani leading his department alongside Virginia Allen and ‘Outstanding Associate Julian Osborn; their clients include several Fortune 100 and US multinationals.

Reduce the risk of legal challenges

HR managers face frequent decisions with legal ramifications that must be made on-the-spot, making employment law knowledge essential for their duties. Otherwise, they risk breaking laws or worsening situations by failing to follow proper processes and procedures and risk breaking them themselves – which in turn could cost their companies money, damage their reputations, or compromise the wellbeing of employees.

An HR lawyer can assist in developing and formalising policies that comply with UK employment law, such as remuneration, benefit arrangements, employee contracts and termination agreements. Furthermore, they provide advice regarding redundancies, restructuring and TUPE transfers. They also review disciplinary and grievance policies as well as draft documents for use during tribunal proceedings.

A properly written policy should clearly define who, what and why the policy applies as well as any relevant definitions and responsibilities or duties for its owner and monitoring and review processes. Regular reviews should take place to ensure your policies remain up-to-date and compliant with current legislation.

Parker Arrenberg Solicitors can assist with creating an HR policy handbook, offering sound advice and legal drafting that clearly communicates your rules to staff members within your business. They can also assist with its implementation and stay abreast of changes to statutory conditions/rights that affect it.

Save time and money

There are various HR policies required by law and recommended as best practice, including sickness policies for your business to outline its approach to reporting sickness and periods of absence; communications and IT policies pertaining to employee use of company-issued equipment; maternity/paternity leave policies outlining support during maternity/paternity leave and pay; redundancy policies outlining how they will be carried out, with employees’ statutory rights taken into consideration; etc.

By following employment law practices, businesses can save money by reducing employee turnover and the associated costs for employee relations management. Furthermore, adhering to employment laws helps maintain company reputation by decreasing legal challenges from disgruntled employees.

HR professionals that also act as lawyers can be an enormous benefit to businesses; as HR involves many legal compliance issues, having experience can give them a deeper understanding of the challenges their clients are up against. Furthermore, many HR specialists hold degrees in human resources management or labour-management relations which provides invaluable insight into your team and company culture.

They are there to support you

Human Resources policies and procedures are an integral component of any business with employees, providing guidance on management’s approach to employee issues, requirements that must be abided by, as well as providing protection from legal challenges. HR lawyers can help organizations draft, update, or amend these documents while offering training to in-house teams and guidance to increase overall efficiency.

An HR policy document typically details who the policy applies to, its purpose and any related definitions, as well as commitments from both executive owner and operational owner, how and who will monitor/review/test it (and when), procedures required, any consequences if breaching occurs and potential disciplinary actions that could ensue.

As an HR lawyer with expertise in employment law, your HR lawyer can assist both you and your in-house team with employee relations matters such as grievances, disciplinary investigations, reorganizations/redundancy decisions and applications, maternity leave applications and flexible working applications for ACAS early conciliations/DSARs as well as complex performance management matters and exits, including TUPE transfers/exits advice as well as contract of employment/settlement agreement drafting services and provide ongoing advice regarding UK employment legislation to ensure your policies and procedures comply with current legislation requirements.

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