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HR Management Software For Small Business

Finding an HR management software suitable for your small business takes careful research and user reviews. Look for something with features to simplify core HR processes while being user-friendly with budget-friendly pricing options.

HR software should enable employees to make adjustments themselves, saving both time and energy on behalf of HR teams. Furthermore, it should support communication among employees.


GoCo software offers small businesses a comprehensive set of features designed to assist with HR management. These features include employee records management, document management and eSignature capabilities. In addition, reporting tools allow users to organize, visualize and analyze data. Its user-friendly interface makes it simple for employees to navigate and use; additionally it comes with a mobile app so employees can access their data wherever they may be located.

One key benefit of this system is its ability to automate many HR processes, including new hire onboarding, performance reviews and promotions. Furthermore, its integration with payroll systems makes keeping track of deductions easy while its document storage and management system enables employers to store documents such as I-9s, W-4s or other crucial forms for employee management.

GoCo offers other HR features, such as centralized record keeping and PTO tracking; team directory/organization chart creation/manage; new hire setup that enables users to easily create custom paperwork/documents; overtime calculation/tracking via timesheet synchronization, plus overtime/holiday hours tracking automatically synced up.

GoCo provides an impressive array of features, but isn’t intended to meet all HR needs for small businesses with less than 50 employees. Users who require more sophisticated functionality should look into other solutions; GoCo remains cost-effective and ideal.


Connecteam is one of the top HR management software options for small businesses, and especially beneficial to those with remote employees. Its employee communication features foster open dialogue and accountability among teams located far apart; furthermore, Connecteam makes tracking training and development simple and manageable.

FlexPak features a flexible packaging and pricing scheme that enables users to select and pay only for features they require. The basic plan is free for up to 30 employees; an advanced plan costs $49 monthly and offers unlimited scheduling, geo-location time clocks and can even integrate with POS or workforce management systems.

Connecteam’s ability to automate workflows is one of its central strengths, helping HR managers save both time and resources by automating tedious HR administrative tasks such as payroll calculations or signing documents, as well as helping prevent errors and ensure regulatory compliance. This feature can prove particularly helpful when used for menial jobs such as payroll calculations or document signing, for example.

This all-in-one HR management tool is user-friendly and offers free trials to newcomers. In addition to offering robust functionality with mobile and tablet support and user-friendly functionality add-ons, this all-in-one tool does not require data migration processes like many competing offerings do.


Rippling HR Management software offers your HR team a suite of tools to streamline key processes, which reduces human error. Its user-friendly dashboard makes task assignment simple – create automated workflows to send tasks out automatically at just the right time for completion, making employee tasks simpler to keep track of, thus decreasing workload on HR team daily basis.

Rippling allows employees to participate in administrative processes, which helps the company reduce information errors and save HR staff valuable time. This feature is particularly helpful for smaller businesses without dedicated HR specialists on staff; furthermore, the system allows users to customize profiles and reports.

Integration module of LION allows HR teams to easily gain access to leading learning management systems for employee professional development. Furthermore, this feature offers tools that ensure compliance with labor laws – for instance automated alerts notifying HR of any possible violations.

Rippling offers an outstanding customer support system and website features a real-time status page to monitor how long it typically takes them to respond. This unique characteristic underscores Rippling’s dedication to transparency.


Paycor provides businesses with a complete suite of human capital management (HCM) tools for recruiting, onboarding and workforce management solutions. Their automated payroll and tax filing features save businesses time while data seamlessly flows between all Paycor products for employee compensation that ensures accurate compensation plans are in place at all times.

HR leaders at organizations can use the company’s unified platform to gain deeper insight into their organizations, which allows for more informed hiring decisions and an improved employee experience. For instance, its software provides analytics on headcount, turnover and compensation trends to assist managers with planning for future growth while simultaneously helping employees track their own goals and achievements real time.

Paycor provides not only payroll processing and management but also provides a host of other HR tools, such as employee self-service, compliance support, career development support and talent assessment tools. HCM features include an integrated timekeeping solution, robust compensation system and mobile application for employees – plus there’s even an extensive library of video tutorials and articles available through Paycor!

Paycor is designed for small businesses requiring a wide range of HR and payroll services, but may be too pricey for mom-and-pop outfits that only need basic payroll features. Paycor’s starter plan has a high monthly cost; additionally, its starter Small Business plan comes equipped with tools such as company chat and news that may not be necessary for smaller teams.

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