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HR Onboarding Software

hr onboarding software

Onboarding new employees can be time-consuming for HR teams. Contracts and paperwork need to be printed, reviewed and checked for accuracy before reminding newcomers to complete administrative tasks.

HR onboarding software solutions exist that can make this experience simpler for all parties involved, offering document management, automated workflows and electronic signature features to streamline onboarding processes and make onboarding experience simpler for all involved. These platforms may offer document storage and electronic signature capabilities.


HR onboarding software is an indispensable asset that allows organizations to simplify and automate the new hire process. Key features of such solutions include automated workflows, electronic signature functionality and integrations with electronic verification services. HR professionals also benefit greatly by creating personalized onboarding experiences for each employee that significantly boost engagement and retention rates.

As opposed to paper documents, HR onboarding software allows HR teams to save both time and money by eliminating the need for printing and organizing physical forms. In addition, digital workplaces allow employees to more easily find documents than physical forms do and provide a central location where employees can access self-service information. It even saves HR teams time by automatically creating and sending onboarding kits out to new hires reducing manual steps in the onboarding process.

HR onboarding tools are designed to improve the hiring process and ensure compliance. Such tools include applicant tracking systems, background screening services and performance management software. With these software tools at your disposal you will be able to quickly identify top candidates, track their progress and increase productivity – as well as increasing efficiency of onboarding processes and speed of new hires being brought up to speed faster.

One of the top onboarding tools available today is Innform. This solution is user-friendly and boasts many features to create an effective learning experience for new hires online.


HR onboarding software comes in many varieties. Some models cater specifically to small businesses while others can provide more comprehensive solutions that include recruitment and employee portals. Your best choice depends on both budget and business processes; many tools can integrate easily into existing tech stacks without disrupting workflow. This can save both time and money as switching between multiple apps becomes obsolete.

Some onboarding software providers are free, while others charge monthly subscription fees. You should consider how much it will cost to implement, maintain, and update the system; some companies charge per user with increased user counts receiving discounts while other are priced yearly increasing with time as your organization expands.

NEOGOV is an HR onboarding software with intuitive workflows that makes the transition for new hires seamless and increases productivity. Meanwhile, its functionality helps hiring managers manage candidate applications during interview processes as well as track their progress throughout.

Eddy is another popular HR onboarding software option, designed to automate and simplify all administrative tasks associated with hiring processes. Available in two tiers with features including e-signatures and application tracking capabilities as well as add-ons like payroll and benefits management capabilities, Eddy provides users with all they need for seamless hiring processes.


HR teams can save time by automating onboarding workflows for new hires, making the experience feel personal and building excitement for retention and performance. Plus, paper costs decrease, saving the company money!

Gamification can make onboarding more engaging and fun, increasing employee morale while simultaneously increasing productivity – contributing directly to company bottom lines. Furthermore, using gamification for assessment purposes allows companies to assess its effectiveness as an onboarding method while pinpointing areas requiring improvement.

When assessing onboarding software, it’s essential to identify features that will have an immediate impact on your business. When selecting an ideal solution for you and your employees, choose one which allows for customization according to company culture and needs; one which can easily integrate with common tools used in their daily work; one compatible with all major operating systems and communication channels like email, Slack and Office 365 is preferable – BambooHR offers such an approach – their user interface features powerful capabilities like electronic signatures and application tracking as well as two price tiers: free and premium versions!


HR onboarding software is a digital tool designed to streamline and optimize employee onboarding processes for HR departments, while simultaneously offering new hires a smooth transition. Top onboarding solutions often include features such as document management, task automation and digital forms for creating an efficient onboarding experience for both HR managers and new employees alike.

Document management features allow HR professionals to digitally store and organize essential onboarding documents, minimizing risk of misplacement. They also enable HR professionals to customize onboarding checklists and templates – helping ensure all essential tasks are completed on time. HR onboarding software typically provides integrations with electronic verification services as well as payroll and benefits management applications, to further ensure seamless onboarding processes.

Talentsoft, for instance, provides this functionality through intuitive dashboards and analytics. HR teams can then identify areas for improvement while making sure new hires receive proper support during onboarding.

BambooHR and Zenefits can offer businesses that use multiple offices an all-in-one HR platform that streamlines employee onboarding processes while also helping streamline processes and communications – making remote workers much simpler to onboard.

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