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HR Outsourcing Software For Small Businesses

hr outsourcing software

Specialized HR outsourcing firms can assist businesses with gaining industry-specific market access and commercial prospects. Furthermore, these firms can assist in the interpretation and processing of market information related to organizational processes.

Some HR outsourcing software providers offer stand-alone services such as safety consulting, small business payroll management and insurance and benefits distribution. Others can assist companies with global operations by helping navigate local laws and regulations for each state or country involved.

ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now is a cloud-based human resources management software solution tailored to mid-sized businesses. It includes payroll, talent management and time and labor management capabilities, along with employee self-service tools and analytics functionality to streamline business processes and boost efficiency.

Compliance management and reporting capabilities are also provided through this platform, assisting businesses with adhering to labor laws and regulations worldwide. A library of documents, templates and advice are also included as ways to stay abreast of evolving legislation.

ADP Workforce Now is an innovative software platform designed to assist businesses in streamlining their operations. As the name implies, its purpose is to act as the source for all data within an organization – an all-in-one HRIS suite providing workforce management, talent management, compensation management and detailed reporting and analytics features as well as seamless integrations through its Marketplace or APIs.


Bambee HR offers companies an all-in-one human resources management and software service with dedicated human resources managers and automated software, helping with employee onboarding, conflicts resolution, terminations, federal and state compliance matters as well as employee relations management and workplace culture guidance. In addition, guided payroll features may also be added on for an additional fee.

User interface of this platform is intuitive and user-friendly, featuring a left rail with tabs for tasks, HR manager chat, employee files, policy documents, performance reports and company support through phone, email and live chat.

Bambee HR stands out with its outstanding customer service record and comprehensive human resource management tools. Users of the software are able to track employee training compliance with mandatory standards like sexual harassment training and safety regulations, while its Smart Cabinet allows critical documents to be safely stored for retention purposes according to EEOC document retention requirements.

MSI Global Transformation Solutions

MSI Global Transformation Solutions is an HR outsourcing firm that assists businesses in setting up remote and international locations, and also assists them with understanding labor, payroll and tax regulations that apply across states or countries. MSI serves as an HR homebase for dispersed workforces.

Bambee is another HR outsourcing service for small business owners that offers an array of HR-related services. Their software integrates seamlessly with many accounting systems, offering 24/7 payroll portal access. In addition, Bambee boasts an online library containing policy templates and compliance tools as well as features such as e-signing capabilities and an online paperwork portal – all features available through Bambee’s 24/7 payroll portal.

Bambee stands out from other HR outsourcing services by employing dedicated human resources specialists on staff who are ready to answer questions and assist with specific issues for clients, making it easier to find solutions tailored specifically to meet each person’s individual needs. Furthermore, flexible plans can be purchased as needed.

Acadia HR

Acadia HR, with headquarters in Red Hook, New York and offices in Austin and Dallas Texas, specializes in human resources outsourcing solutions such as payroll processing, mandatory coverage administration, employee benefits management and labor law compliance guidance. They also offer customizable online portals for employee information management as well as support services.

Bambee, another popular HR outsourcing firm, provides all-in-one HR solutions for small businesses, with features like an employee self-report portal, digital policy templates library and access to expert HR staff available to answer questions.

This PEO and HRO stands out with features like comprehensive payroll service, risk management consulting and talent acquisition program – features which assist managers in developing high-performing employees. In addition, competitive salary packages that match other industry companies are offered.

Accenture HR

Accenture HR offers flexible business applications designed to meet the needs of an enterprise and increase its efficiency. Boasting robust functionality, these solutions enable companies to manage people data quickly and accurately while streamlining processes to minimize costs and costs overall. In addition, these solutions may also be utilized for other human resource functions.

Organizations can leverage the functional business apps provided by Humanity Apps to better migrate and convert data, customize HR operations to specific HR tasks, integrate with other systems for managing people and create a single, unified system to meet HR goals more easily and increase employee engagement.

HfS Research 2016 HR Operations in the As-a-Service Economy Blueprint Report recognized Accenture as global leader for multi-process HR outsourcing (MPHRO). Their unified business technology platform and service delivery model focus on driving business outcomes while their use of intelligent automation differentiates their quality and speed capabilities.


Insperity HR is an employee solutions company offering benefits and services to small businesses, making them ideal for companies that wish to focus on their core business while increasing profitability while remaining compliant with state and federal regulations. Formerly known as Administaff, Insperity features many features – an online portal to manage employee information like time and attendance records and compensation details, 401(k) contributions, insurance services, training courses – among others.

The Insperity PEO platform is user-friendly, featuring an employee self-service portal and mobile support for various platforms. Furthermore, this solution helps businesses reduce costs by outsourcing administrative and HR tasks to Insperity’s PEO platform.

Insperity PEO system is an excellent option for small businesses that need to outsource their HR and payroll processes. Their service representatives will assess your individual requirements before offering you a tailored quote.

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