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HR/Payroll Software Features

hrpayroll software

HR payroll software makes it simple for employees to keep track of their earnings, work hours and financial records. By eliminating paper documents and manual errors from tracking earnings and benefits management processes, this HR payroll solution saves both time and effort by automatically filing taxes and managing employee benefits.

Gusto provides month-to-month pricing and an intuitive platform. Their comprehensive HR solution suite features applicant tracking, performance management and PTO tracking – as well as features like applicant management.

Automated payroll processing

The automated payroll processing feature of HR/payroll software enables businesses to streamline payroll-related tasks while eliminating human error. It automatically calculates wages and taxes, pays government agencies on time and provides financial records; while also saving HR employees time they would otherwise devote to manual processes. In fact, for growing businesses using this solution may even help save on labor costs by helping avoid full-time payroll staff members altogether.

Deel payroll system makes payroll calculations much simpler by automating hourly pay calculations, overtime pay calculations and flexible payouts like travel. Furthermore, Deel supports multiple currencies and local laws to ensure compliance.

As there are multiple HR/payroll software providers available, it is crucial to do your research prior to choosing one. Request free trials and read customer reviews so you have an accurate picture of what each system offers. Ensure the product fits with your specific needs and fits within your budget, while being scalable with your business as it expands. Furthermore, ensure that integrations provide seamless experiences that cover every facet of your operation on one platform.

Employee self-service

HR payroll software that empowers employees to manage their own data frees up time for managers while decreasing error rates, while eliminating email chains, phone calls or unannounced drop-ins that slow processes down or increase compliance violations. Employee self-service (ESS) features are now standard in top HR payroll platforms like Namely and Paycom and allow employees to update contact info, direct deposit account details, beneficiaries as well as pay stubs and PTO records themselves.

Selecting the appropriate payroll software requires careful consideration of your business needs. When considering frequency of processing payroll, several providers offer biweekly and monthly options while some even allow same or next-day deposits. Additional considerations include whether the system should be cloud-based or on-premise as well as user friendliness of its user interface.

Check that HR payroll software allows for handling tax deductions and filings, tracking employee hours and attendance as well as mobile access for employees on-the-go. In addition, consider how easy it would be to integrate it with other business systems.

Time trackers and dashboards

Time trackers are essential tools for your HR department. These tools enable managers and employees to log work hours easily, which are then automatically converted to payroll or client invoicing information. Furthermore, time trackers provide invaluable insights into operations; for instance they can reveal where employees’ time is being spent unproductively so you can increase productivity.

Automated tax filing and payments should also be a top priority, making life easier for your payroll team and potentially saving them from expensive fines for mistakes in filings or payments. Many vendors also provide tax guarantees which cover any penalties that might occur from missed filings or payments.

Finally, opt for an HR payroll system with employee self-service capabilities. This enables your employees to modify their profiles, view pay stubs and request PTO directly through the system. Furthermore, annual benefits elections and important updates should also be notified automatically – helping reduce bottlenecks while giving employees control of their own data.

Opt for a system with granular user permissions to restrict unauthorized access. Furthermore, make sure it supports multiple languages and currencies to suit the global workforce you support as well as various payment methods like direct deposit and local bank transfers.


HR payroll software plays an essential role in creating essential reports, helping human resource managers and finance departments keep tabs on employee deductions, tax payments, and other pertinent financial data. Reporting also reduces compliance risks–especially beneficial for large organizations with multiple locations where employees reside. Some HR systems even come equipped with expense tracking capabilities so users can track and reimburse expenses quickly and easily.

Many HR payroll systems feature a web-based interface that employees can use from any device – including mobile phones – enabling them to access their data anytime, anywhere and reducing risk associated with storage and faxing documents as well as loss or theft of information. Furthermore, this feature enables employees to update or make changes directly.

An effective HR payroll system must support multiple languages and currencies, which will assist businesses in expanding globally. Furthermore, an embedded payment feature that facilitates global transfer payments should also be present so as to meet international banking regulations. Finally, its user-friendly interface must allow each employee to customize it according to his/her individual preferences.

If you need an integrated HR software solution, Justworks could be an ideal choice. Unlike Gusto and Paychex, which act as co-employers on behalf of their client companies, Justworks acts as co-employer and handles every aspect of your workforce including providing a dashboard to track employee activities as well as training courses and flexible time-off arrangements.

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