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HR Policies and Employment Lawyers

An effective HR policy provides managers and staff with clear direction on how to address workplace issues, helping to avoid legal challenges while meeting UK employment law compliance.

Each policy typically has both an executive owner and operational owner who are committed to its implementation; in addition, any definitions and monitoring/review procedures will also be addressed within it.

Employment law specialists

Employment lawyers work in various organizations, such as law firms, government bodies and in-house legal or HR departments. Their duties cover non-contentious (advisory services, research and drafting), contentious (defending or bringing claims related to employment issues) as well as HR issues like maternity leave/pay arrangements/redundancy procedures/business transfers etc.

Experienced employment lawyers are an invaluable asset to any HR team, providing legal expertise that ensures your policies comply with UK employment law and reduce the potential risk of legal challenges that could have negative repercussions for your organization in the future. This will also reduce potential impacts to business operations in future legal challenges that might come your way.

An employment attorney will be able to offer expert advice on the best ways to manage your employees, such as conducting performance evaluations or disciplinary proceedings. They can also assist with preparing employment contracts and help navigate complex matters like post-termination restrictive covenants or discrimination laws.

If you need an employment lawyer for your HR team, visit TotallyLegal for support. This site features a comprehensive database of available jobs within this field of law.

Support for your HR team

HR teams help their companies abide by employment laws and foster an inclusive workplace culture. Their responsibilities include maintaining employee records, identifying skill gaps for hires, offering training opportunities for staff and creating and defining company policies. HR may even be asked to resolve workplace disputes or investigate harassment complaints – or act on both as required.

HR managers historically maintained an open-door policy and offered direct support to employees. Although this remains an integral component of their work, most HR duties now are undertaken through digital channels.

Modern HR services are designed to be efficient, with multiple tiers of service delivery. Tier 0 allows employees to self-serve through portals or knowledge libraries; if this fails to solve issues they can move on to Tier 1. If issues cannot be solved at Tier 1, Tier 2 involves elevating an issue with one of the HR shared services team specialists who may also belong to HR business partners or centres of excellence and offer expert assistance.

HR staff can also facilitate access to training programs that will hone workers’ skills and increase their chances of promotion within the company, helping to identify a career path aligning with workers’ individual interests as well as dealing with worker relations issues such as workplace bullying or sexual harassment.

Legal advice on employment issues

A well-drafted HR policy can protect a business from legal risks by creating a clear way to handle people management matters and eliminating uncertainty among managers and employees alike. Before any new or amended policies are put into action, they should first be reviewed by a specialist lawyer to ensure they comply with legal regulations; additionally it’s wise to consult one before making decisions that could have an effect on workforce, as communications with legal advisors are protected under legal advice privilege.

BDB Pitmans London team has built up an outstanding reputation among financial services firms for its ongoing HR support and transactional matters, such as restructuring/reclassification projects. BDB’s London team also excels at handling disciplinary/whistleblowing matters; Practice head Christopher Fisher boasts an exceptional record defending discrimination claims.

Eversheds Sutherland’s team of corporate lawyers is widely acknowledged for its expertise in complex corporate transactions with employment elements, such as mergers and acquisitions, carve-outs and joint ventures. Clients include national and international businesses in technology and life sciences sectors – particularly major national firms with headquarters based outside their home countries. Nicola Whiteley serves as key contact for non-contentious work such as team moves or strategic advice.

Up-to-date HR policies

HR professionals must remain abreast of all laws and regulations that influence human resources management, creating internal guidelines that take these into consideration. Furthermore, they should know how to respond in the event an employee files a formal complaint or lawsuit.

HR departments may have access to sensitive personal data like tax and social security numbers, health records, phone and email numbers, employment contracts and related details that must be protected in accordance with privacy and data protection regulations. This data must be protected to maintain compliance with privacy laws.

HR policies serve as a crucial way to provide structure, clarity and expectations regarding how various employment-related issues, challenges or opportunities will be managed while mitigating legal risks to the company. These can include matters such as discipline issues, termination notices, leave requests, workplace harassment complaints and workplace bullying cases. HR policies can often be found in employee handbooks, standard operating procedures or company intranets.

Language used in an HR policy should be clear and comprehensive in covering every possible scenario, while HR teams must interpret these policies correctly and consistently, communicating them to employees clearly. HR must also train their colleagues how to apply and enforce these policies to create an environment which fosters fairness, justice and legal compliance for all workers in their workplaces.

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