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HR Policies and Practices of Asian Paints

Asian Paints is one of the best-known home improvement and decor brands. Additionally, they also make an impactful statement in the Kitchen and Bath fittings markets.

As the company expanded, a need to professionalize HR processes and practices became evident. Given employee complexities, industry dynamics, and poaching of key talent, having a common language to discuss people-related matters was of vital importance.


Asian Paints stands as one of the leading decorative coating companies worldwide and regards its employees as its most valuable assets. To fulfill their goal of enriching people’s lives through artful coating solutions, the organization has fostered an environment built around values like trust, fairness and care that shows in how it treats its employees, dealers and consumers.

As the company expanded and diversified, a need arose to protect this asset by creating a common language for human resource decisions and processes. Leaders had to have the skills and conviction necessary to recruit talent while being flexible enough to adapt to changing workforce dynamics.

The new competency framework had to be clear, easy and consistent with the leadership principles of the company. Furthermore, it should apply across all businesses; currently the existing one was specific to certain functions which limited employee movement into newer or generic roles.

Amit was seeking a solution that would enable him to conduct consistent assessments of candidates and make informed hiring decisions. He needed an instrument that could identify key competencies required for business success, align them with company values and enable efficient performance management.

Training & Development

Amit Jain, an award-winning business school graduate and expert in talent acquisition and management, joined Asian Paints 19 years ago as a management trainee. An enthusiastic individual, he quickly found success and advanced through the ranks quickly. Over time he would often hear people around him voice concerns regarding HR practices that did not always align with company policies, even though this did not seem to bother him as much – something which started bothering him after repeated complaints were being voiced from within his team.

Thus, he decided to organize an LCF workshop for all of the company’s Vice-Presidents and General Managers with the goal of familiarizing them with its principles so they could then pass it along to their subordinates.

The workshop was an extraordinary success and participants were extremely satisfied with its training methodology, design and overall experience. Moving forward, similar workshops will be conducted across all levels to provide employees with adequate information regarding company policies.

The company holds developmental feedback sessions for all employees on an ongoing basis. Managers use these meetings as an opportunity to share best practices and highlight strengths within their teams. Furthermore, internal competitions are held regularly within the company to recognize and reward performance.

Performance Management

The paint company boasts an exceptional supply chain management system. Managed by an extensive team of professionals, its operation spans from collecting raw materials to major distribution. This process takes place alongside its manufacturing facilities, regional circulation centers, outside control centres, partners and distribution branches – making this brand one of the leaders in its global market.

As well as improving operational efficiencies, the company aspires to become more energy-efficient through developing green processes and adopting eco-friendly initiatives. In order to accomplish its goals, new approaches are always being generated; also fostering strong customer relationships is integral in order to develop superior services and products.

As their company expanded in size and scope, there was an urgent need to streamline sourcing and contract management processes. Ivalua’s Supplier Information Management, Sourcing and Contract Management solutions proved indispensable; helping reduce cycle times while increasing transparency while ensuring compliance with sourcing policies.

Asian Paints remains resilient despite raw material inflation and sourcing issues, taking calculated price hikes to protect margins. While its margins may recover in time due to competition and demand pressures, Asian Paints should focus on growing market share quickly in the short-term in order to sustain profitability.

Compensation & Benefits

Asian Paints stands as an exceptional homegrown company that has fostered and produced many leaders, which was showcased at NHRDN Bengaluru’s monthly meeting through a panel discussion featuring some of these individuals discussing how they have progressed through its ranks.

Jalaj Dani, second generation scion of one of Asian Paints’ founding families and now an entrepreneur; Amitabha Sinha who spent much of her career at Asian Paints; Ashish Dikshit of Madura Fashion & Lifestyle and Sundaresan Arumbakkam from JSW Paints each shared how their time at Asian Paints allowed them to develop into effective managers with sound practices.

One key factor that contributed to their rapid development was how Dikshit says their company thrust them headlong into risk-taking early on in their careers, encouraging them to take calculated risks early on in their careers and gain operational fitness while learning the nitty-gritties of execution.

Another aspect was that the organization believed in rewarding people for their contributions and practiced transparency and strong communication, thus helping retain talent while competing effectively in the market. This proved essential in maintaining employee retention.

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