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HR Policies and Practices of TCS

hr policies and practices of tcs

TCS is a global leader in digital transformation. Their purpose is to connect businesses with one another while providing exceptional customer service.

HR departments must remain alert to external influences that can have an impact on employees, including new channels for sourcing resources and developing plans for gig workers as well as policies that promote diversity, equity and inclusion.

Employee Relations

TCS HR policies serve as an employee behavior guideline, including how they should avoid discrimination, harassment and unfair treatment of others. TCS encourages open communication among employees and management and has a diverse workforce which supports employee engagement for maximum productivity and morale.

TCS HR department is responsible for upholding its company culture, which employees have given an average rating of C. TCS has implemented various policies to safeguard employee wellbeing such as those related to sexual harassment, racial discrimination and disability accommodations – helping protect workers against sexual exploitation or exploitation by unscrupulous companies.

TCS maintains an expansive anti-bribery policy that applies to all directors, associates and business partners. It prohibits accepting bribes or gifts of any sort and outlines an investigation procedure should any incidents of bribery arise. Furthermore, money laundering or financing of terrorist acts are forbidden activities within its borders.

TCS’s anti-bribery policy is an integral component of its corporate governance practices. The leadership team takes a proactive approach to this issue and boasts an outstanding track record of compliance, helping build its worldwide reputation of integrity and trustworthiness while adhering to the Tata Code of Conduct helps preserve brand value while upholding probity in every jurisdiction where TCS conducts business. TCS also enforces a zero tolerance policy regarding tax evasion.

Performance Management

TCS provides its employees with a comprehensive performance management program, including goal setting and continuous monitoring, to maximize employee productivity while aligning individual goals with organizational priorities.

Supervisors and employees can utilize this system to communicate openly about work-related matters. Furthermore, it allows an opportunity for developmental goals to be set if required and to plan training or career advancement plans. Furthermore, supervisors can utilize it to monitor trends in employee performance as well as spot areas that may need improvement.

Managers need to provide timely feedback and recognition. A great way of doing so is with an online tool called Kudos, which enables employees to recognize each other’s achievements and thank them for their hard work – this can boost morale while motivating employees to work harder!

An employee-care services (TCS) supervisor can use this tool to monitor an employee’s progress and develop an improvement plan together with them. Ideally, this process should involve both of them working collaboratively towards its completion.

Recently, our company revamped its performance appraisal system by ditching the traditional bell curve model that segregates good, mediocre, and poor performers into three groups. Instead, they’ve adopted an approach which encourages high levels of performance while being more flexible and agile; an endeavor which will require extensive HR support for it to work successfully.


TCS is a leading IT company that truly values its employees, striving to create an enjoyable work environment and offering opportunities for growth. Their policies support flexible work schedules with family benefits. Furthermore, TCS boasts an exceptional learning and development program.

TCS’ Human Resources function is responsible for overseeing the strategic management of its people. An integral component of TCS’s leadership team, HR helps align business strategy with workforce needs. Furthermore, its HR function plays a pivotal role in creating an exceptional workplace culture within TCS.

Additionally, the HR function ensures that the company complies with all employment laws and regulations. Furthermore, employee satisfaction monitoring and regular evaluations to identify areas for improvement is also performed through surveys and analyzing performance data.

TCS HR leaders have been hard at work to support their employees during this pandemic. They have created a virtual engagement team and organized weekly webinars to foster employee wellbeing and connect the workforce. Furthermore, an employee assistance program allows employees to access medical services, therapists, lawyers and accountants as well as introduce new health benefits that promote healthier habits while decreasing stress.


Training and development practices implemented at our company aim to enhance employee performance, improve corporate culture and provide soft skill trainings such as communication and teamwork; as well as hard skills like IT knowledge and customer support. Furthermore, learning resources like podcasts and webinars help employees keep abreast of industry trends and new technologies.

TCS not only offers learning resources to its employees, but it also provides benefits like access to Udemy and LinkedIn Learning for free as well as health insurance coverage. TCS’s commitment to diversity and inclusion encourages them to participate in events like TCS Digital Explorers – this unique one-week work experience program has reached hundreds of young people throughout UK and Ireland over its lifetime – with employees being encouraged to donate money or time directly to National Emergencies Trust and Irish Health Service Executive with matching donations made.

TCS recruits new hires through an application and written test process that involves online submission and written examination, followed by interview with one or more members of the HR team (typically phone and video interviews). After which TCS will make an offer to the candidate if their background check passes successfully.

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