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HR Policies For Interns

hr policies for internship

HR departments deal with large volumes of paperwork related to employment, recruitment and remuneration details, so learning organisational skills will enable interns to store and access these documents more efficiently.

Human Resources interns should assist HR staff with various administrative tasks, such as preparing and sending offer and rejection letters to candidates, gathering market salary information and designing new compensation packages.


Interns do not possess the experience that full-time employees do, which necessitates thorough and targeted intern onboarding procedures similar to those followed when hiring permanent staff members.

Before interns start their new roles, it is vital that their orientation agenda and resources are communicated clearly to reduce anxiety and foster excitement about their new experiences.

Also important: assist interns in setting up their workstations and becoming acquainted with company equipment and software. Appoint them a work buddy who can answer questions and provide training; finally assist with HR paperwork such as employment terms, tax documents and any related matters.

Even though this might not be part of their job responsibilities, this step can greatly enhance their internship experience. Making them feel valued and appreciated ensures they get the most from their internship experience.

Staying in contact with your interns during their internship is also key, not only assigning tasks and offering feedback; this involves genuine concern for their success and offering insight into how your company can support them achieving their career goals. It’s essential that this communication remains transparent and honest so as to not make them feel burdened or pressured into working harder than needed.


Offboarding processes are essential when working with interns, as this gives you the chance to ensure they understand the expectations as their internship ends, discuss next steps, and explain any company policies they might not yet be familiar with.

HR interns are responsible for screening resumes and applications, gathering market salary information, planning company events, designing offer/rejection letters/emails to candidates, responding to internal staff inquiries regarding HR policy matters as well as responding to internal staff inquiries regarding HR policy matters. To perform effectively in these roles, they must possess excellent organizational, time management and analytic abilities, while working both alone or as part of a team, possess good interpersonal communication skills as well.

When interns have concerns, it’s best to first communicate them to their ELT or DH and attempt to come up with an acceptable resolution together. If necessary, an escalated request can be submitted directly to an XO ELT member for review and resolution.

Interns may take vacation and leave requests during their internship, provided that they inform both DH(s) and ELT(s) ahead of time and provide a weekly report. They must also adhere to Hatch Act policy; in particular, providing interns access to physical files containing PHI as well as sharing drive access for electronic files containing PHI is strictly forbidden.


No matter if your interns are working remotely or in-office, it’s essential that you implement check-in procedures for them. This will help ensure everyone stays on the same page and that progress towards goals for the internship can be measured accurately; plus it gives interns structure to work within and ensures they feel connected to their supervisors.

Your intern’s tasks and projects will depend heavily on their position; be sure you know exactly what is expected from them. For instance, an HR internship involves providing administrative support such as answering employee inquiries and maintaining documents. Furthermore, an intern may gather market salary information, design new compensation packages and even draft offer and rejection letters for employees.

Your candidate for intern must be motivated to learn all there is to know about your organization, so make sure they receive plenty of opportunities for feedback on their work. Studies demonstrate that interns who receive positive reinforcement increase productivity and effectiveness more than those who don’t.

Other practical tips for your remote interns include creating accounts on platforms you use for communication and meetings, sending any materials they might need such as maps of the office or lists of logins for logins as well as guides on workplace etiquette.


Early on in an intern’s experience it is essential that feedback procedures be established. These should include an effective process for soliciting and receiving feedback as well as an evaluation schedule for midpoint and final assessments. Supervisors should ensure interns understand their performance management structure as part of this.

An internship policy provides interns and supervisors with clarity regarding how the program will function, including which HR duties (such as data privacy or anti-harassment policies) pertain to interns compared to which do not. A clear policy also clarifies how managers may request interns as well as how both intern and supervisor will check in regularly both with each other as well as HR.

As a human resources intern, you’ll gain the chance to expand your knowledge of the industry while developing useful skills that could propel your career. If your ultimate goal is full-time employment, make sure your internship experience is rewarding by paying close attention to every detail – it could make the difference in getting hired!

As part of your HR internship experience, be prepared to research HR best practices, case studies, labor laws and compliance standards in order to gain extra knowledge that will benefit both you and the HR team in gathering market salary data and designing new compensation and benefits packages. Furthermore, it would also be advantageous if you could compose offer/rejection letters/emails/messages directly to candidates during this internship period.

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