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HR Policies of Accenture PPT

hr policies of accenture ppt

HR policies can help ensure a company operates effectively by setting guidelines for employees and helping them navigate through tough situations. Furthermore, these policies help ensure all employees are treated fairly.

Before finalising your policy, ensure it is shared with members of your organisation so they may identify any errors and omissions within it. Doing this may provide valuable feedback that may allow for improvements to the document.

Code of Conduct

Accenture has established itself in six Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries since 1991 and boasts extensive experience advising international and local financial institutions alike. Our capabilities in CEE include consulting, SI&T and outsourcing for complex transformations, M&A related work and multi-industry financial group strategies – just to name a few of them!

Legal Disclaimer: This document is confidential and proprietary to Accenture, and must only be disclosed, duplicated or used without the express prior written approval of Accenture for DCH evaluation purposes. This applies to any instructions, information or materials given directly or indirectly by Accenture to DCH.

Leave Policy

If employees require time off work, it’s essential that their employer provides them with an effective leave policy. The policy must clearly state how many sick and vacation leave days are available per year as well as any unused days that they can carry forward into future years. This ensures they get exactly the amount of leave needed for personal needs or health.

At any point in time, HR policies may change due to business decisions, current events and market and industry trends affecting them in some way. Therefore, it’s crucial that your HR policy can adapt easily with these changes.

An effective policy title sets the scene and context for its contents, so it must be clear, concise and user-friendly. Furthermore, it should provide answers to employee inquiries regarding specific processes and procedures as well as be easily understandable by all employees – both newcomers and veterans alike.

An effective HR policy includes more than just the Code of Conduct – it should also provide guidelines for employees wishing to leave. These will enable the company to adhere to labour law regulations and follow correct procedures when terminating employees or processing resignation requests.

Performance Management Policy

If your company is looking to strengthen its employee management system, updating your Performance Management Policy might be just what’s needed. A well-crafted policy will help achieve business goals while keeping employees happy and engaged – studies have even indicated that companies with engaged employees and customers experience 240% greater business outcomes compared to those without such engagements.

HR policies must be written so they are simple for employees to understand and adhere to, with clear consequences if any regulations are broken. Furthermore, HR departments should provide training sessions for new managers on how to effectively implement them.

Accenture recently made headlines for implementing an excellent HR policy when they decided to end their longstanding performance review system, which pitted employees against each other and was ineffective as technology and client needs changed constantly. Their new system is much more agile with immediate feedback mechanisms in place and an internal app for communication purposes.

The new system will also focus on informal feedbacks as an effective form of human resource management, giving employees a way to keep tabs on their individual performances and increase overall effectiveness while making it simpler to track progress towards meeting organizational goals.

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