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HR Policies of TCS Company

TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) takes its employees’ health and wellbeing seriously, with a dedicated HCM center of excellence offering thought leadership, niche consulting expertise and reusable assets.

The company provides other benefits, including adoption leaves for same-sex couples – an innovative policy which highlights their dedication to diversity.


TCS’ recruiting practices are well-known for their rigorous selection procedures. Candidates who meet age, education and work experience criteria are then offered positions at TCS; once accepted they must then complete various paperwork and join formalities before beginning work. This process may take up to one month; therefore candidates should prepare accordingly – writing an engaging resume and cover letter will increase chances of being shortlisted while it’s also wise to highlight any certifications or projects which demonstrate technical expertise.

Recruitment at TCS can be challenging and competitive, but with preparation job seekers can stand out from the competition. The first step to stand out from the pack is submitting an online application – candidates must ensure all required fields are filled out correctly or their application may be disqualified. Once applicants have passed screening and written rounds they can expect a call from an HR representative with more details about next steps.

TCS maintains strict policies against sexual harassment in its workplaces worldwide. This policy covers board directors, employees, recruitment partners, clients, third party vendors, contractors and interns. Furthermore, the company does not permit associates from receiving gifts from family or others outside TCS.


TCS encourages its employees to acquire new skills that will keep them competitive in the digital business, both for themselves and for TCS as a company. Doing so helps employees remain billable and increase chances of promotion. TCS offers training programs such as workshops, online courses and mentoring programmes which develop technical expertise as well as improve quality of work delivered; additional offerings cover customer centricity and lean methodologies.

TCS is using agile to revamp how it measures performance, manages learning and development and budgets for recruitment – creating more flexibility in its recruitment strategy.

TCS is using cutting-edge training methods such as micro-learning and flipped classrooms to accelerate the speed and accuracy of training across its global workforce of over 436,000 associates, which will allow it to respond quicker to changes within its business.

TCS provides its employees with an exceptional employee assistance program to assist with lifestyle, personal and financial concerns. Employees have access to private healthcare professionals and debt advisors as well as a virtual engagement team that hosts weekly live webinars on relevant subjects for employees.

Performance Management

TCS is an internationally-recognized provider of information technology consulting, services, and business process outsourcing that delivers solutions to customers worldwide. Their customer-centric approach and flexible global business practices help organizations operate more efficiently while creating more value. TCS forms part of India’s Tata group – one of the largest business conglomerates.

Tcs is changing the way it evaluates employees by moving away from bell curve evaluation and revamping its appraisal model, to give employees a more holistic picture of their performance. They are also engaging with workforce planning as part of workforce strategy planning processes and being more flexible with hiring budgets in order to avoid spending unnecessary funds on competencies that may not be needed in the near future.

The company is taking steps towards adopting a just-in-time hiring model. Previously, mass hires from campuses would sit idle until assigned projects came up for review – this new strategy allows the firm to be more responsive to client demands while matching up resources with business requirements.

TCS employs a zero tolerance policy regarding sexual harassment, providing all employees with training on it. This policy is strictly implemented at all TCS locations worldwide and board members, employees, recruitment partners, and business associates are encouraged to report any violations without fear of retaliation from TCS.


TCS operates under a performance-based pay model designed to reward high performers and motivate employees, increasing employee productivity and driving competitive advantage. Recently however, they came under criticism for their decision to reduce variable pay for certain employees; many employees thought this move would hinder their future career opportunities as it led to high attrition rates and even damaged its image as an IT firm.

TCS also maintains a comprehensive code of ethics and conduct, which all TCS directors, employees, recruitment partners, business consultants, interns, ACE Associates third-party vendors suppliers or service providers and clients must abide by. It prohibits offering or accepting any direct or indirect bribes or corruption; TCS employees must notify relevant authorities immediately of any suspected cases of bribery or corruption they come across.

TCS has implemented several family-friendly policies, such as flexible work schedules and maternity leave, that have allowed employees to choose when and how they would like to work, thus decreasing overtime work requirements. Furthermore, TCS has initiated a Leave Donation program where employees can donate their leave hours towards coworkers with personal issues as a gesture of appreciation for hard workers in the organization.

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