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HR Policies of TCS

hr policies of tcs company

HR policies at TCS are the rules governing employee relations. Their purpose is to ensure that all the company’s goals and ethical values are being upheld by each employee in their work together.

TCS maintains a comprehensive whistleblower policy which permits its associates, board directors and clients to report any form of misconduct within its ranks. Furthermore, TCS adheres to its Code of Conduct which defines its business ethics.

Compensation structure

TCS’ compensation structure combines base salary with incentives and additional benefits such as healthcare coverage and retirement plans. TCS stands out among other companies by being both competitive and transparent about how it determines employees’ pay packages.

TCS also provides training for its new hires. This includes both an initial two-month induction program and just-in-time training geared towards specific project needs. This approach helps TCS retain its competitive advantage and equip employees with all of the skills they require for effective job performance.

TCS actively fosters a positive work culture. Employees are encouraged to pursue careers that reflect their personal values and interests, with policies helping foster an atmosphere conducive to high-quality performance from employees and management alike.

TCS, as a global organization, is committed to following the law and engaging in ethical business practices. Their policies include an anti-bribery policy which applies to employees, directors, clients, contractors and interns worldwide; its goal is to prevent bribery operations globally while safeguarding TCS’ reputation and business. Furthermore, no gift exchange between TCS employees and third parties is allowed or encouraged.

Health and wellness

TCS employees prioritize health and wellbeing, offering them a variety of benefits to stay healthy such as on-call GP services, mental health awareness sessions and remote working reskilling opportunities. Furthermore, the company provides free medical insurance schemes as well as cashless facilities at selected hospitals; its MediBuddy app allows employees to claim reimbursement for medicine bills or hospitalization expenses and up to Rs.6000 of domiciliary allowance per year that’s reimbursable upon submission of relevant bills.

TCS’ wellness initiatives focus on encouraging lifestyle changes and healthier choices, including a private medical healthcare service allowing associates to consult directly with doctors and nurses, while its virtual engagement team hosts regular wellness webinars. Furthermore, its Purpose4life program facilitates employee-driven volunteering initiatives within TCS that create opportunities to connect with each other as well as the wider TCS community.

TCS’s health and safety policies are grounded in its Tata Code of Conduct, which is followed by all its Board Members, Associates and Clients. This policy serves to safeguard TCS workers, clients and business associates as well as upholding TCS’s reputation of probity and honesty – it applies globally with offices all over the world; employees should report any workplace hazards or breaches of ethics code promptly.

Training and development

TCS places great emphasis on developing its associates to their fullest potential, offering training and development programs centered on its vision and values that include career development, mentoring, leadership training and business knowledge acquisition. Furthermore, financial support for educational training courses as well as flexible work options for new parents is provided within its policies and programs in order to foster diversity within its workforce.

TCS training and development policy covers all directors, associates, clients, contractors, interns and third party vendors working for TCS or its subsidiaries. In addition, its anti-bribery and corruption policy applies in each location that TCS operates and must be adhered to by all associates as well as being compliant with applicable local laws and jurisdictions in which TCS operates.

TCS invests 4% of annual revenues into Learning and Development, to develop its competency capital across cutting edge technologies and domains. TCS also works to enhance its leadership abilities through career hubs and the Inspire program; further promoting a culture of excellence among associates through its QAG process – consolidating complaints before conducting root cause analyses to identify opportunities for improvement.

Performance management

TCS places great emphasis on employee performance management. Their proprietary system tracks and evaluates employees’ work while offering coaching and support, along with opportunities for career advancement and development through innovative programs designed to develop skillsets and increase productivity. TCS boasts an expansive agile workforce of 545,000+ agile ready associates committed to continuous learning and innovation.

Climate change initiatives undertaken by the company and award winning community work across the globe have earned it recognition from leading sustainability indices, with them also receiving the highest possible rating from an international research organization for corporate governance practices.

Tcs is one of the leading IT firms in India with more than 540,000 employees spread globally. It provides business process services like BPO, RPA, CRM and customer experience management as well as managed services and IT consulting. TCS leads in automation technology with one of the world’s largest digital workforces.

TCS has been recognized as a top IT services provider in North America and the UK, winning the 2022 Microsoft Large Supplier of the Year Award through their partnership with Microsoft and technology expertise. TCS partnered with Phoenix Group – UK’s premier long-term savings and retirements provider – to digitally transform ReAssure business using TCS BaNCS technology, and opened TCS Pace PortTM Pittsburgh; TCS’ fourth global research and co-innovation hub following Tokyo, New York and Amsterdam.

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