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HR Policies of Wipro Company

hr policies of wipro company

Wipro company’s HR Policies offer employees a comprehensive set of guidelines for employee activities designed to achieve both individual and organizational objectives.

The Company strictly forbids employees from engaging in any illegal activities using its name or engaging in any activities which violate any laws or regulations.


Wipro, an international IT service company headquartered in India, specializes in IT services, consulting and business process outsourcing for companies of all sizes across many industries such as education, financial services, manufacturing and telecommunications. Established presences span 40+ countries while employing more than 150,000 staffers at Wipro.

Wipro’s compensation policies are tailored to attracting and retaining talent, offering competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits packages, opportunities for career growth and work-life balance options. Wipro also offers performance-based incentives and bonuses as well as providing employees with access to its Provident Fund (PF).

Wipro requires applicants for employment to first pass its resume screening process and be successful. Once passed, successful applicants will then take an online test before having an HR interview and technical interview with their hiring manager.

Successful interviewees of Wipro will be offered employment. The company offers housing, transportation and meal allowances; also stock options to employees. Furthermore, Wipro takes its commitment to sustainability seriously by setting a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions target and working closely with global communities on various society building initiatives.

Performance Management

Wipro is committed to providing superior services while ensuring employees are well-trained, competent and productive. This goal is achieved through ongoing training programs that support employee development. Wipro also offers rewards and benefits so employees feel satisfied while at work.

Wipro employs a policy requiring employees to be fair, ethical and responsible when dealing with customers, vendors and co-workers. Employees should avoid all forms of conflict of interest and disclose them immediately to their managers; furthermore they must never act in such a way as to harm Wipro or any of its business activities.

Wipro strongly expects its employees to support and uphold the freedom of association as guaranteed by law. Respecting and not interfering with this process are integral parts of working for Wipro and we expect our employees to support it at all times.

Wipro prohibits employees from making corrupt payments to gain or retain any commercial advantage, and all employees must understand the distinction between bribery and “facilitating payments”, where small sums may be exchanged in order to speed up administrative actions.

Wipro maintains a policy requiring employees to avoid discussing confidential information with competitors, including sales strategies, pricing policies, contract terms, costs, inventories, market share allocations or any other proprietary or sensitive material. Furthermore, making false or misleading statements regarding competitors, their products or the companies’ performance is strictly forbidden.

Training & Development

Wipro recognizes the importance of personal growth to employee success. They regularly offer training sessions on leadership skills, communication techniques and technical knowledge; Wipro also encourages their employees to take advantage of external learning opportunities like conferences and seminars as well as courses offered through Wipro University. Finally, Wipro offers competitive benefits packages including health insurance premium payments plus an onsite medical facility as well as free transportation for their employees.

Wipro does not tolerate any form of harassment – be it physical, verbal, psychological, or any other – in its workplace or on company property and encourages employees to report any suspected incidents to its HR department immediately. Furthermore, Wipro prohibits using drugs and alcohol at work or on company property and prohibits their use if an employee has an addiction that affects job performance.

Employees of Wipro must abide by all applicable laws and regulations as well as be committed to conducting business ethically when dealing with customers, suppliers, partners, competitors and fellow employees. Employees should avoid even the appearance of bribery or corruption.

If an employee suspects unethical conduct from another colleague, they should immediately contact the COBCE. Employees should never attempt to influence or inform individuals directly involved, which could jeopardize an investigation and result in potential disciplinary actions against that employee.

Employee Welfare

Wipro believes that its employees’ well-being is the cornerstone of its success, offering various benefits to help them balance both personal and professional lives, such as paid holidays, extended maternity leaves and health insurance for employees and their families. Furthermore, there are various discounted loans such as housing loans, personal loans and vehicle loans available as well as an in-house counseling programme called Mitr.

Wipro’s policies on employee welfare are grounded in ethical values and an unwavering dedication to integrity. As a company, Wipro strives to remain free from corrupt and illegal practices, and requires its employees to do likewise. They must also abide by anti-corruption and bribery laws in all countries in which it does business, cooperating fully with audit and investigation professionals without providing false or misleading information or misdirecting investigations in any way.

Wipro is taking steps to foster a mental wellness culture that prioritizes whole-person wellbeing through its robust wellness programme and behavioural spotting program, designed to equip leaders with the knowledge and tools to identify signs of emotional distress in their teams and normalise the perception that only weak people seek psychological assistance.

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