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HR Policies of Wipro Company

hr policies of wipro company

Wipro encourages an environment in which each employee is treated with dignity. Our commitment is to providing an inclusive workplace free from discrimination on any basis including gender, race, religion, caste status sexual orientation or political affiliation.

Wipro prohibits sharing confidential or proprietary materials with competitors unless it is allowed by established Company procedures. If there are any indications of theft or misuse of Company property, immediately report this activity to your supervisor.


Employees enjoy various benefits that help them strike a healthy work-life balance, such as healthcare, paid time off and retirement plans. Furthermore, there are various training programs and career development opportunities offered at this company as well as an open door policy where employees may voice any issues or express any concerns that they have with regard to company operations or employees are encouraged to report any breaches that violate legal or ethical standards that help ensure legality and ethical compliance within it.

The Wipro Code of Conduct prohibits verbal and physical conduct that disrupts the workplace or creates an intimidating, offensive, abusive or hostile environment. Furthermore, it outlaws activities which cause workers to fear injury or death as well as stalking and other forms of harassment, in addition to activities which damage its reputation as well as those of customers, suppliers or third parties. It further requires employees to respect privacy of others as well as refrain from inappropriate or illegal online postings.

Keep in mind that even when employees do not intend to violate the Code of Conduct, violations still may happen unknowingly. It’s also essential to report any suspicion of theft or misappropriation of Company property (this includes sharing passwords or confidential data), theft or misuse. Violations of this code of conduct could even result in criminal charges and loss of employment.

Training & Development

The company provides employees with access to an array of training programs to develop their skills and increase performance. These courses encompass hard and soft skills training as well as industry specific courses. Employees may also participate in external learning programs or conferences to broaden their knowledge base, while senior leaders and mentors offer insight.

The Wipro Foundation strives to make a significant difference in the lives of underprivileged children through providing education, health care and nutritional support services. Furthermore, their goal is to promote environmental sustainability and economic development as well as support women living in developing nations by offering financial aid for educational or vocational training purposes.

Wipro Foundation also offers scholarships for students from lower income families. Their scholarship program seeks to encourage talented young people with science and engineering interests from poor families to pursue careers in science and engineering and contribute to the country’s economy by way of science or engineering fields. Successful applicants are selected based on resume, online tests and technical interviews before receiving scholarships that cover tuition costs as well as living expenses stipends; their stipend policy has led to several legal cases being brought against the foundation for violation.

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is more than a passing trend – it’s essential for creating a productive and healthy workplace environment. Employees who can prioritize their personal lives while remaining engaged at work tend to increase productivity and morale significantly, leading to greater productivity and morale across the organization. Companies can foster this balance through flexible scheduling policies, wellness programs, or any number of other benefits packages available for employees.

Maintaining the ideal work-life balance can be challenging in today’s connected world, where employees may find themselves working outside normal office hours, becoming attached to their devices while on vacation or spending time with family – leading to stress, burnout and burn-in. Employees with poor work-life balance are also more likely to take sick days and report health concerns more frequently.

Organizations seeking to ensure employees enjoy an optimal work-life balance must understand the unique needs and preferences of their staff members. Weekdone Team Compass, an engaging tool allowing managers to connect more personally with their teams, can be used to pinpoint areas for change – for instance by surveying how content your employees are with their work-life balance or level of engagement within their roles – or create customized engagement templates designed to promote positive behaviors within your organization.

Performance Management

Wipro strives to foster an environment which upholds its core values of Integrity, Excellence, Innovation, Care & Respect in order to assist employees with understanding how they should act towards each other, customers, suppliers, business partners and the public. Furthermore, this culture enables employees to identify, report and address any potential issues promptly.

Wipro has implemented various performance management programs designed to increase employee satisfaction and productivity, such as mentoring, retraining and upskilling services that help employees perform more efficiently. Furthermore, a rigorous performance appraisal process is carried out regularly in order to align its workforce with Wipro’s strategic priorities and the requirements of clients.

Wipro sought a solution that would enhance its business processes while cutting costs, and support their ongoing efforts of customer value delivery. Partnering with Software AG to implement a digital workflow platform unified digital workflow platform. Employees now use one interface for submitting service requests; employees communicate and share files among themselves easily through this system – this has greatly increased staff morale, reduced costs and enhanced overall operations as well as developing better understanding of employees needs while offering appropriate levels of service delivery.

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