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HR Policies – The Foundation of Your Company

company hr policies

Human resource (HR) policies form the cornerstone of any company. Employees must abide by them to maintain a productive work environment and avoid potential lawsuits in case of issues in the workplace.

When crafting HR policies, it’s crucial that they are written effectively. Official documents must be easy for everyone involved to comprehend.

Employee Handbook

Your employee handbook provides your company with an opportunity to clearly outline all its policies and procedures in one document for new employees to read as soon as they start work with your organization. A good employee handbook should address such topics as at-will employment status, compensation plans, workplace safety protocols and technology use policies; where employees can lodge complaints regarding personnel or job conditions (generally HR department); complaints filing procedures as well as where complaints will be directed (typically HR department).

Consider including in your employee handbook a section outlining all of the benefits you provide to team members such as health insurance, vacation days and worker’s compensation. Remote workers should also receive reimbursements, stipends or allowances for equipment and software purchases. In addition, outline any policies or regulations affecting compensation such as pay deductions, overtime hours worked or Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) requirements in your employee handbook.

An essential section in any employee handbook should include guidelines regarding company-owned property, such as computers, phones and other devices owned by your company as well as information composed or sent on its behalf – these belong to it! Depending on local laws you may also need to include policies regarding equal employment opportunity and anti-discrimination as part of this section.

Performance Management

HR departments of companies can support managers with performance management by setting up an organized and transparent feedback mechanism for employees to provide feedback on their work. An effective performance management policy encourages both managers and employees to be open and honest in communicating, leading to healthier overall company cultures that lead to stronger business performance, such as increased revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

Performance management often begins by setting goals and objectives for an upcoming period, often bi-annually, and then periodically reviewing employee progress throughout the year against these objectives. This assessment process is known as performance appraisal.

UKG provides an all-in-one workforce management platform, from surveys to performance and compensation management; SAP SuccessFactors is an advanced talent management solution which can raise employee engagement; Workday HCM is a top human capital management system which handles payroll, recruiting, time tracking and more; while Visme provides content-authoring tools which make creating custom performance review cycles much simpler by offering templates, checklists and self-assessments for every review cycle.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is one of the key skills a human resources department should teach their employees. Being able to work well with others, reconcile emotions and reach an understanding is invaluable for professionals in all types of careers – from office jobs to in-field positions that require teamwork.

Conflict resolution generally begins by gathering all parties involved and engaging them in a neutral setting to exchange opinions, listen actively, ask pertinent questions, establish accountability measures and try and understand each person’s perspectives; empathy comes into play here too – for instance a human resource manager could ask both supervisors and subordinates how they view one another’s viewpoints.

Once all parties involved in a conflict have voiced their opinions, the next step in conflict resolution is finding solutions that can benefit all. Brainstorming and exploring tradeoffs among issues are essential in this phase, while it’s also essential that a conflict resolution style be identified, usually an agreement which allows both groups to maintain their perspectives while meeting each other halfway.

Conflict resolution should always be approached as a collaborative effort, showing both parties you care about finding solutions that suit them all and strive to bring about peace and happiness for all involved. Collaborating will also help prevent personal attacks or accusations which could escalate later and result in more problems down the road.

Workplace Safety

Contents of a workplace safety policy will depend on your industry and business type, but should provide guidelines on how employees should report work-related injuries or illnesses, receive medical treatment in an emergency situation, train on safe working procedures, stay healthy while working, and how you are held responsible for overseeing workforce safety. Ideally, this policy would also specify who is accountable for maintaining and monitoring employee safety.

Sexual harassment policies are an integral component of HR guidelines at any company. With the #MeToo movement’s rise to power, it has never been more essential that companies create and implement policies to define harassment and how employees should react if they experience such behaviors in the workplace. Adopting and enforcing such measures will reduce liability risks, safeguard employee rights and foster an inclusive work environment conducive to productivity, creativity and lawful working conditions.

Establishing HR policies can be an arduous task, yet necessary for employee happiness, manager trust and legal protection of your company. To save the HR team valuable time in creating these policies, investing in an electronic document management system that will digitize and store employee files securely will free them up so they can devote more time to HR tasks. Access Unify can streamline employee document workflows with ease so you can efficiently manage paper and digital HR documents with ease.

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