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HR Record Keeping Software

hr record keeping software

Many HR software buyers our advisors have worked with prefer subscription packages that charge per employee per month, regardless of model chosen. Many organizations require core functions like onboarding, payroll processing and performance reviews as part of an HR software solution.

Zenefits, another HR record keeping tool, stands out for its employee directory and user-friendly tools, in addition to offering add-on services at transparent prices that help simplify people management.


Management of human resources departments can be an arduous task. There’s paperwork involved as well as various tasks that need to be completed quickly – this can take up much of an HR team’s time, lowering employee morale and delaying payroll processing. But there are ways you can streamline this process to make life easier for them and their HR team.

One way of accomplishing this goal is through an HR record keeping software solution that automates payroll processes and reduces paperwork. Such a platform securely stores employee documents and information digitally, so employees can easily access it at any time – this makes the entire process simpler for all.

Not only can these systems simplify payroll, they can also assist with tax filing and talent management. Many feature recruitment tools that enable users to post job listings and manage candidate applications. Furthermore, resume storage capabilities ensure candidates with pertinent experience can quickly fill new positions when necessary. They even feature user restriction capabilities to ensure only relevant individuals view sensitive employee stubs or W2 forms; you may even archive or purge records as necessary.

Time Tracking

Organising employee records securely can save your company both time and money while increasing productivity. Factorial’s HR document management solution makes this possible by offering one secure online portal where all records can be stored and managed easily – easily upload any changes in employee personal details or contact information while the system automatically generates paystubs or makes PTO requests as well as having an inbuilt reminder system for important dates such as performance reviews or document destruction.

Employees are more productive when their work processes are clear and transparent. This enables them to stay focused on their tasks, prioritize more efficiently, and prioritise more efficiently. Time tracking also highlights areas for improvement by showing whether certain projects or activities require too much of their team’s attention.

The top HR software solutions offer a range of features, such as time and attendance tracking, scheduling, benefits administration, performance review tracking and more. Their software is also designed to automate and centralize these functions, saving HR teams valuable time while meeting industry regulations. Other key features include user restrictions, data views search capability purge rules which delete sensitive employee records as well as purge rules which help your employees perform their jobs more efficiently. All these components make up an HR management solution which is both intuitive to use and helps your employees do their jobs more effectively.


HR software automates many of the manual record keeping and computation processes typically undertaken by human resources departments on paper, to save time, reduce errors, and make the entire department more efficient.

HR management systems make it easier to comply with employment regulations, stay current on worker safety laws, fair labor practices and anti-discrimination issues, store employee records safely and manage access rights so only authorized personnel have access to sensitive data. Security measures include audit trails to provide a record of who accessed what documents when.

Employee records can also be easily accessible to employees using an online portal, making it simple for them to see their own information, plan vacation days or request time off without needing to ask the HR department for this data.

HR software requires some initial investments in hardware and a one-time set up fee, but will likely more than cover itself through reduced paper, printing, storage and staffing expenses as well as reduced administrative expenses. Furthermore, the software helps eliminate costly mistakes by increasing accuracy in information presented. Furthermore, automating processes reduces risk by making sure sensitive data does not get mishandled by employees.


HR software (commonly referred to as “software as a service”) assists human resources departments by automating manual processes and organizing employee information in one central place. A well-chosen solution can assist companies with tracking data, hiring talent efficiently, running payroll efficiently and supporting employees to increase productivity and retention rates.

Performance monitoring should also be an essential feature when shopping for HR software systems, providing a framework for setting goals and conducting employee evaluations as well as identifying areas for improvement and helping small businesses find solutions best tailored to their teams’ skills and strengths.

Other key features to look out for in an HR management software system include applicant tracking and recruitment capabilities, which can save companies time on administrative work while drawing in top talent. A solid applicant tracking system can automate and streamline the recruitment process by screening resumes, scheduling interviews, and onboarding new hires seamlessly.

Employee document management systems help companies manage compliance and security by centrally storing all records on one searchable platform that can easily be searched or accessed. It is crucial that such a system enforces record retention schedules as well as offering complete audit trails in case of litigation or investigations, while flexible user restrictions such as prohibiting clerical users from viewing supervisor files should also be provided for.

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