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HR Review Software

Human resources teams rely on HR review software to effectively organize employee records, track time off requests and oversee payroll – as well as engage in strategic activities like talent management.

With its robust features and easy implementation process, BambooHR stands out as one of the premier HR tools on the market. Users can create automated workflows and streamline HR processes quickly and effectively. Plus, its simple setup can be completed within weeks!


BambooHR is an intuitive human resources management system with intuitive tools designed to enhance employee experiences. Offering free trials and two plans that enable businesses to customize features and add-ons according to individual business requirements – Essential offers basic features like employee record systems and time off management; Advantage offers advanced features like full service payroll processing as well as third-party app marketplace.

BambooHR assists managers with increasing performance by offering automated, personalized feedback and an overview of employees’ evaluation statuses. This feature is particularly beneficial to companies that employ remote workers or employees with multiple jobs – it makes tracking progress over time much simpler! Furthermore, BambooHR offers various reports to keep companies informed, such as compliance, absence, and productivity status updates.

BambooHR’s applicant tracking system (ATS) makes managing hiring easy by screening applicants quickly. Users can customize it with specific questions or requirements and even send email invitations directly from it. When an individual has been hired, changing their status to “hired” allows all their information to flow directly into BambooHR without duplicate data entry.

BambooHR also allows administrators to set alerts for important dates like birthdays, benefit eligibility deadlines and license expirations dates; in addition to setting custom permissions for managers and administrators.


Gusto provides small businesses with an all-in-one solution that streamlines payroll, taxes, and HR for easy administration. Their award-winning software is user friendly and features to increase employee engagement. Plus they feature a robust employee self-service system where employees can view paychecks and tax documents, request time off online and update personal details online! Gusto also provides flexible plans tailored specifically to the needs of different businesses.

Gusto offers four plans with different levels of service and functionality, such as its Simple plan offering full-service payroll for one state with basic HR and onboarding features, while their Plus subscription allows employers to automate payroll in multiple states while providing access to project management tools, workforce tracking features, special permission settings, an HR resource center as well as certified HR professionals for assistance with complex processes or questions.

Gusto goes beyond payroll by offering an applicant tracking tool that integrates with job posting sites and filing employee W-4s and contractor W-9s for tax return filing purposes. In January, W-2s are also distributed. Gusto also offers workers’ compensation integration, saving businesses both time and money by providing extra hours paid overtime to hourly employees while tracking workers’ comp costs to ensure compliance with local and federal laws.


Rippling is a human resource information system (HRIS) designed to manage payroll administration, employee benefits administration, applicant tracking and learning management – as well as an intuitive platform and extensive integration capabilities – in an easily adaptable package for any business. Rippling makes HR processes simple to automate while streamlining other processes such as job postings, employee onboarding processes, compliance training requirements and reporting needs.

Rippling’s cloud-based software and self-service features are easy for employees to access, making their management’s job less onerous. Plus, Rippling integrates with over 500 third-party applications like communication solutions and LMS tools – great for growing businesses that anticipate expanding beyond a PEO model! Furthermore, its month-by-month workers’ compensation options make Rippling ideal for expanding businesses that anticipate moving beyond an PEO model.

Rippling’s customer service offerings include live chat and email support as well as an extensive online help center. Furthermore, its real-time support status feature demonstrates how long it will take a representative to address an issue; live chat customers may request a callback from an HR expert.

Rippling offers a flexible quote-based solution, enabling users to pay only for services and features they require; however, its lack of standard subscription plans may dissuade some from opting in.


Trakstar is an employee appraisal software solution designed to assist organizations and HR professionals in tracking employee performance, collecting feedback, setting goals and conducting reviews. This system features various functions suitable for small- to large-scale businesses in many industries and includes user-friendly templates that can be personalized according to your organization’s specific requirements.

This platform also enables a customizable review form that can be shared among all of your employees and managers, with email reminders ensuring everyone gets an opportunity to provide feedback. Furthermore, real-time tracking features enable real-time feedback collection allowing smarter decisions with data that drives action.

Trakstar stands out from competing tools by its ability to identify high performers, flight risks and underutilized talent. Its learning management and applicant tracking tools help employees build up their skills so that they are more productive at work or even qualify for promotions; its workforce analytics can also identify key indicators of employee retention and satisfaction.

Trakstar makes performance evaluation easy for managers by streamlining and automating its processes, setting and tracking employee goals with ease, scheduling reviews on a regular basis and not being lost in busy times of year.

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