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HR Software for Manufacturing Companies

hr software for manufacturing

Manufacturing companies require HR software that can adapt with their industry. By investing in next-gen digital platforms, HR leaders can drive greater employee productivity and prepare their workforces for what lies ahead in terms of work.

Payroll management in manufacturing companies can be complex due to union dues, shift differentials and piecework payments. Utilizing an HR system that streamlines these separate payroll processes makes managing them simpler while helping avoid errors.


An HR software solution can play an invaluable role in recruitment and onboarding processes. By automating tasks and providing candidates with mobile apps to complete inductions, policies and update personal details via, it saves time while making new hires feel welcome from day one with tailored onboarding experiences that provide an engaging welcome.

Online HR software often features an applicant tracking system (ATS) designed to streamline the hiring process. Managers can use an ATS to post job listings and accept applications while meeting regulatory and legal compliance. Furthermore, an ATS may manage interviews, reference checks and background checks – an essential function.

As manufacturing businesses rely on contingent workers to access hard-to-find niche skills or augment existing staff, such as contractors, gig workers, temp agencies and part-time employees – including contractors, gig workers, temp agencies and part-time employees – managing their compensation, schedules, shift swapping performance can be an arduous task requiring sophisticated workforce management (WFM) technology that eliminates manual spreadsheets while simultaneously enabling managers to communicate more effectively with employees outside the office environment.


Your company’s requirements will determine which HR software best meets its needs. To make the selection process more manageable, identify must-have and nice-to-have features as a way to help narrow down options that suit you team and think ahead about how this software will support future goals.

An ideal HR system should provide tailored and customizable analytics that can enable timely decisions that help to boost performance against KPIs. Furthermore, it should allow you to look back through data as a future performance guide.

Manufacturing HR teams need the ability to oversee absences and requests for leave. An HR solution with automated leave management enables employees to request vacation and sick days quickly and easily.

An effective HR suite can help your company navigate the challenges presented by an increasingly tight labor market and fill any skills gaps in order to keep production flowing smoothly. An HR platform should integrate recruiting, employee onboarding, performance management and front office functions such as background checks and direct deposit in order to help eliminate workforce bottlenecks.


HR teams must oversee employee attendance, shift schedules and hours worked. This is especially critical in manufacturing companies where workers often operate production line jobs that demand strict adherence to production schedules.

An effective attendance policy encourages punctuality and promotes a healthy work environment. A fair and reasonable policy also supports equal treatment among employees as managers can hold everyone to equal standards. HR leaders can draft an accessible policy with manager input so employees understand its contents quickly.

Unplanned absences can be disruptive to manufacturing schedules and harder to detect than longer absences. HR software designed specifically for manufacturing can assist HR teams by tracking employee attendance with features like built-in Bradford factor scoring and heat maps that highlight trends over time, providing HR teams with information they can use to reduce absenteeism, make better scheduling decisions and ultimately increase employee satisfaction and productivity while simultaneously improving efficiency by cutting overtime and short notice absences and streamlining time tracking and payroll processing.

Performance Management

Manufacturing businesses demand precision in production. Therefore, this industry requires HR software with employee management features to support productivity and safety compliance. Such systems automate workflow, reduce manual effort, streamline decision making processes and support recruitment of talent for recruitment processes as well as workforce, performance and learning management systems.

The ideal HR software for manufacturing should be cloud-based and offer flexibility to align with an organization’s business drivers. It should offer easy integrations and feature social collaboration tools that improve communication among employees, and offer access to employee documents and data from any device.

To ensure the new system is well-received, it is crucial to gather feedback from key stakeholders prior to unveiling it. Doing this can help employees feel more at ease with adapting to it more easily. It is also crucial that changes be implemented gradually: schedule meetings during lunch breaks or morning work hours where employees can ask questions and receive explanations; consider gathering groups of employees from diverse positions for testing purposes as a way of testing out and offering their feedback about it.


Manufacturing companies must abide by a variety of laws and regulations, from worker’s compensation regulations to workplace safety requirements. HR software makes compliance simpler by automating processes and guaranteeing accurate data.

Compliance requirements for manufacturing businesses also require the recording and storage of employee records, so HR software is a useful way to track, store, and quickly access information needed by management. This helps reduce liability risks while simultaneously increasing efficiency and productivity.

Folks is here to help with these challenges by providing an accessible HR software solution tailored to manufacturing environments. We offer features designed specifically to ease employee onboarding, conduct performance reviews more effectively, streamline payroll processing or simplify HR administration – our platform has everything you need. Plus, its secure compliant hub ensures compliant document exchange backed up by an industry-leading Customer Success Team ready and waiting. Get started now with your free trial with no credit card necessary.

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