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HR Software in Dubai

hr software in dubai

HR software in Dubai is an HR management solution designed to automate and streamline the HR process, such as employee record keeping, attendance/leave management, recruitment management and payroll and compliance issues.

Peniel Technology’s ELATE HRMS is an enterprise-ready system designed for modern companies that eliminates manual carryout. Easily customizable features meet different company demands in Dubai while helping businesses meet stringent labor regulations.

Zoho People

Zoho People is an integrated HR solution that includes talent acquisition and onboarding capabilities. This system helps companies manage their employees on one unified platform for an exceptional employee experience while adhering to regulations while automating many HR-related tasks for reduced HR workload. Employees can track their performance against goals set by management while getting help from their team when needed.

Zoho One is a cloud-based service that provides users with multiple tools for increasing productivity and collaboration across teams. Users can create HR policies and training presentations as well as communicate with teammates through chats and dedicated channels; all features available on all devices in multiple languages. Zoho is widely known for developing enterprise-grade business apps suitable for companies of any size.

Zoho offers a comprehensive suite of human resource management apps and tools in the cloud, from payroll and accounting to project management and collaboration. Their 45 apps range from payroll and accounting through payroll automation and collaboration software to project management apps such as Task Tracker Pro. With more than 10k employees worldwide and investing heavily in research & development via Zoho Schools of Learning program, they serve customers from more than 30 countries with tools that promote communication and productivity while entry-level tools are affordably priced or free for limited users; advanced recruiting & onboarding features can be added at reasonable monthly rates – complete solution!


When selecting HR software for your business, it is essential that you carefully consider its features and functionality. Selecting an HR system with these qualities in mind can help automate and streamline HR processes while saving both time and money in the long run. It should meet employee requirements while complying with local laws; price and customer support should also be considered when making this choice.

Bayzat provides businesses in the UAE with an all-in-one HR software solution, making HR management simple. Featuring innovative technology that centralizes HR functions such as time and attendance tracking, payroll administration and employee benefits administration – its user-friendly interface makes Bayzat accessible even without prior experience with HR technology.

Choose the appropriate HR software in Dubai is key for any successful business, enabling you to better manage your workforce and ensure compliance with UAE labor law. There are numerous vendors who provide this type of software; the top providers will offer free demos that show exactly how the software operates.

Cloud-based HR software from this company helps companies effectively manage data, attendance and insurance for employees as well as recruiting, performance review and training programs. Furthermore, it can track employees’ time and attendance to increase employee happiness and ensure compliance with UAE labor laws while creating a safe work environment.


Humantiz stands out as an exceptional HR software solution in Dubai and UAE, with everything needed to manage employees and payroll – an ideal option for businesses in this region. Furthermore, Humantiz offers a free trial period so you can decide whether it suits your business perfectly.

One of the easiest and most reliable ways to assess an HR system’s effectiveness is through its user experience, such as ease of finding information, processing speed and the capability to customize its platform. It is essential that any HR system chosen be straightforward for both employees and managers alike.

PeopleStrong offers an e-HR solution tailored specifically for large organizations looking to streamline and automate day-to-day HR management tasks and processes in order to help you focus on employees and future expansion of the business.

GreytHR offers a comprehensive suite of features. As an HR software solution that’s popular with companies of all sizes, its intuitive streamlined design makes it simple for users to navigate and reduce paperwork – an excellent solution for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Furthermore, it is very affordable with comprehensive inclusions and excellent customer support services.


PeopleHum offers an all-in-one HR management solution with an impressive variety of features to meet the requirements of any business. Its unified platform streamlines processes, breaks down silos, fosters collaboration between HR partners and employees, reduces frustrations and fosters more efficient work environments for employees and partners. PeopleHum listens to its client requests while responding quickly with customer support requests – its comprehensive tools cover everything from hiring, payroll processing and expenses for easy administration.

This platform also offers a robust learning management system with customizable training modules, learning paths, and assessment tools. In addition, its OKR module supports shared objectives with dashboards for tracking performance monitoring as well as employee progress tracking – which is vitally important to workforce optimization.

SignMe document signing tool allows users to digitally sign documents and manage them, while its Chatbot feature provides pre-boarding, onboarding and employee queries support, while serving as a valuable communication tool in the workplace. Furthermore, its platform features a document vault to eliminate paper storage needs.

Darwinbox is a cloud-based HR technology provider offering an enhanced mobile-first experience for its HRMS software Dubai users. Their HR Voicebot, Advanced Talent Analytics, Candidate Shortlisting and OCR expense scanning all offer seamless employee engagement at every point from hire-to-retirement.

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