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HR Software in Malaysia

Malaysia’s premier HR software can reduce manual workload and promote company expansion. These systems feature core HR management features such as payroll, workforce tracking and employee self-service as well as performance and learning related tools.

Worksy is an all-in-one system designed to make HR management easy. Its user-friendly platform offers employees self-service options and one place where they can access information and manage their time efficiently.


Payroll, the process of compensating employees for their work, involves calculating salaries, tracking time and attendance records and recording leave balances for an entire team. A Malaysia HR software solution can automate these processes to minimize errors while increasing efficiency; furthermore it helps track employee information such as tax deductions/allowances as well as ensure compliance with statutory regulations such as EPF/SOCSO etc.

Automating payroll processes or streamlining specific functions are both feasible with top-rated Malaysia HR solutions, but finding one to suit your business goals and budget can be daunting tasks. Make a list of requirements, then compare pricing and features until you find the ideal match for your organization.

GreatDay HR’s central platform and self-service tools make it simple to handle all aspects of human resources in one application, from recruitment and onboarding through performance evaluation and leave administration. Simplified workflows and automated processes streamline every employee lifecycle step from recruitment and onboarding through performance review and leave administration. In addition, this solution includes applicant tracking system capabilities, remote workforce management tools, learning management system functionality as well as multilingual support – plus you’ll enjoy real-time payroll reports to make more informed decisions for your organization!

Time & Attendance

Many employees work in multiple locations or remotely and must clock in/out using various devices to record attendance records, but it can be challenging to interpret this data into usable attendance records – potentially leading to inaccurate payroll and overtime calculations that result in overpaying or underpaying employees.

An HR software Malaysia offers companies an effective tool for streamlining employee management processes and improving accuracy, eliminating paper punch cards and manual data entry from operations, reducing absenteeism and labor costs while automatically calculating overtime and allowances, offering features such as geofencing to allow employees only clock in or out at specific locations, etc.

Unified HR solutions also enable employees to request leave and check their balance at one time, helping to avoid overpaying employees and cutting administrative tasks time down significantly. Furthermore, GreatDay HR’s powerful analytics engine reveals hidden workforce trends while its Performance Management module takes an innovative look at employee performance by using customizable feedback templates with automated review cycles for Performance Review Cycles; additionally a learning management system enables tracking employee progress towards goal progress whilst GreatDay HR offers remote workforce management tools and self-service tools which give employees access to all their HR needs under one platform! Finally GreatDay HR’s remote workforce management tool and self-service tools give employees access to all their HR needs from one platform!


Make employee leave management easier with ZingHR, the top HR software in Malaysia. Featuring an intuitive user interface, ZingHR makes tracking and approving leave easy, monitoring employee attendance, handling performance reviews and employee self-service leave application from mobile devices – as well as automatically updating leave balances for every employee, decreasing HR workload while increasing compliance.

No matter whether it is managing people, payroll, time and attendance or performance management – cloud-based hr software in Malaysia will save time and money by automating HR processes. With its robust reporting and analytics features that help make informed decisions about workforce composition. Plus it easily integrates with other systems while offering multiple levels of employee support!

Swingvy, a cloud-based HR management solution, was designed to offer comprehensive HR support and empower employees. Its user-friendly interface makes it simple to navigate and use, and includes customizable widgets. Furthermore, Swingvy features performance and attendance reports which can be printed or exported in Excel format for printing or exporting purposes.

Attain compliance with local employment laws such as EPF, SOCSO and EIS statements with this hr software in Malaysia. With its user-friendly interface and automatic calculations, this solution lets you pay your team quickly. Furthermore, its remote working features support and timesheet tracking features provide employees a quick way to check on their progress.

Performance Management

HR software can be an invaluable resource in the workplace for managing many aspects of employee performance, from improving team efficiency to better understanding employees’ strengths and weaknesses and making informed decisions about the future of the company. HR managers may use HR software as a valuable tool in improving team effectiveness. HR software also gives managers more insight into employee strengths and weaknesses which helps inform decisions regarding its future growth.

Employing the top HR software in Malaysia allows companies to effectively oversee all aspects of human resources processes. From payroll processing and leave management, to feedback loop improvement and error prevention, HR software makes managing human resources processes much simpler for teams in Malaysia. Plus, using HR software makes data organization and access easier!

Some of the top HR software in Malaysia provides employee self-service and performance tracking features to enable employees to view and manage their own records as well as submit requests directly to supervisors, thus helping businesses lower administrative costs while increasing productivity.

HR tools can also help organizations foster an inclusive workplace culture by offering clear communication and recognition channels, and developing remote work opportunities for contract, temporary and part-time workers – by merging existing HR data with financial factors to form a more complete picture of enterprise progress.

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