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HR Software Packages For Small Businesses

hr software packages for small businesses

HR software enables human resources staff and employees to streamline processes, save time and eliminate errors. It includes tools for payroll processing, applicant tracking, performance monitoring, compliance assurance and employee self-service.

BambooHR provides comprehensive HR technology in one centralized platform, featuring applicant tracking system, people analytics, approval workflows and standard automation features.


HR tools should feature an intuitive UI that’s simple for all to navigate on desktop and mobile. Furthermore, there should be good documentation and customer support services as well as free trials to allow users to assess how effectively the package works before paying.

ClearCompany provides small businesses with a complete HR platform that includes time tracking, labor compliance, employee self-service and document management. Furthermore, this solution also enables customized employee onboarding processes as well as white label career portals with customizable onboarding processes – plus workforce planning analytics which allow for strategic plan creation!

Gusto provides small to midsized companies with comprehensive human capital management (HCM) solutions, including payroll and benefits administration services. Gusto also features automatic alerts and reminders, e-signatures and remote access via Android and iOS apps; plus supports various payroll schedules/rates, tax filing requirements and multiple payment methods.

Time Tracking

Time tracking software packages can assist small businesses in monitoring employee work hours more easily and managing team productivity more accurately. They also give small business insights into team productivity levels and help estimate future projects accurately. From simple stopwatch-style tools to more sophisticated ones, there are plenty of time tracking solutions that can meet all your needs.

Timeular is one of the leading time tracking apps, offering a seamless user experience and multiple ways of tracking work. Automatically track time spent on apps, docs and websites as well as billable or non-billable tasks (and can even record periods of inactivity for efficiency identification purposes).

FreshBooks is another option, providing automatic time tracking, productivity analysis, and invoicing services for small business. Additionally, FreshBooks tracks employee attendance and GPS location – making it suitable for construction teams or manufacturing operations with field workers. Finally, FreshBooks helps identify inefficiencies within operations while making necessary adjustments.

Employee Self-Service

Implementing an employee self-service portal allows employees to manage their own data without needing assistance from HR. This reduces HR’s workload while simultaneously increasing productivity, efficiency, eliminating data entry errors, increasing trust and engagement as well as productivity.

Ideal ESS tools should be user-friendly on multiple devices and browsers, feature a user-friendly user interface (UI), offer excellent customer support, as well as provide comprehensive reports and analytics that enable valuable insight.

GroveHR, GoCo and WorkTango (formerly Kazoo) are among several SMB-focused HR tools currently available; these solutions help simplify HR, benefits, compliance and payroll management while offering expert advice from HR specialists. Some are free while others use a SaaS business model with monthly subscription fees.

Performance Management

Time tracking and employee self-service tools are an integral component of effective workforce productivity. Look for tools with user-friendly UIs and intuitive navigation across mobile and desktop, with features to allow remote workers to document work from any location while completing complex forms like Section 2 of I-9 with step-by-step wizard tools.

The most suitable HR software packages for small businesses will also enable performance management through OKRs, 360s and one-on-one meetings with managers. Look for automated 1:1 meetings that include focused templates with goal setting and progress reporting capabilities as well as being flexible enough to support strategic HR goals such as project-based reviews or rating scales. A great example of such software would be Synergita which provides this capability and more while being user friendly while supporting multiple user access levels – an excellent choice for fast-growing companies or startups alike!

Employee Reviews

Lattice provides continuous feedback similar to 15Five; however, its focus lies on employee growth and development rather than employee satisfaction. Lattice includes tools for conducting in-depth reviews and setting goals as well as encouraging productive dialogue during meetings as well as recognising key achievements.

This all-in-one HR solution is one of the more cost-effective offerings on our list and provides organizations with various advantages to streamline their workflow. However, its user interface could use improvement and its lack of focus on 1:1s is particularly noticeable; additionally, managers cannot share documents with employees during 1:1s sessions.

This open-source platform offers customizable functions to meet the unique requirements of your business, with an integrated analytics module simplifying data collection and analysis for your organization. However, this solution only operates via web interface and requires a steady internet connection in order to function optimally.

Benefits Management

Benefits management software automates certain processes for employee healthcare and dental benefits management, paid leave/time off/retirement benefits administration, healthcare marketplaces/brokerages administration and compliance with federal, state and local labor laws. HR administrators as well as small-business owners may find this helpful in staying compliant.

Workday HCM, for instance, is an example of such software which offers comprehensive HR management services with an employee self-service platform and intuitive mobile app as well as extensive business analytics capabilities.

Gusto offers small businesses a comprehensive set of benefits administration tools that include a benefits dashboard, workers’ compensation management, health savings account management, dependent care FSA tracking and paid time off tracking capabilities. Accessible on any device with Internet connectivity and supporting various browsers.

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