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HR Software That Integrates With Quickbooks

Are you searching for HR software that integrates with Quickbooks to automate human resource processes? Look no further. These apps will assist with managing employees, tracking time and payroll payments, employee reviews, and employee scheduling.

Rippling offers an integrated HR platform that puts emphasis on new hire experiences. It includes a customized onboarding portal as well as an employee self-service mobile app for easy onboarding.

Employee Self-Service

Employee self-service can help streamline the payroll process significantly. By giving employees access to their paychecks online, companies can eliminate manual processing and save both time and money. Furthermore, employees will enjoy greater control in managing their own payroll needs such as updating personal information or changing benefits plans without worrying about it being manually handled by HR professionals and managers. Furthermore, self-service options can make open enrollment process much less onerous for HR professionals and managers.

Many HR departments are understaffed, so any tool that helps reduce their workload is welcome. Employee self-service portals allow employees to perform transactions that would normally require the help of HR staff; these include viewing schedules and payroll, clocking in/out, submitting timesheet changes, changing their benefits packages and accessing company policies/handbooks.

HR teams can use self-service portals to manage requests more effectively, freeing them up for more pressing matters such as morale and performance management. Self-service portals may also serve as a valuable platform for sharing company news and announcements to reinforce corporate culture – this may be especially important for remote workers as polls show they often feel cut off from the organization. Furthermore, HR can utilize these tools to showcase successful employees and mark company milestones with these tools.

Time Tracking

No matter if you manage an hourly workforce or project-based hours, your company must implement an efficient time tracking system. Employees should find it straightforward to record time entries and submit them for payroll processing; while managers should review and approve employee submissions – crucial in ensuring accurate compensation calculations. Employees could view time tracking systems as micromanagement; therefore it’s important to inform them about its benefits prior to implementation and provide adequate training sessions before rolling them out.

BambooHR offers a comprehensive solution for managing HR data, benefits, hiring talent, running payroll and ensuring employee success. With its time-tracking function and user-friendly interface, users can easily track work hours, leave requests and performance appraisals; plus employees find it simple to access.

TimeCamp provides businesses with another solution for streamlining project management and client invoicing by importing QuickBooks client details directly into its cloud-based app. TimeCamp can be accessed both online and on mobile platforms. Users can upload receipts/documents as well as sign compliance forms electronically e-signed with TimeCamp’s eSignature feature enabling monitoring federal compliance status.

Performance Reviews

HR software typically focuses on tracking employee time, but there are also tools to assist you with conducting performance reviews of employees. These reviews can encourage accountability among workers while helping identify gaps in skills or performance that need training; furthermore, these tools can assist with succession management strategies.

These tools include online performance review templates that can be tailored to suit your specific needs. For instance, you can edit text according to criteria you set forth and upload company logos for added personalization of the template. Some quadrant-based templates use quadrants to highlight strengths and weaknesses; other traditional models focus more on manager assessments, self-assessments and goals.

Intuit’s QuickBooks software features an automated payroll function to calculate employee paychecks and manage tax payments and filings for you – saving both time and effort by eliminating manual errors from the process. Furthermore, its integration with popular sales tax management solutions ensures compliance with local and state tax regulations.

Software solutions from ClearCost come as either cloud-based services or desktop programs that employees can access from any device, and feature an intuitive user interface designed for those without prior technical or accounting knowledge. They even offer free demo versions so businesses can gain hands-on experience before making their final choice.


Payroll management is an integral component of HR administration, as it ensures employees get paid on time and accurately, which is an essential component of any business. Furthermore, payroll software assists businesses by managing employee records, filing tax returns, assuring compliance with corporate policies such as GDPR and Equal Employment Opportunity standards, hiring/onboarding new employees efficiently, time tracking private employee files securely, as well as storing paystubs of each employee.

QuickBooks is an ideal choice for many small businesses, providing an array of tools, seamless integration with accounting software and customer support that’s available 24/7. Furthermore, its user-friendly design provides an intuitive experience enabling you to tailor it specifically to each person in the office.

Citrus HR is an integrated human resource management and payroll platform that easily connects with QuickBooks Online, giving small businesses everything they need to more efficiently and cost-effectively manage their people and finances, plus access to technology previously reserved only for larger organizations.

To connect your QuickBooks account to Staffology software, create a new employer in Staffology and follow its on-screen prompts or contact an Account Representative to make an appointment. When your account has been connected successfully, select which accounts will map payroll entries (by default a total summary is sent back into QuickBooks; but individual check details can also be sent).

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