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HR Software – What Does it Do?

what does hr software do

HR systems save managers and employees both time and labor by automating tasks, managing data, and streamlining processes that improve organizational health.

UKG Pro is an all-encompassing HR software solution designed to put people first. Learn how this platform can simplify employee requests, performance reviews and more while offering transparent pricing structures.


HR software enables your managers to focus on people and performance by monitoring key metrics and streamlining workday tasks, streamlining tasks in managers’ workday, automating administrative processes like new starter paperwork submission or attendance and time off data submission for payroll processing, communicating between themselves via self-service portal, saving valuable time while improving communication.

Employees and managers benefit greatly from being able to access payslips, update personal data, request leave and approve absences online; managers also appreciate being able to easily review organisational charts. In addition, HR departments can utilize reporting and analytics features within their software for strategic decision-making purposes.

Many HR systems include tools to help ensure compliance with federal, state and local employment practices laws affecting employment practices. This helps avoid costly mistakes and fines for noncompliance. Some vendors provide specialty HR modules like those intended to foster workplace diversity or mental health support for workers.

Time and Attendance

HR departments need to manage a lot of employee data. HR software solutions create a centralised database for storing and accessing this information easily, helping HR teams operate more efficiently.

Companies often need to monitor employee attendance for payroll or compliance reasons, particularly those working from remote or hybrid workspaces. HR software with time and attendance capabilities helps companies reduce costs by automating processes and eliminating manual labor.

Selecting an intuitive system with user-friendly UI is key to increasing adoption rates. HR managers and employees may have distinct needs; look for tools that accommodate both groups – this may include in-app chat streams, @ mentions of colleagues or individual task assignments.

Retable is an accessible data management platform that makes data analysis tools integral to efficient HR processes, offering teams freedom from tedious spreadsheets with customizable pricing options available at an affordable price point.

Employee Self-Service

Employee self-service features are increasingly common within HR solutions, enabling employees to update their own personal information, access documents, view payslips and tax documents as well as enroll in benefits without intervention from HR teams. This feature saves working time while creating transparency and increasing data accuracy.

Many employees want more control over their careers. When they can directly access performance and development reviews, training opportunities, and advancement prospects via an HR employee self-service portal, this keeps them engaged and productive at work.

HR software also frees up time for HR to focus on more pressing matters, like recruiting, onboarding, talent management and compensation – keeping employees happy and engaged is great for business! Which HR system you select will depend on your company’s specific requirements; some are comprehensive while others provide targeted assistance for specific processes.

Performance Management

An effective HR software solution offers performance management features to assist managers in monitoring employee progress and setting goals, and providing ongoing feedback and support, making it easier for workers to connect with the company’s overall vision.

An all-in-one system offers comprehensive workforce and HR management from one centralized location, making this option attractive to growing or midsized companies with complex processes across offices or regions.

BambooHR provides HR teams with an all-in-one software solution, eliminating time-consuming spreadsheets while organizing and optimizing data efficiently for use. With flexible data analysis tools that make collecting, interpreting and organizing their information simple. In addition, there is an employee self-service portal where users can update their own information with ease from desktop or mobile devices – improving user experience and making users more productive overall.

Employee Reviews

An effective employee review process can be an invaluable way to engage employees and recognize top performers within a company, yet scheduling, conducting, and documenting such reviews can be cumbersome for managers and HR professionals alike.

HR software systems currently available provide employee evaluation tools as well as the administration of training programs and courses, such as skills testing, course creation, certification tracking and learning management reporting.

Top HRMS solutions typically feature self-service portals that enable employees to view payroll information, submit time-off requests, track leave balances, update job descriptions and contact info, as well as view their own records. Some vendors even offer mobile apps, localization or personalized dashboards to keep employees engaged with the system. Many tools also come in a software as a service (SaaS) model which increases functionality without needing IT specialists for maintenance of hardware infrastructure or support for users.

Talent Management

HR software enables organizations to centrally store employee files, saving both time and effort during payroll processing. Furthermore, this type of file storage can also help ensure compliance with labor laws and tax regulations.

HR systems also enable employees to communicate internally through internal chat apps, making collaboration on projects simpler, while making HR departments’ monitoring of performance simpler.

Customers should take their company size into consideration when selecting an HR solution, since more employees require more features from an HR system. Cost can also depend on employee count and company size; look for transparent pricing models that address specific organizational needs; typically vendor’s prices can be found online but some vendors require buyers to request quotes for specific plan levels.

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