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Lever HR Software Review

lever hr software

Lever is an advanced recruitment platform with an intuitive user-friendly interface, designed for recruiters and candidates alike. Lever allows users to easily customize reports based on recruiting metrics for strategic decision making purposes.

Fast resume review functionality enables recruiters to sift through numerous applications quickly, streamlining the hiring process and ensuring consistency while supporting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

Candidate Relationship Management

Candidate relationship management (CRM) is an essential aspect of hiring. By ensuring candidates receive an enjoyable experience and increasing employer brand reputation and recruiting outcomes, CRM helps companies remain top-of-mind with potential talent even if they don’t match any open positions at present. With candidate experiences regularly being reviewed on job boards, having a CRM strategy in place is essential in attracting top talent.

Lever is an industry-leading applicant tracking system founded in 2012 and headquartered in Pleasanton, California. Their unique software solution empowers recruiters to take a more human approach when hiring candidates; making sourcing, interviewing and feedback centrally easy with comprehensive analytics capabilities.

Lever provides recruiters with powerful sourcing tools for quickly identifying candidates and shortlisting them for interviews. In combination with its company-wide hiring pipeline and robust scheduling feature, it simplifies recruitment.

Lever is an onboarding platform that automates communication with new hires and welcomes them with open arms, while also offering dashboards and analytics to aid recruiters in making informed decisions regarding their recruiting efforts. Over 4,000 businesses use Lever worldwide; it comes in multiple languages with free versions for smaller enterprises.

Applicant Tracking System

Lever is an applicant tracking system (ATS) designed to help recruiters identify and select top talent, conduct structured interviews live and on demand and create structured candidate surveys and dashboards. However, Lever may be more expensive compared to similar tools.

ATS software streamlines the recruiting process by automating initial screening, using resume parsing for standard evaluation and centralizing candidate management. This makes HR managers’ hiring decisions simpler while decreasing time and costs associated with recruitment processes while increasing efficiency.

Many ATS solutions allow job postings to be shared on multiple job search sites and job communities – including popular platforms like LinkedIn and Glassdoor as well as niche ones like AngelList and GitHub – making for easier omnichannel talent acquisition. Some solutions also integrate with HR tech solutions in order to reduce workload for talent acquisition teams.

An effective ATS should be user-friendly yet flexible enough for customization and expansion by its users. A comprehensive ATS should support multiple recruiting workflows and be capable of handling high applicant volumes; in addition to offering analytics and reporting on the entire pipeline; additionally mobile-friendly interface should allow recruiting anytime anywhere.


Scheduling software is an indispensable resource that enables businesses to plan and organize the work shifts of their employees efficiently, track employee time-off requests, calculate payroll and monitor attendance. Scheduling software also makes compliance with local, state and federal laws much simpler while helping manage projects, events and resources more effectively.

Lever offers more than recruiting features; its HR functionality also includes compensation management, career assessment and development for employees, providing necessary training courses and the tools for their success. In addition, Lever can also track goals for employees and managers alike and increase productivity and morale throughout an organization – improving business performance as a result.

Lever’s interview scheduler allows recruiters to streamline the interview process with ease. By creating multiple calendars for interviewers and candidates, as well as automatically updating when their status changes, Lever can save recruiters 12x more time per week compared to manual scheduling – saving both parties valuable email correspondence time as well.

Furthermore, the company’s reporting features allow you to assess and track your hiring strategies. This data can help you adjust or modify if they’re not working; also track key indicators like time-to-hire ratio and conversion rates.


Lever Analytics offers recruitment metrics centered on candidates. This system assists hiring managers in improving performance and finding top talent quickly and easily. Lever also features an applicant tracking system, interview scheduling system and candidate sourcing features as well as employee referral and internal mobility programs that are simple to implement – along with an intuitive user interface and customizable dashboards for added efficiency.

The company’s ATS platform enables recruiters to easily view applicant data in one central place, making hiring decisions simpler. Candidates can self-schedule interviews that are most suitable for them and the system also automates email reminders as well as offering Zoom integration for video interviews. In addition, its system integrates with Glassdoor, ADP BambooHR and Zenefits tools.

Peoplesoft HCM offers an entire HR department the resources it needs, from Workforce Management, Global Payroll and Recruiting Solutions – used by large enterprises and mid-sized businesses alike – an impressive suite of products known as Lever and ClearCompany to meet those needs.

Lever1’s recruitment team uses job boards, its proprietary database of passive candidates and outbound calling to meet your hiring needs. Once candidates are found they will be screened and conducted phone interviews to ascertain if they are suitable. In addition to filling those needs it also assists you with streamlining workers’ compensation processing, state compliant applications waivers pre employment background checks as well as onboarding new hires and payroll tax reporting and compliance for smooth processing and efficient operation.

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