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Maruti Suzuki HR Policies

maruti suzuki hr policies

Indian automobile industry is currently enjoying a rapid period of expansion and currently stands in at 10th position globally.

Employees are free to form and join labor unions, with the Company upholding employees’ rights while adhering to applicable labor union regulations.

Uppal believes that offering challenging work and helping employees gain new skills are keys to keeping employees engaged. He adds that providing them with a sense of achievement is also vital.


Maruti Suzuki is one of India’s premier car manufacturers, offering an array of vehicles designed to suit individual customer needs. Their cars are known for their safety features such as crumple zones that deform upon impact to reduce force of collision transference to its occupants and mitigate its effect.

Maruti Suzuki adheres to stringent hygiene protocols in both its factories and dealerships, as well as True Value outlets selling used cars, including regular sanitisation of customer interaction points, seamless digital integration, sterilised test drives and home delivery with post-sales support for these customers.

This company offers employees dedicated health and safety teams to promote employee health and welfare, with top priority given to emergency preparedness. Furthermore, employees are advised against travelling by public transport, group, 2-wheelers etc and instead use Aarogya Setu – their company-specific wellness app – when possible.

Maruti Suzuki has consistently responded to this pandemic by creating new initiatives and relief measures for both customers and employees. They aim to enhance their pre-owned car retail channel through complete digitization of documents and booking processes – this will increase convenience while meeting social distancing protocols.


At our company, we offer several health features for employees to keep a tab on themselves and their family’s wellbeing in real-time. These features include the ‘Wellness Mitra’ app which enables employees to monitor health on an ongoing basis; and Aarogya Setu which serves as an all-in-one monitoring portal. In addition, there is an in-house clinic, mental health consultation room and improvement proposal boxes which make proposals easy and requests simple for consultation purposes.

At our organization, we have implemented a policy to shorten daily working hours if an employee has children in the third grade or younger or requires nursing care for an ailing relative. Furthermore, we have set up dormitory housing and company dormitories to house domestic offices or sales distributors located outside their regions; and encourage healthy lifestyle choices with physical exercise facilities accessible to all employees.

At our Company, we offer employees various educational opportunities designed to hone their professional skills and broaden their abilities. This includes group training (in-house seminars based on rank) as well as individual coaching in coordination with engineering and manufacturing departments. In addition, education on technical matters including quality management is also provided as is knowledge on new technology developments.


Maruti Suzuki Ltd stands out as an attractive employer due to several features. These include their emphasis on product quality and their adaptability in meeting changing consumer preferences and market conditions quickly. Furthermore, their production process is well planned and organized: this involves using planned logistics as part of assembly procedures so as to produce vehicles more quickly than its competitors.

Uppal strives to keep its employees motivated by providing challenging work that offers opportunities for skill enhancement. Furthermore, financial rewards may be given for outstanding work; however, Uppal believes that financial rewards alone cannot motivate employees; their work must also bring value to society as a whole.

Additionally, this company encourages employees to express their ideas about the company and its products through an employee suggestion system called “quality clubs”, where employees submit ideas about improving processes or products – these suggestions are then evaluated before being implemented or rejected. Furthermore, there is a special system to shorten working hours for employees raising children or caring for family members with special needs; and has even been certified as an enterprise supporting child rearing by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.


Maruti Suzuki understands the environment is vitally important to their business and has taken measures to make their operations eco-friendly. They strive to reduce carbon emissions of their cars while encouraging green technology among their suppliers, creating energy efficient cars which not only benefit the planet but also customers themselves. Furthermore, Maruti Suzuki works to prevent waste through optimizing utilization of raw materials while employing in-house electricity and canal water to conserve underground reserves and avoid wasteful practices.

Suzuki strives to foster an inclusive working environment characterized by mutual trust, respect, and fairness for its employees. Employees are encouraged to set ambitious goals for themselves while developing higher technical capabilities. Training opportunities are offered as well as rewards given out for showing initiative to enhance the quality of work performed.

Suzuki offers more than regular salary increases; Suzuki provides numerous welfare benefits such as subsidized housing, free medical care and family assistance programs for employees who raise children or have family members who require nursing care. Suzuki also established a system of shortening working hours for employees raising children or caring for family members in need of nursing care; these measures encourage employees to balance family life with work while contributing to society – contributing both in terms of improving employee health and productivity, while decreasing accident risks to improve corporate image.

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