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Nordstrom HR Policies

Nordstrom is known for their quality apparel and upscale environment, while their employees receive generous employee discounts of between 20%-33%.

Nordstrom’s employee handbook resembles a business card and contains just one rule: “Use good judgment in all situations.” The company has established an environment that fosters empowerment and trust within their ranks.

Employee handbook

Employee handbooks provide employees with crucial information regarding company policies. But instead of being dull documents, these manuals should be engaging and easy to comprehend. Some companies are taking an innovative approach with large graphics and conversational writing style which makes the read more enjoyable; others are making their manual interactive or publishing them online.

Nordstrom’s employee handbook is an exemplary case of this trend. Their first section, entitled “The Nordstrom Culture,” details customer service importance and how to provide it, while emphasizing hiring pleasant individuals with autonomy. Their second section provides more practical details regarding vacation, sick leave and work-from-home policies.

Some companies are employing humorous illustrations and storybook formats to make employee handbooks more engaging for employees. ZingTrain, an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based business training organization, includes an employee staff guide with engaging graphics and cut-out finger puppets of its two founding partners – it has proven so popular with employees that ZingTrain now sells it in its online bookstore! Furthermore, The Motley Fool, an advisory provider offering financial advice and stock recommendations, transformed its employee manual into an interactive website.

Reworking an employee handbook to be more engaging is certainly worth doing, but don’t overlook including mandatory notifications like rules on sexual harassment, discrimination and workplace safety.


Nordstrom offers its employees an attractive benefits package, including health insurance and paid time off. In addition, Nordstrom provides them with access to a 401(k) plan that can serve as a significant source of retirement income. Employees should consult their financial advisor to ascertain an adequate level of coverage; this should take into account factors like current age and income of all household members as well as marital status, outstanding debt amounts, long-term financial goals as well as other assets or liabilities.

Nordstrom’s HR department plays an essential role, from recruiting and selecting employees, ensuring compliance with employment laws, to supporting diversity and sustainability within its workplace. Furthermore, Nordstrom HR supports employees’ personal and professional growth – such as those starting in sales floors or stockrooms staying for twenty years before rising through ranks and taking on more responsibilities with time.

Nordstrom’s Code of Ethics demands dedication and honesty from its employees. Failing to abide by this code could result in serious punishment, including termination. Therefore, it is crucial that applicants understand all rules and policies set out by their employers prior to applying for any position there. You should never post sensitive or confidential customer or coworker information publicly online without first informing the company in question first, nor make endorsements without disclosing affiliation with Nordstrom when doing so publicly on social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

Performance management

Nordstrom’s performance management policies are designed to foster employee and customer commitment. By providing information about associate sales performance in terms of per hour rankings and rewarding associates’ achievements with cash prizes, trips or awards – Nordstrom fosters an open, competitive environment which encourages employees to pursue individual accomplishment as well as team goals. This goal can be attained by making associate sales data available publicly so all associates know where they stand within the sales-per-hour rankings and can seek individual achievement along with team goals.

Nordstrom is committed to delivering excellent customer service, and expects its employees to perform at the highest standards. They employ various measures for measuring employee performance – including its customer service index and the Nordstrom way – while Nordstrom’s human resources department offers associates several training opportunities.

Lisa Price leads the company’s global HR organization and oversees recruitment, succession planning, learning and development initiatives, recognition programs, retention initiatives and diversity and equity inclusion programs as chief human resources officer. With more than 25 years of experience across retail and financial industries – including senior vice president and chief human resources officer positions at Domino’s Pizza as well as receiving her MBA degree from University of California Los Angeles – Lisa brings expertise that is critical for supporting diversity initiatives within an organization.


Nordstrom is a luxury department store founded by John W. Nordstrom and Carl Wallin in 1901. They specialize in clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics and fragrances for men and women at both their physical stores as well as online. Additionally they also provide home furnishings and wedding services at certain locations.

The Nordstrom Code of Ethics should be observed, and failure to do so may result in severe penalties – for instance, termination may occur if any employee deals the company’s business with another party or breaches any agreements made within.

Nordstrom’s training sessions emphasize personal judgment and equipping associates to utilize all available skills and resources effectively for customer service purposes. Furthermore, Nordstrom endeavors to provide career pathways for store associates who wish to advance into management roles.

Jesse Schlueter, Nordstrom’s vice president of learning and leadership, possesses an extensive understanding of their business which she uses to craft effective programs to meet company requirements. She’s highly collaborative, proven her mettle as a change leader within their workplace, which led Deputy to hire her to oversee Nordstrom’s new central learning and development department.

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